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Program Chair:  Sally Brant March 21,  2013
This Week...  

March 28   
Jeremy Sidell
"People Assisting the Homeless"         
**Venue Change: W Hotel**    

Easter Basket Delivery
UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital




April 4   
Phil Gabriel & Diane Good 
"New Member Craft Talks"                    

April 9   
Auxiliary Spring Luncheon              
Jim Collins
"Olympics in a Wheelchair"
March 28
Jeremy Sidell
"Helping the Homeless"

April 4
Phil Gabriel & Diane Good
"New Member Craft Talks"

Today our pledge was led by Mark Block and our Invocation provided by Ed Gauld, thank you!

Our visiting Rotarian today was Susan Berk from the BH Club.  David Friedman introduced the lovely Sunny, Melody and Lenny! Kait Peters from OPCC joined us as well and Art Henry brought Ted Henderson - welcome all!

  • On Monday, March 25 @ 1:30pm Leo Tseng's annual Easter Basket stuffing will commence at Ed Gauld's home located at 8629 Malcolm Blvd.  If you would like to help, please feel free to join us.  A handful of Rotarians will then deliver the baskets to the children in the Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA on Thursday, March 28 after the meeting.  
  • The meeting next week on March 28 will be @ the W Hotel, on the second floor in the back but there will be a person stationed to direct us and if you want a tour of the space before, please arrive at noon.  Bill Edwards has graciously offered to allow us to park across the street, so there are no excuses ;) Thank you, Bill!
  • Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 21 is the annualWOMP (Westwood Organization Mega Project) where the community works side-by-side with each other to clean up Westwood - students, merchants, home owners all gather to beauty their campus and neighborhood.   
  • Our New Generations Chair, Jim Crane, read a letter from theInteract Club at Uni wanting to raise $500 for Heifer International. Great job Jim for all of continued work and liaison with our youth! 
  • The WVRC Auxiliary will be hosting their Spring Lunch at the Collins home on April 9
  • Then on May 14 - there will be 27 seats for a bus to theReagan Library $30 - don't miss out!
  • On August 7 WVRC will host students from foreign clubs and would like help taking them to museums etc.  Please let one of the Board members know if you have an interest in helping with any of these visits. 
Today's Merchant Minute is Sean McMillan (friend of Tom Barron) from  Heyler Real Estate.  They are a local realty firm in business since 1927. Located on Pico and Overland, Bill Heyler wanted to build communities like Cheviot Hills and had a pay it forward policy with the top 10% from sales paid to local services and charities - that still exists today.

Our International Service Chair Marsha Hunt received an "Inspire" Pinfrom President Dwight for all of her hard work with our International projects - great job, Marsha!

Our speaker today is Leroy D. Baca, Sheriff for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Sheriff Baca commands the largest Sheriff's Department in the United States with a budget of 2.4 billion dollars.  He leads nearly 18,000 budgeted sworn and professional staff. 

The Sheriff's Department is the law enforcement services provider to 42 incorporated cities, 130 unincorporated communities, 10 community colleges, and over one million daily commuters of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Metrolink.  Over 4 million people are directly protected by the Sheriff's Department.

The Sheriff's Department also protects 42 Superior Courts and 600 bench officers.  Moreover, the Department manages the nation's largest local jail system with a housing capacity of nearly 20,000 prisoners.

Sheriff Baca is the Director of Homeland Security-Mutual Aid for California Region I, which includes the County of Orange.  Region I serves 13 million people.

Sheriff Baca incorporates innovative best practices into his leadership style based on pro-active, progressive problem solving.

His development of leadership qualities in all levels of the Sheriff's Department have resulted in strong solutions to problems such as drug addiction, domestic violence, homelessness, gangs, illiteracy, at-risk youth, parenting, and the quality of life in neighborhoods.  He also manages eighteen non-profit Youth Athletic League Centers serving at-risk youth in after-school programs involving academics, sports, and cultural arts.

Sheriff Baca also developed the Office of Independent Review, comprised of six civil rights attorneys who provide independent oversight on all internal affairs and internal criminal investigations concerning alleged misconduct by Department personnel.  This unique model of civilian oversight is a natural model of police accountability.

Sheriff Baca earned his Doctorate of Public Administration Degree from the University of Southern California.  He is a life member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, USC Chapter.  A strong advocate of education, he developed the LASD University consortium with over 20 universities where over 1,000 members of the Sheriff's Department are enrolled in Bachelor's and Master's Degree programs.

Sheriff Baca was elected Sheriff of Los Angeles County in December 1998, and was re-elected in 2010 for his fourth term in office.  He entered the Sheriff's Department on August 23, 1965.  He served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves.

Sheriff Lee Baca was a member of the San Marino Rotary for 20 years and a district Ambassadorial Scholar in London!  He had never been out of LA until then and sees Rotary as effective diplomatic international outreach where you can find similar classifications in other countries.  It's essentially one of the largest networks for humanity to build a platform of goodwill.

When you are around good people who do good things - you will do good things. He joked he was the only Mexican-American with the name LeRoy and Baca means stupid in Japanese so had a lot to overcome growing up as "Stupid Leroy."

Sheriff Baca shared police work is about 80% teaching non violence. He also strives to be the most charitable law enforcement and they are, and that is their moral compass. Education is a tool for prevention of crime. The purpose of jail is really twofold: 1. Separate and confine for safety 2. Educate so better use of tax money so when offenders are released they are better than when they entered.  He does have a captive audience with perfect attendance!

Education does more to reduce crime than most programs. Constant creativity creates constant growth. Our speaker is 70 but said Confucius say life begins at 100 so he has a lot more life! LA is the diversity capital of the world.  Our speaker showed he is very positive to climb out of problems and not fester in negativity. He doesn't shy away from critics, he wants to engage in more outreach. In his experience, if there is one level to cover in education, it is primary education to build confidence. He has an overreaching personality to make lemonade out of lemons by believing in the divineness of life.  But knows poverty creates doubt in yourself and continuing the mission to educate the most vulnerable and at-risk communities is the best solution.

-YYE Aly Shoji

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