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  Program Chairs:  Dwight Heikkila & Ed Jackson August 23, 2012  
  Mike Feuer This Week...
September 6
Assemblyman Mike Feuer
“The State Budget, and more…”
September 8
Reading to Kids honoring Ernie Wolfe
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September 13
Steve Day, Don Nelson, and Richard Thompson
Senior Craft Talks
September 20
Dr. Anthony Jackson
“What is Asia Doing Well in Education?”
September 27
Earth Angel Event
Dedicating the EA Lounge to Sean McMillan
  September 6
Assemblyman Mike Feuer
“State Budget”
  Nelson, Day, Thompson  
  September 13
Steve Day, Don Nelson & Richard Thompson

“Senior Craft Talks"

President Dwight called the meeting to order promptly, and invited Jim Crane to lead us in the pledge. Leo Tseng thankfully allowed everyone to be seated during his invocation, a prayer by St. Francis of Assisi.

Ed led a song with his usual chopstick he now carries around and Leo reminded him to use the right chopstick with his right hand when leading five choruses of “I've been working on the railroad.” ;)


President Dwight thanked everyone who attended Sean’s memorial this weekend

This meeting was heavily attended, with several Guests and visiting Rotarians: Colby Smith brought Dr. Neha Seth, a dentist and past Rotary Scholar from India by way of Minnesota, Terry De Sousa introduced guests at her table- Tom Lu, Frank Meredith and Anna Liau. Don Nelson introduced a young French student who will be attending UCLA in the Fall, and her older sister. Leah Vriesman and John Heidt brought their better halves, and John O’Keefe introduced Charlie Orchard from Reading to Kids who spoke to the group.

Ernie Wolfe had read to kids 22 times, Ed Jackson has read 14 times, Marsha Hunt 12 times and John 4 times. They read to kindergarteners thru 5th grade, do a craft, and give a book.  There will be a special Memorial Sept 8 11:45 at Magnolia School for Ernie.  If you take the 10 fwy and exit Vermont go north near Venice. Reading starts at 9:00a.m. - they meet at seven schools on the 2nd Sat of every month hope more members consider reading.

Charlie has read 100 times and just joined the organization officially two months ago.  To volunteer, please sign up on website bc they have three employees to manage 300 to 500 volunteers who read to 1200 kids. 

Tom Loo, Sean’s long-time partner and a Santa Monica Rotarian shared a bit about how Sean became involved in Rotary. When they were in practice in the 70's Tom joined the Century City Rotary b/c his father was a past president growing up and very involved.  After seeing Tom’s activity, Sean first joined the Marina Rotary and when that closed joined Century City.  But their office moved to downtown and LA5 was a little too big for them so they had a little break from Rotary.  When  they realized they were Westsiders, they moved their offices to Santa Monica in the 90s and that is when Tom joined SM and Sean joined WVRC.  His life-long business partner Frank Meredith also joined for today’s lunch and Anna Liau from their practice who also spoke at Sean’s service (photo included)

Dwight mentioned “Leo arranged the Angel Flight, West program 2 weeks before Sean’s crash. Who knew Leo was also an earth angel and not just an Easter Bunny.”  ;)

Leah Vriesman shared how she became involved when she first joined Rotary, Sean became President four months after and she was community service chair.  Sean had an idea for earth angel when he realized his patient he flew did not have ground transport when they arrived.  Passengers are so overwhelmed with other matters they did not always hear they are responsible for ground transport once they are flown.  He also had the lounge idea for patients and pilots to have a space to relax and some snacks while they wait for each other and helped to expand the passenger assistance fund when unexpected costs arise.  He saw the Earth Angel as “evergreen - ever growing and expanding.”


Leah introduced our speaker, Alan Dias. Alan is Executive Director of Angel Flight West.  He will be telling us about this unique organization.   Alan has been a member of angel flight west for over seventeen years. He has served on the Board of Directors in various positions, including Vice Chairman of the Board, Chair of the Board Development Committee and Chair of the Human Resources Committee.  He rotated off the board at the end of 2003.   When he rotated off the board he accepted the position of Angel Flight’s Southern California Wing Leader, a position he held for four years. In April, 2008 he was offered and accepted the position of Executive Director of Angel Flight West. Alan is a private pilot with an instrument rating and flies his Piper Archer out of Whiteman Airport.  He has over 1500 hours and has flown throughout the western states, Alaska and Mexico. Angel Flight has 1300 pilots flying 5000 patients per year but they don't have the Earth Angel program in the other 13 states.  It is one area to consider for help because it is "heaven sent."  A nice video was shown and the last moment from a mom mentioned when he daughter was ill and had to be transported, they were ever grateful for “being secure in the arms of angels,” like Sean.

Alan started as a pilot flying missions, then joined the board becoming Executive Director for last 4 /2 years and Sherry is the Associate Executive Director. They arrange free air transportation for non-emergent medical and other needs. Sean flew dozens of missions. The flights are not always medical, also domestic violence escapes or special needs camps.  Sean’s last flight was in June 2012 and flew a burn victim to camp so he could experience camp like others and not have people stare.  Our speaker, Alan, flew a girl to camp for the hearing impaired. He talked about how the girl was reticent on the way up to communicate but on the way back couldn't get her to stop talking on return - camp changes you.

Angel Flight West is naming their Lounge in Sean’s honor and memory on his birthday, Sept 27. Earth angel drivers are needed if interested.

Next Week: Assemblyman Mike Feuer will solve California’s budget crisis for us

Quote of the day from Einstein: There are two ways to live your life: One, as though nothing is a miracle.  Two, as if everything is a miracle.
I asked this week what YOE meant when it was in our last Windmills by my name and was informed it was Ernie’s moniker for “Ye Old Editor” so with respect I will sign mine YYE for “Ye Young Editor” b/c even when I am 105, like Henry Tseng, I will be yYe!  ;)

YYE and Secretary Aly Shoji


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