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Program Chairs:  Dwight Heikkila & Ed Jackson November 8, 2012
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November 15     
James Turken
"Shangri-La Hotel Case"  


November 22   
Thanksgiving Day                              

November 29   
Club Assembly 

December 6 
Tim Barker
"Immigration Reform"
November 15 
James Turken
"Shangri-La Hotel Case"
November 22
Thanksgiving Day
The room was packed as PP Peter More led off with the flag salute.  Brian Whitney delivered the invocation, and he is getting good at it.

Steve Pettise showed up with the banner from his new club, Park City, Utah.

PP Ed (Maestro) Gauld led us in God Bless America in his hi-falutin' post-election hat.

Mike Yousem celebrated his 80th B-day on Election day and acknowledged it was David Whitehead who roped him into spearheading the Holiday Shopping Spree all these (28) years ago.


Phil Gabriel from Scrubs was introduced as a "special guest" for our enjoyment.

PP Peter More introduced his wife Shirley, PP Steve Day  his better half Marcia, PP Ron Lyster brought his love of his life , Guin, and Pres Dwight remember to introduce our first lady - Sooky.

Mark Rogo also introduced Pat Anderson and Margie Downey


Mark and Peggy gave thanks for supporting Bill Bloomfield in his courageous run for public office.

Our Merchant Minute was presented by Murray Wishengrad from the TLT Food restaurant. His 24-year old partner is The Lime Truck (TLT) owner and new restaurant chef who was also the winner of a reality TV food show.  They want to "Tilt food," and change the direction of food, be inventive and graze, share, come as a group and be communal and make friends.  He used to own The Stand and as a side note they also serve a 10 % alcohol beer " endorsed" by Tom Barron ;) 
As threatened, our friends from Rotary Club of San Francisco Chinatown showed up in number (9). Pres Dwight joked that Leo had described them as the World Champion San Francisco Giants, but they are giants of the Rotary World.

Current Pres. of SF/Chinatown Andrew Yu; his classification is public safety.  His rotary moment came from a Rotary inspired project, Shelter Box. This was his life- changing experience.   Janice and George Dea, great friends and former WVRC President, expressed hello to our Rotary and Auxillary friends.  PE Lily Chan, is in real estate with Coldwell Banker and a colleague and was introduced to Rotary by a friend-and soon they were  digging holes and planting trees at schools with George and Janice and worked on 47 different projects.  Jim Allen and wife Helen told us that SF West joined the District four years ago and informed us that WVRC even sent $ up to SF to help charter the new club and they were voted Best Small Club by RI.   They brought one of their flags for an exchange.  Liz Mark, a registered nurse at UCSF for over 30 years just joined in July :)   Cheri Choi sang a song and is a new member here, but a Rotary Veteran of 20 years and a Mission investment officer.  Her daughter  is a freshman at UCLA.

Immediate PP Ron Gin gave us a quick speech about RCSFC's current activities and then presented us with another picture to auction off next month as a fundraiser.  He also presented gifts to Pres Dwight, PP Ed Jackson, and others who had lucky birthdays.  

Mike Yousem's Senior Craft Talk

Born in Omaha, Nebraska and moved to CA when he was 15 because his father had poor health and they thought the climate would help. He attended  Santa Ana HS.  Drafted during the Korean War in 1952 and served his two year and said it helped him figure out who he was because not only does someone tell you to do something but you do it!

After that, he got into the plumbing business, and had a successful career for 51 years!  His wife, Sheila, was introduced to him by his sister and have been married 53 years with two kids.  Their daughter lives in Michigan with three children.  Their son lives here and in business with two sons.  Two older grandkids are girls and they are studying to be a Paramedic and a family counselor.

In 1981 Mike was invited to join by Jack Banal who had a heating and air conditioning shop across the street from Mike and Bill Goodwyn and Yosh Saraguchi brought him to lunch.  That was the first time Jack had ever spoken to him, but he made it count.  Mike  wanted to express for new members, like anything in life, you get out of Rotary what you put into it!  In that case, he's been richly rewarded for his hard work and leadership at Christmastime for the past 28 years.

Mike finished just in time, as half the club ran out the door to their cars to escort our San Francisco friends to the Jay Leno Tonight Show taping on time.  There will be many events and fellowship the next three days.

-YYE Aly Shoji

Westwood Village
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P.O. Box 24114, Los Angeles, CA 90024-0114
Meets: Thursday, 12:30 PM, UCLA Faculty Center
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Treasurer - Don Nelson
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Past President - Ed Jackson
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Community Service - John Heidt
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