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Program Chairs:  Dwight Heikkila & Ed Jackson October 25, 2012
  This Week...

November 1

Dr. Richard Jackson
"Designing Healthy Communities"


November 8  
Chinatown Rotary Club Visit
Mike Yousem & Jack Paul
"Senior Craft Talks"

November 15

James Turken

"Shangri-La Hotel Case"

November 22   

November 1
Dr. Richard Jackson
"Designing Healthy Communities"
November 8
Mike Yousem, Jack Paul "Senior Craft Talks"

Dr. Colby Smith led the pledge and Dr. Leah Vriesman gave the invocation.

We had a Visiting Rotarian from the Santa Monica  Rotary,  Judy Irie and also Jim Dyer. Guests included:  Kait Peters from OPCC, Phil Gabriel our Merchant Minute and Dean Abell (Lenny and Sunny's grandson :)

PP Edwin Gauld and maestro had his right hand chopstick to lead Forget your Troubles!  (Not our finest effort, Eric!)

Jim Dyer invited everyone to the

 International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal and shared how 200 countries will be represented!
PE Darling Mark Rogo reminded everyone to please vote this Sunday, Oct 28, 2012 at the Westwood Recreation Center located at 1350 Sepulveda Blvd. (just south of Wilshire).  

Please request a BUSINESS ballot and vote for Dean Abell, Mark Rogo and their slate. As WVRC members we are ALL eligible to vote and last year someone won by ONE vote so every vote does count.
Lisa Chapman's husband, Phil Gabriel, was our Merchant Minute from Scrubs Unlimited.  It is located in the heard of the Westwood Village across from Jerry's with 2 hours free parking (Near Sarah Leonard ;)
13 years ago when he opened, all the scrubs were the same.  5 years ago Dickies entered the scrubs market and adapted mainstream styles to hospitals - Scrubs Unlimited now specializes in scrubs, white coats, fashion scrubs, gifts, yoga wear etc.  Flyers show different expansion opportunities,  e.g., goggles to UCLA's chemistry dept and now online is a big part of his business as he has reached out to Harvard, Yale, USF, Chicago, Louisiana, etc because their local stores weren't reaching out to them.  

Dwight suggested a slimming smock for Dr. Loberg ;)

Leah announced she will be stepping down as the club Vice President.  Her career is taking on a wonderful trajectory but includes much travel and time commitment.  We are excited for Leah's continued success and happy she is a committed member to our club.  With this news, Paul Aslan has agreed to step up to be our new Greeting Committee chairman.  And Leah showed her supreme leadership skills as she roped six people (actually 12) into doing invocations, and greetings for the remainder of the calendar year for Paul to follow-up with.


  • Earth Angel lounge dedication to Sean McMillan is Nov. 7
  • Nov. 8, Nov. 9, and Nov. 10 is our visit from the SF Chinatown.  The itinerary has been announced several times for the taping of the Jay Leno show right after our regular meeting on Nov. 7, Tour of Angel's Flight West and museum on Friday., also the Getty Museum on Friday and then the rail and LA Live in downtown outing at Lawry''s and the Grammy Museum on Saturday.  The visit will conclude at Leo's Tseng's hom on Sat. night with dinner.  Hope our members and guests join us for one or more of the planned activities.
  • Dec. 6 is the annual holiday shopping trip with the kids from the Salvation Army Transitional Housing.  This is a long time tradition of our club and Terry De Sousa made an announcement on behalf of Mike Yousem and will be co-chairing this again.  Many members comment this is one of their favorite activities of the year so I hope we have a great turnout for this year.
  • Dec. 13 is our Rotary Christmas luncheon at the Hotel Bel Air in place of our regular meeting - save the date!  

Now onto our program:  Kathleen Ronald's Clutter Clearing System! Is her #1 business strategy to create abundance for her clients!

At our lunch Kathleen shared:

  • How your paycheck is tied to your clutter;
  • How to Eliminate the 19 areas that clutter affects in your life and business
  • How to Implement Kathleen's proven clearing mantra to relieve your clutter stressors
  • How to Create a clutter clearing ACTION plan to bring in "instant" abundance

She is the queen of business connecting, Speaktacular, and believes Clutter is much deeper than physical.  

Get Your Life Back, declutter Now!

She provided various examples of the people she met who had quality of life and lived life on their terms and schedules such as, Hat Man in Hawaii, Hat Man Surfer, Hat Man photographer He only took orders he could fulfill because he worked limited hours.

She asked us How do we want to restructure our lives?  How do we want it to look?

The Universe Abhors a vacuum. Focus on expanding the top 20% producers in our life and forget about the rest of the 80% We need to clear space in order to make room for abundance.

Do we really recognize the Cost of Clutter?  E.g., Do you have Storage Units? Have you bought bigger? Are you a collector?  Do you have Emotional clutter? Financial clutter? Calendar clutter? Mental clutter? Body clutter?

NAPO is the  National Association of Professional Organizers  - find professional help!

Suggested Reading:

  • Clear Your Clutter by Karen Kingston, the concept of blocking one hour a day.
  • The Pareto's Principle, 80/20 Rule and her Book recommendation the 80/20 principle

Our speaker said, we only wear 20% of your wardrobe, Really only listen to 20% of our CDs, watch 20% of our TV channels

Recognize Opportunity Zones list, commit to One hour a week to de-clutter, Interview and hire someone to help!  Ask yourself when trying to declutter, "Do I LOVE it? Do I use it?"

What is Clutter?

  • Things we do not use or love
  • Things that are untidy or disorganized
  • Too many things in too small space
  • Anything unfinished

Decluttering is A healing opportunity, it will be Your BFF!

-YYE Aly Shoji

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