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  Program Chairs:  Dwight Heikkila & Ed Jackson September 20, 2012  
  Thomas B. Schmalzried   This Week...
September 27
Thomas P. Schmalzried, MD
“A Better Hip or Knee”


October 2
District Breakfast
Westin LAX 7-9AM

October 4
UCLA Rotaract
“Rotaract at UCLA”

October 6
Harvest Fun Party
Leo Tseng’s House

October 10
Rotary Auxiliary Meeting
“Flying Rotarians”

October 11
Warren Bobrow
“Rotary Youth Exchange”

November 8
Chinatown Rotary
“Rotary Youth Exchange”

  September 27
Thomas B. Schmalzried, MD
“A Better Hip or Knee”

October 4
UCLA Rotaract

“Rotaract at UCLA”


Your faithful Secretary and YYE walked in when Rotarian from Jordan was presenting about his club

His son goes to UCLA.

Guests:  Ivan Finkle, an information systems consultant and active supporter of Uni High, and Sunny Friedman :)

Head Table: John Usama, PP Ed & Dr. Tony Jackson


·         John Heidt reported about community happenings:

·         At the former Alcove Theater it is being converted to a six screens entertainment center with over 400 seats.  You can now watch a movie and have dinner/drinks while watching on comfy leather couches that recline.

·         The Business improvement district meetings (bid) meet the 3rd Thurs of every month at Skylight Garden 9:00am

·         Farmers Market public comments welcome.

·         Reading to Kids fundraiser on Oct 2 at 6:00pm silent auction. Performers at improv and dinner for $35 marsha hunt will have flyers next week and she is recruiting. The second Sat of every month! :)

·         The Paul Harris celebration cost is $125 /ticket - it's a fundraiser, folks! Steve Day wants us to BUY BUY BUY raffle tickets :)

·         Oct 6 Harvest Party on Leo's Mtn

·         SF Chinatown rotary visiting Nov 8


·         Brian Whitney Sept 10 in Santa Monica- He hasn't come very far!

·         PP Ed Jackson

·         Paul Aslan. Sept 18 Turkey 

·         John Heidt Sept 24



Rotarians and their spouses will learn about Rotary's flying Rotarians' adventures at the first meeting of the Westwood Village Rotary Club Auxiliary on Wednesday, October 10 in the home of Peter and Shirley More, 10437 Kinnard Ave., Westwood.


Guests will arrive at 11:30 a.m. and lunch will be served at 12 noon. Please make your reservation by phoning Margie Downie.  A $5 donation is requested to help defray expenses.


Former Westwood president Peter More has participated in the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians' annual flyaways for the last 12 years.  He was world president of the group from 2010 until this year.


Peter and Shirley also participated in the RI Convenion in Bangkok  last May, but since small private planes are rare in Thailand the group held a 'jetaway' with commercial planes.  The Westwood couple organized a four-country tour for the flying Rotarians for 50 people including members from Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.  The Mores will talk about their experiences with this massive project and illustrate their lectures with slides from their travels.


All Westwood Rotarians and their spouses are invited, according to Eloise Siskel and Sook Heikkila, Auxiliary co-presidents.

President Dwight Auctioned off two tickets and reserved parking to Oregon State vs UCLA (4th game) which Marsha won on a $100 bid!

PP Ed Jackson introduced our speaker, whom he met at Emerson Jr High. Dr. Anthony W. Jackson is vice president for education at Asia Society. He also leads Asia Society's Partnership for Global Learning and has led the development of Asia Society's International Studies Schools Network. Prior to this, he was director of the Walt Disney Company's Disney Learning Partnership. Dr. Jackson directed the Carnegie Corporation Task Force on the Education of Young Adolescents that produced the seminal Turning Points report and created and directed the Turning Points network of over 250 middle schools.

Dr. Jackson is co-author of Educating for Global Competence:  Preparing Our Youth to Engage the World.   He holds a B.A from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Ph.D. in psychology and education from the University of Michigan.

Dr. Jackson was in the 1st graduating class of  University High IPS Innovative Program School.  LAUSD’s first model for the modern day magnets, that lasted for 17 years. Westwood Village Rotary Club was one of the Co-Founders.

Educating for Global Competence: Preparing Youth to Engage the World

About 9 years ago our speaker found himself in Shanghai looking over the river to a new environment w/skyscrapers being created by lead architects. He was in the past staring at future with rise and build of Asia.


1. We are toast! How do we compete with Asia Our try that built up I 10 years. 

Compete and work with people to make world better 

Working at the school system level. I. Recent tests  7 of 10 top performers were from Asian countries

These countries looked at US and thought great ideas and research are born In the US but we are terrible at disseminating these great models. They Ideas are created here in US but grow up in Singapore

Over last 9 years a redesign of secondary educ has occurred by a world changed by globalization

In NY, LA. Sf Mumbai Seoul 

International school network about 30 schools. 

80 are in low income and neighborhoods of color and they outperform others and have a 92% grad rate 

Compared to 50% (and our club is aware first hand from our partnership with Uni)

They are different in how they define success

For students to be globally competent 

Need to think like historians, scientists, Artists in relation to world issues

Can't think about content if not how it applies

Must be able to Investigate the World Issues Not always one answer recycling g, sustainability, in evidence based arguments

Second capacity is being able to recognize perspective and that they have a certain one - critical thinking and weigh value

Communicating and collaborating around ideas and can effectively communicate with a global audience and different mediums

Idea exchange happens in global teams practicing collaboration

Finally having disposition to take action from an entrepreneur point to make a difference in the world

This manifestation is critically important locally and globally

All people can make a difference and the notion you have a responsibility to use your education.

How do we educate students to become globally competent?

While meeting and exceeding standards

By integrating best practices for college readiness

Int'l Studies examples

Have very clear performance outcomes that drive curriculum

Have to learn at least one other language - mandarin Spanish French Arabic

An example in history:

instead of dates time lists for history to regurgitate 

What does it mean to be American. What have we shaped?

Weaving in intl perspective engaged and innovative

Project based learning to apply and use knowledge 

Asia is interested in US approaches to creative learning

They are still more didactic

Hong Kong has a liberal learning period

Also provides teachers to grow - Asia has tremendous care to train groom retain grow their teachers. They are considered high level professions regarded and paid as lawyers and doctors etc. recruit from tops of class

Their teaching load is less because they spend time learning from each other

Finally try to embed work in parent and community partnership.

Another example at the World Affairs council in Houston TX - An inner city kid sitting with Colin  Powell and is receiving a different education and has different opportunities.

—YYE Aly Shoji                                                   


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