Program Chair:
  Peggy Bloomfield
February 26 2009   

March 19
Fitness for All Ages

May 12
District Breakfast

Next Week...
March 5
Avi Davis
Terrorism and Appeasement

Upcoming Programs...
March 12
Dan Price
Hollywood Palace

March 19
Nicholas Keeling
The Importance of Fitness for All Ages

May 12
District Breakfast - LAX
All Officers and Committee Chairs should (must!) attend
Westin Hotel
5400 W. Century Blvd.
Los Angeles

This Week...
The Pledge was led by Steve Lore, and John Woodall led our Invocation. Elliott Turner gave us our inspirational moment.

Shery Dewane had a guest with her, Charles Sherman.

PP Chris Bradford brought two guests, Bonnie Bianco and special guest Jeanine Horowitz.

The head table included PP Ron Lyster, Marsha Hunt, Steve Lore, President Shawn, Mark Rogo, and our speaker, Bart Forman of Engineers Without Borders. Ron Lyster mentioned that Uni High has an Interact Club. Mark Rogo informed us that Americans are not spending money as we used to.

Guest speaker Bart Forman told us about Engineers Without Borders, which is responsible for creative and poignant projects, the type that the world expects of Rotary. Bart is working in Guatemala to build above-ground water tanks that will be filled up with rain water. The water should last for 4 months, until the next rainy season comes and fills them up again. In addition to providing water for the community, the project provides jobs for members of that community. Using community members is cheaper than contracting with an outside company to build the tanks. If you are interested in helping with the project, please let Mark Rogo know.

Historical Facts:
February 26, 1962: Due to “lack of support,” the Irish Republican Army formally ended what it called “The Campaign of Resistance to British Occupation,” which was also popularly referred to as the “Border Campaign.” From December 12, 1956 until February 1962, the IRA engaged in guerrilla warfare against targets in Northern Ireland, with the aim of creating a united Ireland. It failed, but it kept the IRA active and engaged. Only 11 people died during this campaign

—Ed Jackson, filling in for YOE, Ernie Wolfe


Sean McMillan

President Elect
Ed Gauld

Vice President
Mark Block

Don Nelson

Shane Waarbroek

Executive Secretary
Ernie Wolfe, Jr.

Past President
Chris Bradford

Community Service Chair
Leah Vriesman
International Service Chair
Mark Rogo
Membership Chair
Steve Scherer
Vocational Service Chair
Curt Smith
Youth Service Chair
J.R. Dzubak



Dong Kurn Lee

   Chuck Anderson
Redondo Beach Rotary

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