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  Christopher Bradford
November 18, 2010  

Dec 9
"My Ambassadorial Scholar Year in Argentina"

Dec 16
"Holiday Program/
Spouses Day"

This Week...
Nov 25 2010 - NO MEETING

Dec 2 2010
Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz

Dec 9 2010
Jamie Feld
"My Ambassadorial Scholar Year in Argentina"
Our own Ambassadorial Scholar, Jamie Feld, is back from Argentina and will talk about her experience there and show photos.

Dec 16 2010
Holiday Program / Spouses Day

Dec 23 2010
No meeting

Dec 30 2010
No meeting

ART HENRY provided the Invocation.  “God of our fathers, when we came here from across the seas, there was a terrible winter.  Thank you for the harvest before.  Thank you for the recognition that we are all equal, and for the gift of diversity in our great people.  Bring forth in our memories those who have gone before that we shall preserve the freedom of our nation. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.  Amen.”   ALY SHOJI led the Pledge, and we joined her in reciting the Four Way Test. LENNY came forward to lead us in a rousing rendition of God Bless America – we CAN sing, so there!

There were several guests, not all of whom I got correct names for.  STEVE PETTISE had three teachers from UniHi, Olga, Jeff and Gail.  PP STEVE SCHERER brought Kait Peters, who is with OPCC.  ART HENRY brought Ted Henderson, an old friend.  JUDY WESSLING was with PP BOB.  PEGGY was accompanied by her helper.  JOHN HEIDT brought Antoinette Mongelli, who is Executive Director of the Volunteer Center at UCLA. SUNNY was of course with LENNY. In the midst of all this, MARSHA HUNT was fined 25 bucks for the report in the University High Wildcat, entitled “Producer Marsha Hunt Inspires Students”.  And somebody – was it ANN SAMSON? - was nicked for Five for not having her pin.

Several Announcements
We were saddened by the passing of GEORGE COX last Monday.  GEORGE developed a secondary infection, which he couldn’t overcome.  Memorial arrangements are pending.

Dec 8th – Auxiliary Christmas Party, 11:30 at the home of ELOISE SISKEL. The Oceanaires will perform, and there will be a Money Tree for donations. Please bring sample cosmetics, since they will be turned over to the Salvation Army. Catered lunch, costs $25 and all are welcome.

Dec 9th – the Holiday Shopping Spree that evening, with MIKE YOUSEM putting it all together. MIKE was pleased to announce that the entire cost of the bus ($450) has been raised! Thanks to all who contributed.

Dec 16th – SPOUCES DAY, and not at UCLA but at the Angeleno Hotel, at Sunset and the Freeway. Save the date.

And jumping to 2011,
January 26th, Yearling Breakfast, also at the Angeleno.

AVA PEPLOW has a new address – VIP Guest House, 5457 Woodman Avenue in Sherman Oaks 91401 – and you will make your day and hers by stopping by, please. You can reach her at (818)994-3289, and MARIE ROLF tells me she is able to be up and around, which is a real improvement.

PP MIKE NEWMAN provided a lovely Welcoming for new members ATHENA JACKSON and BRIAN WHITNEY.  MIKE reminded us all that Rotary is a Service organization, the largest in the world, with 1.3 million members, in over 30,000 clubs in 135 countries. Rotary here in LA started the CARE Program.  WVRC helped hard-of-hearing children with the Rotary Club of Guadalajara, and with their blind school. We support local schools – Nora Sterry Elementary, for example.  Some support Rotary by their time, some by their service, and some by money – and of course, some by all three. It is up to present members to see that these new members become involved – and we expect new members to bring in other new members, certainly.

ATHENA JACKSON has two children: She was a member once before, but moved away.  Her hobbies are cooking, sailing and golf.  Her nickname is God, and her classification is Artist.

ED JACKSON and PP MIKE NEWMAN are her sponsors.
BRIAN WHITNEY has three kids – Reid, Reagan and Aidan, and this keeps him busy enough so he doesn’t claim any hobbies.  He has been an Eagle Scout, and his classification is Wealth Management – Private Banking.  PP STEVE SCHERER and PP CHRIS BRADFORD are his sponsors. 

Antoinette Mongelli spoke briefly about the Volunteer Center at UCLA.  Unbelievable as it may sound, there are probably about 200 homeless students at UCLA, and her organization has provided a food closet with its own refrigerator from which those in need can draw food items. This allows the students to be anonymous, which is important to them.  JOHN HEIDT can put you in touch with Antoinette, of course.  And while he was up front, JOHN noted an event next spring – April 16th, a Saturday, when UCLA will help to clean up Westwood.  They expect 300 students, and JOHN needs a number of members to oversee this effort.  Save the date, please.

ART HENRY outlined the purpose of today’s program, which is to showcase different faiths. The first speaker was Dr. Sanford Shapero, a rabbi, who was President of the City of Hope Hospital.  He served in the Navy and brings a variety of experiences over a long life in the ministry.  Question, by ART – What things in your experience have been remarkable, and what observations do you have at this juncture of your life? 

His duties as a Chaplain were not what he hoped – he still loves the Navy, but didn’t feel he accomplished much while there.  He does come from a very long line of rabbi’s – going back to the 12th century!  He has always been an idealist, and when he graduated from Seminary he expected to change the world.  Before that, his father provided a lesson in NOT taking a drink, which he well remembers.  One Navy assignment was to Guam, where he was given all the Muslim navy men – and there were a bunch on loan from Pakistan. He concluded by reminding us that this country is the last bastion of democracy and freedom, and that is a very precious legacy.

Next up was Father John Bradley, a member of the Order of St. Francis.  Their order is in charge of all the Missions in California. ART’S question to him was what was his reaction to Vatican II, which came out in the 60’s? His reply was that no one had contemplated being able to conduct the Mass in English, and it was a big change. It made a world of difference and was a big help in their overall program.  It is also a sign of progress, and he welcomed that.

Rev. Peggy Krong is the Associate Minister at Westwood Presbyterian Church, and has served there for some time.  Educated at San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo, she has long been interested in ecumenical dialogue. ART HENRY’S wife is the Director of the Preschool at Westwood Presbyterian, so they have known each other quite awhile.  Question – what is your reaction to dealing with radical Islam?  How can we better our relationship with them? Rev. Krong grew up in a religious family, but in her teens she asked her Mother a question, and the answer so upset her that she almost withdrew from religion for a period of time.  However, her basic faith returned, and once in Seminary, she took a course in Comparative Religion which was very meaningful. Not too many years ago the several religions got along well, and it is disheartening to see them drift apart now.  As recently as five years ago this trend could be seen. She described a visit to Turkey, where they stayed in a local home, and seeing another religion, in another country, that close up was a great experience.

Rev. John Woodall was the last speaker, and as many of you know, he is the Senior Pastor at Westwood United Methodist church.  John graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary, and thus has many local connections.  ART’S question to him was, What are the changes in your ministry that have taken place over the last ten to fifteen years? JOHN noted that he was a big fan of the separation of church and state.  He thinks it is vital for the church to be free, and the same for the state.  Yet the line between the two has become blurred.  It is important to set our sights on a higher goal, since it defines who we are as people. He noted that other speakers had mentioned their studies at USC, and he made his commitment to ministry in his senior year there.

Whoops – my trusty tape recorder’s tape just ended!  I’m sorry that I have to leave the report there.

—YOE, Ernie Wolfe

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