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Program Chair:  Paul Aslan September 19, 2013
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September 26                                              

Ron Ziedler 

"The Barter System" 

Jack Knight
"Operation Gratitude" 


October 3                                                  
Dick Thompson

"Vocational Service"


October 9                                               

Young Professionals Club Launch 

"Vocational Service" 

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October 10                                                

**Bring A Guest Day** 
Michael Maynard, UCLA Track & Field Coach
"UCLA Track & Field for the Coming Year"
September 26
Ron Ziedler "The Barter System"
Jack Knight "Operation Gratitude"
October 3
Dick Thompson "Vocational Service"

**The Executive Board has met and proposed three new associate members: Matthew Guillory, Marcie Rogo, and Zachary Brandler. Mark Rogo is their sponsor. Members have 10 days to comment on these proposals before new members are inducted.**

President Mark Rogo rang the bell and welcomed everyone to the friendly Westwood Village Rotary.

Mark Block led us in the pledge, and we had a professional provide us the invocation, thank you, Rev. John Woodall.

President Mark announced any cell phone ringing in our meetings will now be fined! Speaking of which, Paul Aslan was fined $25 for making Mark do extra work preparing for the song and then wasn't even here, but then saved himself by showing up late ;)

Guests introduced included: Marcie Rogo and Matthew Guillory from our young professionals group, Terry Pullan from Coldwell Banker, Marma photographer.  Also joining us today were two of our lovely auxiliary members, Roz Nelson and Carol Collins
Head table introductions including our esteemed member and moderator today, Moderator Rev. John Woodall, and our panel.
Steve Day thanked members for purchasing raffle tickets to support the Rotary Foundation and reminded everyone that the Paul Harris celebration is Nov 9th at the California Science Center. If anyone has a silent auction item let him know!

Marcie and Matt as the young professionals came forward and shared the premise of the this group and that the first meeting will be the evening of Oct 9th meeting at Tom Barron's home.

Peter More is hosting the first Dinner with your Ex - please make sure to sign up for these fun get-togethers!

Rev. John Woodall served as our moderator and began by introducing our panel today and sharing how his bishop appointed him seven years ago.  He was very interested in the diversity in population and religion from "Abrahamic faiths"  Today we are learning about our commonalities within each faith and he gave the following introductions for our WESTWOOD ROTARY INTER-FAITH PANEL

Cherif Abou El Fadl - Mr. El Fadl is the Community Outreach Coordinator at the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Cherif has brought such programs as "I Am Change" and "Let's Be Honest" to MSA's, mosques, and community centers to encourage an increased involvement in civic engagement. Born in America, Cherif felt a "spiritual dehydration" leading him on a journey to Egypt to study Arabic. There he found the spiritual fulfillment he was seeking and this instilled in him a burning desire to serve Islam and humanity. Upon returning, he resumed his studies in Psychology while simultaneously working at MPAC.
Cherif is an impassioned poet and rapper. He believes that art is an effective form of inspiring change in others and so ardently emphasizes the importance of creativity and art in all of its forms. If he had to chose a single message to convey to people it would be, "Allah (swt) placed passions in you. This is your compass. Find your passions, follow your compass, and walk forward with faith"

Susan Klein - The Reverend Susan Klein is the fourth rector of St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Westwood. She has been ordained for 36 years, beginning her ministry as Canon at Christ Church Cathedral, in her hometown of St. Louis.  Upon moving to Los Angeles, she was appointed as the Episcopal Chaplain at the University of Ca., Irvine, and assistant at St. Andrew's Church in Irvine. Prior to coming to Westwood, she was the rector of St. Aidan's in Malibu for 15 years.  Currently she also serves as a volunteer chaplain at the Lynwood County Jail for women. She received her B. A. from Wheaton College in Massachusetts, majoring in Philosophy and English. After teaching high school for a year, she attended Yale Divinity School where she received her M. Div.  She's the mother of a daughter, Sarah, who is an environmental consultant. And she has two canine companions, Atticus and Scout, named for two of her favorite characters in American literature. They all enjoy hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Yoni Regev- Yoni Regev is a native-born Israeli who grew up in Jerusalem and served in the IDF Personnel-Command for three years. Following his army service, Yoni moved to Cleveland, Ohio to study Vocal Music Performance at Case Western Reserve University.  Yoni is a fifth-year rabbinical student at the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles and will be ordained as a Rabbi this May. As part of his studies, he has acquired a Certificate in Jewish Non-Profit Management, and for two years served as the student-rabbi of Congregation Brith Sholem in Ogden, Utah, where he made monthly visits and led High Holy Day services. He is currently the rabbinic intern at Temple Beth Ohr, in La Mirada.  Yoni is happily married to Lara, a fellow rabbinical student and a native of Los Angeles.

Joe Scott - Fr. Joe was born in Boston, MA, and is a member of the Paulist Fathers religious community.  He was ordained in 1973.  Since then, he was a campus minister at Ohio State University, University of Texas, and UC Santa Barbara. He has served the parish at Old St. Mary's Church in Chicago and is presently associate pastor here at St. Paul's in Westwood.  He received his MA in theology from St. Paul's College and a Doctor of Ministry from the Theology School in Ohio, (which Rev. Woodall needed to point out is a Methodist Seminary).  He has been associate director the Paulist Fathers novitiate and is an editor at Paulist Press.

John asked our panel the following questions during our lunch meeting and here were some of the responses:

1.  What do you believe is the primary reason religions exist? 
There is a divine mystery in creation we are more than chemicals, we have purpose, higher meaning to Universe ad have a moral code. Religion brings people together in divine community.

Cherif shared a quote re: personal and societal Islam is the means to an ends and people are the attribute 

Something to be said for wonder and wonderment. 

2.  Research is showing that in this country, the fastest growing religious affiliation is "none."  
Why do you think this is the case, what is your experience of this, what does it mean for the future of organized religion?

Much of our understanding of religion is from our communities, and communities can be found in many places before. Jews were only welcome at synagogue and therefore the need to belong is what can you get out of belonging? The value proposition is 3000 years of legacy.

In Islam, its pedantry, they disagree over small things 

Atheism is more en vogue and people of faith are conversely prohibited from prosthetic singing and the secularist. Religion has failed in bringing about world peace and resolution. For Christians anyway.  When the blue laws were diminished, there was  "nothing more boring than a protestant Sunday" because everything was closed; stores were closed, no work meetings, sports events closed.  Plus pluralism dilutes our choices so kids face a menu of what we should be and choosing from a menu never works. Religion is often brought to you and clergy by misinformed news. 

3.  The United States has seen the separation of religion/church and state as foundational to we are.  
Some would argue that this is not nor ever has really been the case  - the separation of politics and religion is not possible.  
What are your thoughts on this?  Where and when do you think it appropriate for faith communities to weigh in on national policy?

Is the separation of church and state appropriate and when or if they should weigh in on a national policy Vote, participate in jury duty, a reminder that the state of Christianity inherits ideals from Judaism on social justice.  The Church has a duty to address issues of justice and peace and distinguished from sectarian politics and not part of pulpit endorsing certain candidates, and to address moral issues, such as what makes the world good.

In Islam one may create resentment because government is god.  Government has no right to impose or influence communities but interfaith communities can speak up to their government.

All this talk of politics and religion caused our actual speakers to have an electrical meltdown! 

When the religious establishment associates with government then the government is responsible. And they fail to live up to their mandates and people don't want to be associated with the notion of corruption of power.

4.  What are the biggest challenges facing your faith tradition?

5. How might we do a better job of building bridges with one another and with secular culture?

6. What are some of the misperceptions you would like to correct regarding how faith traditions are depicted in the media and our culture?

Islam's depiction today is framed as what it is not - It is not extremism or violence.

The Media has done a disservice in bringing bad news to reality but would love more positive media.

We're not stupid, bigoted, or simple - One can be a thinking AND faithful person, and most religious people are not extremists. (Susan Klein)

The Jewish religions has misconceptions about where power comes from vs coercive power.    

YYE  Aly Shoji

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