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Program Chair:  Paul Aslan October 10, 2013
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October 17                                        

PDG Rick Mendoza & AG Linton Morgan  

"District Governor's Visit"



October 24
***Bring a Guest Day***                           

Tom Barron 

"Club Membership"

October 30

Evening Meet & Greet

Hillcrest Country Club

October 31

***DARK*** (and spooky)

October 17
PDG Rick Mendoza & AG Linton Morgan
"District Governor's Visit"
Tom Barron

At long last-our sitting president welcomed us back to the "warm and friendly WVRC!" He called on PP Mike Newman, who subbed for him last week, to lead us In the pledge of allegiance, then PP Chris Bradford for the invocation.
Frankie Aslan led us in a rousing Birthday Song for Dr. Colby Smith, who has said Good-bye to his 20's. Pres Mark, who bugs Colby all the time, was nice enough to gift him a recorder loaded with excuses for not answering the phone when Mark calls in the future.
Roz Nelson and Carol Collins joined us as guests, as did one of our new young professional members Zach Brandler who met last night at Tom Barron's house. They'll be meeting again on November 12, so we need to refer as many new prospective members as possible to help them get rolling-think "under 35 years of age!"
Pres Mark stumped us by asking what PP Gordon Fell and PP Homer Newman had in common as they sat at the Head Table-they both joined the club in October, though 26 years apart. Talk about a trick question!

Admiral Ed Gauld was fined $70 for his new granddaughter in Colorado and was happy to pay. Uncle Leo was hit with a larger $200 penalty after Brian Whitney revealed that the Dow had grown by 15% per year on average during the 60 years  Leo has worked for Merrill Lynch. Leo's fine was small because he's done such a good job so far this year with the San Francisco Chinatown visit-now don't forget to bring those members back this year, Leo! (there is room for a few more).
Pres Mark showed he can give as well as take, presenting precious medals to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the "Rotary Pin Daycompetition" who were outrageous Webmaster PP Ron Lyster, Dapper Leo Tseng, and Smooth Paul "Frankie" Aslan. Nevin Senkan was fined for having no pin at all- Shame!

  • Mike Yousem has volunteered again this year to manage the Christmas Shopping Spree for the children at the Salvation Army Transition Center-tentatively, that will occur on Dec. 5.
  • Pres Mark sadly announced that Sara "Sunny" Friedman has passed on at home at the age of 91 with her family. We all remember her warm disposition and are sad that Lenny has lost his partner. There will be a memorial on October 27
  • On the bright side, those who are interested are invited to a celebration of Henry Tseng's longevity (now 106) at the Napa Valley Grill-a lunch on October 18
Phil Gabriel introduced Christy, a sales manager from the same Napa Valley Grill on Glendon Avenue as the Merchant Minute. She showed great enthusiasm in describing the accommodations at the Grill and welcoming us to visit.
PP and Past Treasurer Don Nelson, who ran track for UCLA over a half century ago, proudly introduced our program speaker, UCLA's current Track and Field Coach, Mike Maynard, who coaches both men's and women's track as well as cross country.
Mike grew up in Arizona with four older brothers who were daily all locked out of their family's farm house and told to go play outdoors. It's not hard to see how he grew up loving sports. Of course, even in the heat of rough competition among the boys, they never forgot they loved the opponents they were pummeling, biting, and scratching. Mike contrasted this sportsmanlike picture with the famous picture of Mohammed Ali standing over and taunting Sonny Liston who was lying on the canvas, just defeated.
These two pictures illustrate what the word "coach" means to Mike- the root word meaning a vehicle to help carry the athlete to what he wants to become.
When Mike greets these young men and women put under his management, his #1 goal is not to win championships or even graduate them all, but to aid in their personal development, now that they are away from their families for the first time. Personal development means reaching for excellence, not perfection, which is unattainable. 
As athletic as his young charges are, Mike points out that they are nowhere near as fleet as a cheetah or as strong as a bear. Humans have become the dominant species on this planet through their ability to cooperate in communities. By developing their characters and habits, his athletes are able to achieve great things, not through focusing only on grand outcomes and championships. 
Last December, Mike was faced with a melanoma diagnosis which forced him to face his mortality. He found he was upset that he had not yet completed his promise to his grandfather to plant 1000 trees. Then he realized that he had satisfied that promise by "planting" so many excellent athletes over his 30 years of coaching. Trees are important for shade and fruit, but how much more productive will Coach Maynard's athletes be for our society?
President Mark gifted both Coach Mike and Don Nelson with our favorite book on the history of Westwood and confessed that he, too, had been a trackman back in school. We're not sure what kind of track he was referring to.

-YRE Dwight Heikkila

Westwood Village
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