Program Chair:
  Dwight Heikkila & Ed Jackson

July 12, 2012  

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July 19
Dr. Jeff Cole
“Digital Future”

July 26
Kevin Kilroy
“My International Water Project”

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July 19
Dr. Jeff Cole- Director, USC Annenberg School
“Digital Future”


July 26
Kevin Kilroy
“My International Water Project- A project headed by a Marymount HS Student”

July 28
Welcome Party for Brentwood Rotary Club
7:00PM, Eloise Siskel’s home

There was a buzz in the crowd as they entered the dining room at the Faculty Center: Would Past-President Edward Jackson indeed surrender the Club Charter peaceably and install Dwight as the new club president?  There was no sign of Jackson until 12:29 when he arrived without armed troops but with the Charter under his arm.  Dwight was relieved, but the crowd had already moved on to bigger news—a table front and center was festooned with birthday balloons, one saying “105,” and members gleefully watching Henry Tseng put his palms flat on the floor.


Finding an American flag at 12:30 sharp, we performed our salute and were invoked by Art Henry. 

Dwight received the charter from PP Edward to be mounted on his office wall as a constant reminder

“He profits most who serves best.”  Fully installed and legit, he called upon PP, PDG Bill Goodwyn to read a congratulatory letter to Henry from RI President Tanaka on the occasion of his 105th birthday.  We hear that PP Ron Lyster and PP Peter More managed to coax this official communication on short notice.

Our new president lapsed into reminiscing about another endurance athlete (other than Henry) from his childhood-the great Olympian long distance runner, Paavo Nurmi, the Flying Finn.  Members glanced about anxiously, remembering a year-long Irish history tutorial, but it was short and only a segue into congratulating Henry for being an inspirational endurance athlete and gym rat.

Peggy Bloomfield, also at the birthday table, but with a lot fewer candles was also congratulated and thanked for her continuing work for Rotary and our club.  Then it was Henry again, with Ann Samson waltzing in with a Proclamation from the City Council, honoring Henry for his good works and endurance.  With all this fuss, Henry felt obliged to say a few words himself until the microphone was snatched away.  This meeting was turning into a full-bore party and the new officers hadn’t had a chance to address the members yet.

To regain control of the room, pres Dwight struck with fines in all directions: Henry Heuer for forsaking his tennis buddies for an entire year, PP Edwin Gault, for luring him into the limelight of PP Chris Bradford’s Demotion Skit four years ago, and Leo Tseng for a multitude of sins.

Promising cake for those who listened patiently, pres Dwight introduced the 2012-13  WVRC BOD and allowed a few to announce their plans for the new year.  International Chair Marsha Hunt showed her passion for Africa and VP Leah Vriesman urged participation.  Dr. Colby drafted the entire club to recruit for his membership team, and president-elect Mark Rogo emphasized the close partnership he felt with PP Ed and pres Dwight. 

With all thoughts on cake, pres Dwight gave a truncated “walk the talk” speech, urging us all to do what we know we should do for the club this next year and sign up on the Avenues volunteer sheets.  Two cakes then emerged with a lot of candles (even with one candle signifying more than 10 years).  Well-wishers gorged on angel food and chocolate cake and an orgy of photo-snapping. 

Henry was president of the Hong Kong Club 1969-1970 and gave a very impressive Swan Song speech, thanking so many members for their efforts.  Membership grew 31% during his year and Hong Kong has more than 50 clubs today.  Pres Dwight concluded the meeting with the last words of Henry’s speech.  With all his success, Henry said “my greatest accomplishment was getting more members to participate.”  That’ll do as our mission statement this year.

—YOE Dwight Heikkila

Westwood Village
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 24114, Los Angeles, CA 90024-0114

Meets: Thursday, 12:30 PM, UCLA Faculty Center
480 Charles Young Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Club President - Dwight Heikkila
(310) 820-6090

President Elect
Mark Rogo

Vice-President/Club Service
Leah Vriesman
(310) 844-4224

Secretary – Aly Shoji
(310) 301-3014

Treasurer - Don Nelson
(310) 472-9488

Past President - Ed Jackson
(800) 214-3810

Community Service - John Heidt
(310) 474-0938

International Service
Marsha Hunt
(310) 500-9828

Vocational Service
Dick Thompson

New Generations Service
Jim Crane
(310) 733-6783

Rotary Foundation Chair
Steve Day
(310) 670-5013

Publicity/Public Relations
Mike Newman
(310) 208-7723

Membership - Colby Smith
(310) 948-9198

WVRC Auxiliary

Eloise Siskel
(310) 472-2509

Sook Heikkila
(310) 820-6090

Sakuji Tanaka

Lew Bertrand

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