The Windmill
Program Chair:  Sally Brant March 28,  2013
This Week...
April 4    
Phil Gabriel & Diane Good
"New Member Craft Talks"


April 9 
Rotary Auxiliary Spring Tea
Jim Collins
"Olympics in a Wheelchair"

April 11   
Makoto Kobayashi
Ambassadorial Scholar   
"Banking in the US and Japan and the Anderson School" 

April 18   
Ara Norwood
"Six Great Men - Our Founding Fathers" 
April 4
Phil Gabriel & Diane Good
"New Member Craft Talks"

April 11
Makoto Kobayashi "Banking in the US and Japan and the Anderson School"

With no pres or pres-elect in sight, Dr. Colby opened the meeting, calling on Mike Newman for the pledge and PDG Bill Goodwyn for the invocation.

As soon as Bill finished, we heard "Yo! Yo!" coming from the hallway and then beheld a group of four rappers invading our meeting, bedecked in saggy clothes and much shiny gold.  Since we were trying out a new venue, our PE Mark Rogo, decided to bust out a rap and invited the crew from the W.V.R.C. to join him (for those of you who did not recognize "Honky D, Aly V, Fat Boy, and Mad Dog Marsha!" you'll be glad to know we are all keeping our day jobs but we are breaking out of the familiar and doing more with our club members and community! 

  • We hope you all have signed up to have dinner with your Ex (one of the Past Presidents)! 
  • Our New Generations Chair, Jim Crane, announced our UCLA Rotaractors WON the ethics contest - memorized their speeches per our club's feedback even during their final exams - way to go, Bruins!
  • Don't forget the District Conference May 2-5 in Santa Barbara at a fantastic $179/day discount rate!    
  • Craft talks next week from Diane Good and Phil Gabriel - always a program favorite!  And April 11 Mike Newman's exchange student will share some cultural exchange.  
Dr. Colby introduced several Guests: his wife Stacie Smith, and Special Guests Terese Campbell and Catherine De Gama.

President Dwight introduced our speaker, Jeremy Sidell, Chief Development and Communications of PATH, People Assisting the Homeless.


PATH is a family of agencies working together to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities throughout Southern California. We strive to do this by prioritizing housing while providing customized supportive services for people in need. Our agencies each address the homelessness issue in a different way-supportive services, permanent housing development, support for homeless families, and community engagement-all of which ultimately help the people we serve make it home. 


LA is the homeless capital of the nation- over 51,000 homeless every night. One third are women and children, people with pets, families, not the traditional face.However it is a solvable issue by finding housing - their mission to end homelessness and providing people with tools of self sufficiency. Their goal is to create tax makers not tax takers - doesn't always work because many are ill or elderly. Goal is to house:  

  • 3,000 people in next two years.
  • 1,000 veterans
  • 1,000 families
  • 1,000 individuals .
The agency is a 28 year fixture, home-grown in Westwood, grown to $25M per year organization with 150 employees, nationally known.  Changing paradigms in homelessness by providing Homeless Prevention assistance for people at risk via:
*    Strategic Outreach- direct assistance on streets 
*    Rapid re-housing - prioritize permanent housing placement 
*    Permanent supportive housing - providing support services for PSH

Mr. Sidell discussed the economic toll to taxpayers, the average hospital stay for a homeless person is $6K or emergency room visit $1800 multiplied by X times a year and compounded by first responders such as paramedics etc. the economic impact to leave on streets is more costly to the community.

PATH Services, Ventures, Gramercy, Beyond Shelter, San Diego, partnered and recently merged with Beyond Shelter. Westwood, West Hollywood, Hollywood 4WRD, Venice, Long Beach, San Diego, LA county, southern Ca with 16 locations from Fresno, SLO, to San Diego

Mr. Sidell outlined some opportunities for people to get involved in helping the homeless, including surveys, toy drives, welcome home kits/adopt a family, path cooks, housing opportunities e.g., $3K a year in food alone for our faith matters program.

-YYE Aly Shoji

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