Program Chair:
  Michael Newman

May 10, 2012  


May 24
Ben Howland- UCLA Basketball

“The UCLA Program”

May 31
Yosh Setoguchi
“My Medical Practice with Shriners Hospital”

This Week...

May 24
Ben Howland- UCLA Basketball Coach
"The UCLA Program"


May 19
UCLA Rotaract Club
College Day for Uni High Interact

May 31
Yosh Setoguchi
"From University High to WVRC; My Medical Practice Today with Shriners Hospital"

June 7
Ying Nian Wu- Professor, UCLA
"NTD TV- An Independent Station Delivering Uncensored Chinese News, Chinese Culture, and Performing Arts"

June 23
Ed Jackson’s Demotion Party
Beach Club- Santa Monica



In line with the 2011-2014 Innovative & Flexible Pilot Program, the WVRC Executive Board voted to temporarily add provisions to the bylaws to allow for Associate and Corporate Membership. These additions are set to expire at the end of the Pilot Program in 2014. The decision is open to member input- please speak with a board member if you have any questions or concerns.

Our greeters this week were Terry R White and Terry De Sousa, who set the tone with their lovely smiles and gracious words of encouragement.

Our Pledge was led by Hank Heuer, and the invocation this week was given by Tom Barron.

Visiting Rotarians: Roger Davis, our friend from the Jackson, Mississippi club; Gloria Herrea, Past President, Century City; our speaker, Alison Clay-Duboff, Torrance club.

Head table: PP and presently assistant governor, District 5280, Gordon Fell, who with Mark Rogo shared duties in developing the University High School small learning community school of business; PP Sean McMillan, who helped to bring chuckles to our meeting, since Prez Ed’s fourth language appears to be (not) humor; Alison Clay-Duboff; PEN Mark Rogo; and fourth quarter program chair, PP Michael Newman.

Announcements: WVRC is supporting the 123rd Annual Memorial Day Ceremony at the LA National Cemetery. Festivities begin at 10:30 AM Monday, May 28. PP Steve Scherer presented a saber to outstanding Army ROTC Cadet Edson Diaz on May 2nd. Cadet Diaz will attend our May 31st meeting. We are officially chartering the Marymount High School Interact Club, started by two students we sponsored at RYLA last year. WVRC sponsored seven students to RYLA again April 27-29.

As you may know, Steve Pettise’s last meeting with us was last week.  Included is part of his speech, which I think is worth sharing:

 Thank you, everyone and particularly my sponsor, PP Jim Collins, who just happens to be one of my idols.  The friends I’ve made and the things we have done together have been great.

 One regret is that I didn’t have the opportunity to join earlier, and principally that is what I’d like to talk a minute about this afternoon. A lot of people live, work and play and I will bet are like me who want a connection to the community, but don’t know or haven’t been asked about Rotary. When you live in a big city it is very impersonal, so people hunger to feel a part of things . . . how do I know? Because of my life experiences.

 Otherwise, why would Park City, UT, where we are moving, a city of 26,000 permanent residents have two thriving, relatively BIG Rotary Clubs? Why would Santa Monica have 250 people in their club? At least partially because they have been asked.

 Rotary is wonderful and does amazing work and gives people the ability to get involved in their community, meet other wonderful people who are already involved and also get involved regionally, nationally and internationally

 A great thing for me has been to visit clubs in the Czech Republic, Germany, Egypt, and India. Domestically, I visited eight clubs in the Jackson, MS area, clubs in Barrington IL, Mass., Charlotte, NC and Maui as well as Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. I urge every one of you to do the same . . . you learn a lot.

 I would be remiss not to call out a few people who have become friends and I will particularly miss, but I might become emotional so I’ll just say we’ll see you in Park City or Maui.

Best wishes, Steve.  We know you will help to make Park City a better place!

PP Michael Newman introduced our speaker:

Alison Clay-Duboff has had difficult and life-changing experiences that drive her to give to her community in any way that she can. In the few spare moments between her full-time career as a realtor and raising her family, Alison has been involved with community-serving organizations that strive to provide help where it is most needed.

Back in 2000, Alison was living comfortably with her family in Saudi Arabia until tragedy struck.  Her husband passed away due to a sudden heart attack, and she soon found herself and her family nearly penniless. Much to Alison’s surprise and relief, the expatriate community in Saudi Arabia came together and provided help and funds which allowed her to return to the U.S. and start over.

“Perfect strangers came up to me and helped. Several people gave me $1,000 and didn’t even know me,” Alison recalled. “That was a life-saving and eye-opening experience.”

That experience propelled her into community service. Since then, Alison Clay-Duboff has helped provide Thanksgiving meals for needy families, and she volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. With Torrance Rotary K-9 Book Drive, she helped provide more than 230,000 books to kids in Los Angeles area local schools.

Alison has also helped put together “Downtown Sounds,” an effort to help Torrance schools continue their music education programs. She speaks at school career days and she is interested in working with the local Meals-on-Wheels program, which helps provide meals to the elderly.

Why does she do all this extra work?  “I want to give back,” said Alison. “When I was at the lowest point in my life, perfect strangers came and helped me. And now I want to give back for the rest of my days because of how people saved my life and my daughter’s life.”

—YOE Ed Jackson

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