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Program Chair:  Paul Aslan October 3, 2013
This Week...

October 9
Young Professionals Club Launch
"Vocational Service"
Contact Tom Barron for details

October 10
**Bring A Guest Day**
Michael Maynard, UCLA Track & Field Coach 
"UCLA Track & Field for the Coming Year" 

October 17                                        

PDG Rick Mendoza & AG Linton Morgan  

"District Governor's Visit"


October 24                             

Tom Barron 

"Club Membership"

October 30

Evening Meet & Greet

Hillcrest Country Club

October 10
Michael Maynard: "UCLA Track & Field"
October 17
PDG Rick Mendoza & AG Linton Morgan
"District Governor's Visit"

PP's Steve Scherer and Bobby Wessling gave us quite a professional welcome today as greeters.
And PP Mike Newman was dressed quite professionally as he clearly remembered he was LEADING the meeting today in his Hawaiian shirt and jacket. ;) But in all seriousness, Mike looked great (especially if his looks come even close to his heart!) Mike started off the meeting as he would have in 1992 by asking, "Are we having fun?"  In 2013, he felt the need to revise and ask per usual, "Where the hell is Mark Rogo?"  Our President is on vacation, AGAIN, so we were in the able hands with a Past President at the helm.
The pledge was led by PP (and Dodger fan extraordinaire) Ed Jackson, and to keep you all on your toes, there was a bit of competition to give the Invocation as Mike called up Steve Scherer unexpectedly. But Membership Chairperson Tom Barron spoke up and mentioned he actually had one prepared.  Thanks, Ed, Steve, and Tom! 
Paul Aslan led us in a song with Admiral Ed Gauld and Dwight Heikkila in an ear splitting rendition of God Bless America that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

The Birthday boys were introduced at the head table and we all serenaded them.  

Merchant Minute: Today's Merchant Minute featured Velocity Sports Performance in Brentwood near the Coral Tree Cafe and Sugar Fish restaurants. It is a sports and performance club located at 11611 San Vicente Blvd, 1st Fl, Los Angeles, CA 90049  (310) 820-7800. 
Hours: Mon-Fri 5 am - 10 pm Sat 7 am - 6 pm Sun 8 am - 4 pm
They offer Physical Therapy, chiropractic care, valet parking in back, balance, strength, and cardiovascular programs.  Their goal is not to make you a world class athlete but meet you at your level. The manager said he would honor all Rotarians interested at the Corp rate of $69/month.  If you need more proof, look how healthy our own hunky member Phil Gabriel looks and you can check out their reviews on Yelp.
Health and Welfare: John O'Keefe seems to be doing great since he went to NY!  Hoping to see you back, Jack! 
  • Oct 9 is the launch for our young professionals group at Tom Barron's home.   
  • Oct 24 is Bring a guest day - YOU WILL BE BILLED ANYWAY, SO BRING A GUEST and introduce them to our friendly Club!   
  • Oct 30 we are meeting at the Hillcrest Country Club that NIGHT in lieu of our regular meeting the next day (which will be dark!)  Bring your spouse and enjoy a night of fellowship.
Although Newman pretended to start the program, he really took this time to continue his senior craft talk with a Chico juror/deliberation story!
After that, he brought up Dick Thompson, our Vocational Avenue of Service Chair.  When introducing Dick, Mike shared a nice story about how back in the 80's, Dick took the club photos for the little blue book directory Rotary had and it was one of those rights of passage as a Rotarian; you would sit in Dick's studio to have your picture taken!  In that fashion, Dick shared many pictures of the vocational awards and his day at the Santa Monica Airport. 
Peter More put a video together of the Uni High scholars visit to the SM airport to display various career opportunities. Our Club paid for the bus.  The kids started at flight school, (no one fell asleep in class ;) They saw the ins and outs of planes then walked to maintenance. Maintenance is what kills private ownership was one commentary. The kids continued to the Airport administration building and had the chance to see all the "behind the scenes" and infrastructure support that is required. Eric Davidson suggested a Vocational day in Feb.  As a finale, Dick showed slides of the saber presentation, Police and fire awards too. He asked if we remembered "Hobby day"? I was informed Mike Yousem used to show off his classic cars!
One final note. Diane Island, a WVRC member and school principal in the downtown area (so it's difficult for her to get away in the day and join our lunches), invited members to join her at the school onOct 31st with Dick to learn to take pictures. A Community and vocational community program, the fun starts at 8:30am and offers underground secure parking located at 49th and Hoover. This would be a great volunteer opportunity!

The last - last word from Dick was regarding a proposal to have a joint effort between the WVRC, Salvation Army Family Center and the Westwood Library for a budget of $1,800. The focus of the program was to introduce the children at the family center to the Westwood Branch Library, get them library cards, show them how to use the library, give them backpacks, and encourage continued use of the library.

YYE  Aly Shoji

Westwood Village
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Meets: Thursday, 12:30 PM, UCLA Faculty Center
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