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Program Chair:  Mark Rogo July 11,  2013
This Week...
July 18
Senior Rotary Leadership
"What You Always Wanted to Know About Rotary, But Were Afraid to Ask."

July 24
Executive Board Meeting

July 25

Club Presidents Panel                            
"Keeping Up With the Joneses"
July 18  
Senior Rotary Leadership
"What You always Wanted to Know About Rotary, But Were Afraid To Ask."
July 25 
Local Club Presidents
"Keeping Up With the Joneses"
Welcome by PE Aly Shoji for our first meeting for the 2013-2014 year (not yet inaugurated President Mark Rogo is STILL on vacation!)
Paul Aslan led our pledge and IPP Dwight gave a stirring invocation
  • Andrew Mukhey passed away last Friday it seems in his sleep and was a big shock :(  Dick Thompson a former Brentwood Rotarian with Andrew came forward and shared some special and fun memories of Andrew from conventions and such.  We wish his family and loved ones much peace in this difficult time.
  • I also want to express our club's heartfelt condolences, again, to Judy and Bob Wessling as her father passed away.
  • Peggy Bloomfield's birthday is tomorrow, July 12,  and wanted to acknowledge my sponsor as she gave me such a gift in this club.  I invited everyone to try something new or one of the events you haven't been to in awhile like a District conference, trip,  OR Breakfast - speaking of which, I asked for a show of hand who was planning on attending the District Breakfast Next Tuesday, July 16 at 7:00 at the airport Westin?
  • Also a reminder the first Board meeting will be at our President's condo on the last Wednesday,  July 24 @6:00p.m. Board, Please RSVP to Karen so she know show much food to order (more scuttlebutt about WHERE WAS MARK???) So being he has not officially been inaugurated and missed the Demotion Party AND here the first meeting, I fined him $100
  • Jim Collins is doing well, no doubt as he is quite strong even after his DOUBLE knee replacement!  Wishing you a speedy recovery, Jim.
Avenues of Sevice:

Youth Chair, Jim Crane reported on the award winning ethics competition by our UCLA Rotoractors. But mentioned we can improve communications with our youth opportunities.  More Interacts than Rotoracts so more competition. Encouraged members to join this committee, it is richly rewarding, Club Service was reported on by Colby and you heard him say it, "If you're not having fun, it's ALL his fault!"  ;)  We're having fun, Colby, I think  ;) A Vocational report was also provided by Dick Thompson about many efforts in the community and we will be working with members to be more active with our many projects.
Now..... for Dwight 's SWAN SONG.........
"A Few Words from your IPP.  Thank you for my Demotion.  It has lowered my Blood Pressure and reduced the size of my Email Inbox greatly.  My Calendar for August has empty spaces and my tennis game is improving.  I thank the "Not Ready for Primetime Players" who weren't quite ready and the authors, Mark, Paul, and Phil I am told, of the brilliant Rotary President Skit "Are you Insane."  Like the trial of Ed Jackson, Communist Spy for the Kiwanis last year, it bears little resemblance to fact. It was interesting that the script had me born with a Rotary gear on my forehead, as if Club Presidents were born and not made.  Other than questionable sanity, I don't see any other attributes that our now 21 surviving Club Presidents have in common.
Anyway, I drank the same Rotary Kool-Aid they all did at President-Elect Training and woke up excited about my first meeting one Thursday morning in July, 2012.,   I stuck my really big Club President pin on my lapel and was the center of attention until about 12:15 when Henry Tseng glided in behind his walker.  He and Betty Bloomfield were 195 years old that day and I was the Birthday Party Host, not Commander-in-chief.  Then, I shared the spotlight with the new BOD, most of whom survived their tenure to this day.  I met Frankie Aslan after that meeting and as soon as he joined our club, I made him the Greeting Committee Chair, which, I'm sure you'll agree, was my first good idea.  Now, if he could just learn how to hit the high backhand shot, he'd be a perfect Rotarian.
Speaking of hard workers, the hardest working non-official member of my team was Uncle Leo.  When I needed a venue and planner for the October fun party, Uncle Leo was ready-as long as I promised a belly dancer and karaoke singing.  When our friends from Chinatown SF Rotary Club came to LA in November, nearly all of them moved in with Leo on the mountain and stayed there until the parting party-again in Leo's back yard.  Best of all, Leo can still hit the high backhand shot by twirling 360 degrees counterclockwise-as evidenced by all the matches we won this year-the best were the games after lunch on Thursdays.
But, what is a Rotary year without the programs?  2 years ago, 30 club members responded to my requested program survey.  

Showing their serious side, Problems (local more than int'l) won 33% of the vote.  I'm ashamed to report that we had only 2 programs on homelessness and a couple on international projects dealing with water.

Education and Entertainment split fully 54% of the vote, so since good education is entertaining, we concentrated there, though I'm not sure what category the politicians fell into at by the end of the mayoral campaign, the Four-Way test banner fell off its stand. 

RI only received 5% of the vote, so we complied with the program on South Sudan and the one on wells for the Sahara.  Two of my favorites were the professors of internet statistics and joint replacement and I did like most of the history, be it sports, Hollywood, or Presidents.   It took two speakers from JPL to understand what's going on over there.

The Oscar goes, as usual, to Craft Talks-from Therese and Diane to Jack and Phil, to Bob Wessling, Don Nelson, Igor, and Richard Thompson-thank you all for sharing.  And Jim Collins-you're a Peach and not a Whippersnapper!

Best new features Awards go to Richard Thompson's CD shows and Mark's Merchant Minute.  In our last survey, 63 members liked singing and only 9 hated it.
Programs are important-too big a job for 1 and maybe even for 4 members.  We can probably thank a LOOMING empty date for inviting any regrettable speakers we had this past year.  My partners in crime for programs were Ed Jackson, Sally Brant, and Pres Mark Rogo.
This is my chance to thank some others for their efforts this year.  It begins with PP Ed Jackson, who called me onboard over 18 months ago to ride shotgun.  Without this preparation, my team would have been in the dark.  Ed, Mark, and I have connected very well over the past year and a half, which makes transition easy.  Unfortunately, neither plays a recognizable game of tennis-so it's NOT perfect.

Mark is to blame for the Merchant Minute-oh, you liked that?  Oh, that was a good idea WE had, wasn't it?  He's also to blame for that stupid rapper performance--Rotary in the House at the W Hotel with Aly and Marsha and I embarrassing ourselves-what? You liked that too?  Well, with Igor unavailable the whole year, Mark did provide some over-the-top silliness.  Geez, I'm hardly gone and he's getting all the glory.
As many of you know, without Don Nelson, our Most Valuable Treasurer, I would not have survived the year since Google cannot answer most Rotary protocol questions. From the budget in July through all the good advice and guidance, he was the best conciliere we could ever have.  The rumor that I drove him crazy is not true-he announcing he would be retiring from Treasurer before I was nominated.
We owe a lot to the busiest Rapper Momma in Westwood-Aly Shoji, our new PE.  She persevered without having Ernie around to write the Windmill, so we kicked her upstairs.  Next year, her children are both getting jobs at UCLA, so she can be our full-time president.
Dr. Colby put the finishing touches on the Windmill every week and made it look good.  As Membership Chair, he single-handedly ran the Young professional Marketing Program last year and contacted quite a few-they are out there.  It is a BIG jump from dropping by for a beer and talking about service to actually committing to Rotary membership, however, as we found.  We need to put more thought and resources behind our next effort, but thank you, Colby, for scouting the market.    
Then there were the Avenue Chairs-Lords over their Dominions.  Answering to no one, they rode a roughshod path of destruction-Excuse me-they made sure the actual work got done.  

Marsha "Mad-dog" Hunt:  What's with the hair?  Chaperoning Rotaractors to Hawaii (tough duty), working for her students in Uganda, promoting Engineers without borders, etc, etc, etc.

Jim Crane: 2 Interact clubs of adolescents too busy to return his phone calls and a Rotaract club of UCLA students always taking exams-Great results, Jim!
Richard Thompson-vocational-chasing those teachers down, crashing through barricades to get to PP meetings.  We know it was a hard pull for you this year, but you always had embarrassing photos ready of those parties we could not remember.  

John Heidt-on leave right now-Father of the Bride last week.  He kept us networked with the business community and neighborhood councils.  We need him back soon.  
I want to thank everyone on the Board who served the club last year.  It was a privilege to see you in action and an inspiration every week.  Early on, I realized that is how the Club President survives his term by getting a lift when things fall down.  Like when I see Mike Newman bringing an exchange student to the Santa Barbara conference-how many years has he helped them out?  And then stepping into MCing my Demotion at the last minute and enjoying every minute.

So, what does the scorecard for last year look like?
  • Did we have more fun? (I did)
  • Did we entertain others and enjoy camaraderie?
  • Did we collect more fines-Don?
  • Did we do more for others in need? (more disasters last year)
  • Did we take service seriously and ourselves not?  I am the first pres named Honky D.
Is the president of the Auxiliary in the house?  Would you come up here please?   I understand you'll be bringing a taser to the BOD meetings this year-is that right?  Here's a laser-it causes less permanent damage.  I need to acknowledge that you were involved with nearly everything that happened this past year.  Even though I got cranky at times, I never heard a complaint from you.  Of course, my hearing isn't what it used to be.  This coming year, my dear, you get more husband, but probably less fun-because it was a lot of fun!
I don't think we were Rotary World Champions this year, but we got to the playoffs.  I mean no disrespect to the honored members we lost during the year, but our team is already stronger and more experienced than a year ago.  There is a lot of talent sitting here and we are WAY under the Salary Cap.  I'll close with more tennis. If a Brit can win at Wimbledon after waiting 77 years, then Westwood Village Rotary can be world famous, too, after 84 years."
Dwight actually finished early, EARLY! Can you believe it?  So being that I asked members to identify a committee they were interested in participating this year, e.g., International, Community, Vocational, Youth, or Membership, all the members had 10 minutes to sit and talk about initial thoughts and projects for these areas.  
When I rang the bell to one got up and you continued your conversations about service at your tables. Maybe you all do like each other!  ;)  
Thank you Dwight (and Sook!) for your tireless service to our club.  Your commitment was a wonderful example and it was an honor to serve on your Board!

YYE (& PE!)  Aly Shoji

Westwood Village
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