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  Christopher Bradford
July 7, 2011  

July 21
"Crest Theater"

August 4
"Spy Planes and the Cold War"

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July 14, 2011
Club Assembly
"Present, Future"

July 21, 2011
John Storey & Dennis Bartok
"Crest Theater, BigFoot Productions in Westwood"

July 28, 2011
Laura Lake
"Status of the UCLA Faculty Center "

August 4, 2011
Edward Lovick, Jr.
"Spy Planes and the Cold War"

We had a full house, and enjoyed another BBQ  lunch.  I led the Pledge, first providing some history as to how we used to do it — right hand extended on the word “Flag”.  Despite some diversionary comments by PP ERIC LOBERG, it came off well. MARCIA BROUS gave a splendid Invocation, first by pointing out that this was a new beginning, with its many opportunities and challenges still ahead of us. She noted the high honor of our being chosen as one of only 200 Rotary Clubs out of 34,000 Clubs worldwide to be designated a Pilot Club, thus permitting us to explore new ideas over the next three years!  And all of this fits within our motto of Service Above Self.  Well done, MARCIA.  And who else but LENNY came forward to lead us in the Army song, but to new words as devised by RICK BROUS.  Kudos, again.

We had a whole bunch of guests.  PAULINE HARRIS was there as the Incoming President of our Auxiliary.  Several members from Brentwood/WLA Rotary were there, including their President, Faid Kabasni, Marvin Baker, and Dick Thompson.  PAT ANDERSON accompanied PDG ANDY, and SUNNY was with LENNY.  PEGGY and her helper came, and she and Dick Thompson knew each other.  NINA JACKSON was at the Head Table (more on that shortly), and there were FIVE (count ‘em!) Special Guests - Antoinette Mongelli (JOHN HEIDT and PP STEVE SCHERER), Ryan Watzson (STEVE PETTISE), Dana Cuff (JOHN HEIDT), Mirabelle Segovia (PP GORDON FELL), and Krista Stilley (who will be circularized in this issue). Krista was sponsored by PP STEVE SCHERER and Prexy ED JACKSON. 

Prexy ED introduced a new format for upcoming events, projecting them on the screen — and I have I got them all this time!

July 11th - Past R.I. President Cliff Dockerman will be the Speaker at Beverly Hills. Also on the 11th, our former PP, BILL BLOOMFIELD will become President of Manhattan Beach - certainly this deserves some heckling, or whatever….

July 12th - WVRC Board Meeting, 6 pm at the Faculty Center.

July 26th - First District Breakfast of this year, with John Vivey, the Superintendent of the Los Angeles Schools, as Speaker — let DON NELSON know if you can attend, please.

July 31st - MARGIE DOWNIE suggests this is the final deadline for giving her any Roster changes for the Auxiliary.

August 27th - Auxiliary Fun Party — a CARNIVAL, with CLOWNS! Please don’t tell the Police!!!

A lovely letter from Jim Peplow, AVA’s son.  AVA is now at Windchimes of Chico, 855 Bruce Road #246, Chico, CA 95928, (435) 901-0662.  If she doesn’t answer, hang up and try again a minute or so later — sometimes it takes her longer to get to the phone.

Pauline Harris spoke briefly about her long association with Rotary — her Dad was a Rotarian, and of course, who can forget Jack Harris' rendition of Clancy at the saloon? As Auxiliary President, Pauline wants to get to know all the new Rotarians, and she reminded us all that their meetings are open to both members and spouses. Do check the programs — they are always fun.

And in case you remember my earlier note that further word on NINA JACKSON would be forthcoming, here it is!  Someone, whose name escapes me but who apparently was sitting in my seat, pointed out to Prexy ED that there was someone seated on his side of the Head Table who had not been introduced. This patient lady was of course NINA, and the audience response was very heartening, to those of us who depend upon such demonstrations. However, Prexy ED was not to be found guilty without dissent, and he tried to claim an exemption because, after all, he had not introduced those sitting on MY side of the Head Table, namely, PP JIM COLLINS, PP BOB LUSK, DON PARK, and YOE hisself. However, this obviously is not germane to the question, in that my original inquiry was during the period of Guest Introductions, and after all, how else but as a guest could NINA be classified? NINA rose to acknowledge the support she was receiving from the members, and of course Prexy ED did have the mike, so no suitable penalty was ever suggested, alas.

And after all this. Prexy ED somehow managed to get us relatively quiet, so he could proceed. His plan was in three sections — First, what he referred to as Little Known Facts. Next, Memorable Moments in Westwood and, finally, Plans and Opportunities Ahead.

Little Known Facts:
Ireland is very important to him. An early relative, Big John Jackson,  had some ‘trouble’ in Ireland, so the English sent him over to the New World as an indentured servant — he met his future wife , Elizabeth Cummins on the ship going over.  After the required seven years, he managed to get rich and buy up much of what later became West Virginia. Elizabeth was an original Daughter of the Revolution. His Great, Great Grandfather was someone we have heard of, Stonewall Jackson of Civil War fame! On his Mother’s side, the family name was Nelson, and her son, John Nelson, was a riverboat Captain, sailing down the Ohio River to the Mississippi and New Orleans.  Nelson chose an Indian bride, and they had twenty kids! (Yes, 20 is right).  One relative was found with a bottle of whiskey clutched in his hand, frozen on an open field.  This ED mentions because it seems to be a characteristic of the Irish! (some pandemonium here…)

Memorable Moments in Westwood:
This led to his number two subject, Westwood Memories. His dad was a Minister, and his mother a concert pianist. In the 9th grade at Emerson Jr. High, he was elected Student Body President.  During his term, he tried to introduce one casual day of dress, with Bermuda shorts for the boys and pants for the girls — but the administration didn’t agree! Moving on to UniHi, he again became Student Body President, probably helped by his success in both track and basketball. (His basketball coaches were Courtney Borio and Tom Anderson, both of whom played for John Wooden at UCLA). One bonus of being President was that he thus became an Honorary Member of Westwood Village Rotary.  And who was Rotary President on his first visit?  Ernie Wolfe, old YOE hisself!

ED was the starting forward at Washington State, and of course played against the John Wooden teams. He graduated in four years with a dual major from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communications, in Cinema and Speech.  He was selected for a teaching fellowship at UCLA, which led to several years as a commercial talent agent, matching voice-overs as needed. The Union had a strike, and a work stoppage.  Our former member, Dr. WARREN JUHNKE, reconnected with ED (it was he who drove ED to WVRC while at UniHi) as Warren was the District Superintendent for the West Los Angeles School District, and they were seeking to start track and field at Venice High School.  Ed was chosen as the coach, and thus began his career with LAUSD.  He retired 32 years later, his last position being head of Educational Technology for the District. 

Plans and Opportunities Ahead:
Ed would like WVRC to carry out one new program EACH month — although a total of maybe ten for the year would also be OK… This means that each committee should sponsor two programs this year.  And there is a bonus for meeting that standard — a green vest with our logo will be awarded!  One trusts that this minor commercialism will not jeopardize our otherwise completely amateur standing!  These projects are with — and for — the Community, and will thus involve some people who are not currently Rotarians.  He plans to expand on this next week at our forthcoming Club Assembly. All this, of course, is encouraged by our selection as a Pilot Club.  There are great things happening here.  We don’t know just what they will be — but we will get there, and we should enjoy the ride.

Prexy ED, a great start - and we looked forward to what’s ahead.

Don Nelson presents the Club's check for $1,500 to Alan Dias, President of Angel's flight West, to support our Earth Angel Project.

The Board of Directors has approved
the following membership application. 

Please respond if you have any objection.
Krista Stilley, 6223 Auckland Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91606
(310) 477-9539
Classification Non profit Administration
Sponsor, Ed Jackson

—YOE, Ernie Wolfe

Westwood Village
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 24114, Los Angeles, CA 90024-0114

Meets: Thursday, 12 Noon, UCLA Faculty Center
480 Charles Young Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Club President - Gordon Fell
(310) 475-7344

President Elect - Ed Jackson
(310) 836-9085

Vice President – Elliott Turner
(310) 295-6252

Secretary – Terry M White
(310) 704-5802

Treasurer - Don Nelson
(310) 472-9488

Past President - Edwin Gauld
(310) 474-5670

Community Service - John Heidt
(310) 593-0093

International Service –Aly Shoji
(310) 267-1826

Vocational Service - Steve Pettise
(310) 824-1401

New Generations Service - Dwight Heikkila
(310) 820-6090

Rotary Foundation Chair - Steve Day

Publicity/Public Relations – Marcia Brous
(323) 272-3163

Membership - PP Mike Newman
(310) 208-7723

Executive Secretary - Ernie Wolfe
(310) 277-3910

WVRC Auxiliary - Eloise Siskel
(310) 472-2509,

Co-Chair - Kathie Gauld
(310) 4740567

Ray Klinginsmith

Doug Baker

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