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July 3, 2008   

Kurt Streeter

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KICKOFF FOR SEAN, at WVRC on July 3rd.
We got underway with a new head-table setup, and GORDON FELL started us off with the Pledge.  Next up was LENNY, and we sang America (one of our better numbers).

ED WRIGHT provided the Invocation, a stirring Fourth of July tribute:  Spirit of generations, who 232 years ago inaugurated a self-correcting form of government…we have become a rich and powerful nation, bending ever more closely to justice and equality…we are humbled by the lessons we are learning…about our place in the community of nations.  As we celebrate, we pledge ourselves to your desire for liberty and equity among all of us, blessed to call American our home, in faithfulness to all peoples of earth.  God Bless America! And Thank You, ED – well done!

We had several guests. The usual included LENNY with SUNNY, and DAVID with his daughter, Georgina.  PETER MORE brought Shirley, and ANN SAMSON was accompanied by Visiting Rotarian Deidre Martinez from Brentwood, plus Rich and Marcia Brous, from New Jersey.  Rotary Auxiliary President MARIE ROLF was with us, and PP RON LYSTER had a Special Guest, Ralph Corrado, who is a General Contractor.

Several Announcements followed...  
Vice President MARK BLOCK spoke about the coming first District Breakfast, which will be this Tuesday the 8th.  Those planning to go include SEAN MAMILLAN, DON NELSON, SHANE WAARBROEK, PEGGY BLOOMFIELD, CHRIS BRADFORD, MARK ROGO, ED GAULD, ED JACKSON and STEVE SCHERER.

New PP CHRIS BRADFORD has provided us with Bruin Bear Rotary Pins, which were passed out at the meeting.  Henceforth, if you are NOT wearing this or your regular Rotary Pin, it will cost you!  Be Warned!

SHERRY DEWANE gave me her new card – she is now with Wachovia Wealth Management, and this will appear in our new Directory.  The deadline for submitting changes over what has appeared before is July 17th – that’s when the New Directory closes, so get any changes in to PP DON NELSON by then, at the latest, please.

ROTARY AUXILIARY FUN PARTY is Saturday, July 26th.  Hibiscus and plumeria will decorate the gardens of LEO TSENG’S Encino home that evening, starting at 6pm with pupus and mai tais, followed by a sumptuous Hawaiian buffet at 7 pm with live Polynesian dancing and music at 8 pm.  Space is limited, and reservations are available at $50 per person – send checks to Margie Downie, made out to Rotary Auxiliary. We do have standards, you know – so Hawaiian shirts and muumuus are expected! And Margie reminds us all that corrections to the Auxiliary Address Book are due by July 31st, please.

I introduced the Commanding Officer of the Air Force ROTC at UCLA, Lt. Col. Kevin Grill, who in turn presented now-lieutenant Erik Luttkus, to thank us for awarding him a sabre at their recent graduation… I noted that the sword must have been important, since he was a cadet when he got it, and now is a lieutenant!  DICK and JESSIE ROBINSON made the formal presentation last month, in our behalf, and (at my suggestion) DICK reminded them that their present aircraft are lots more comfortable than his B24 ever was.  We have now heard from the Army and Air Force, and the Navy will be with us in August.

In accordance with our new and serious intent, and amid what could perhaps kindly be called an almost polite reception, President SEAN brought forth PP ERIC LOBERG, obstensively to set the tone for whatever was coming up. The Good Doctor then related the following:  A recent study from a major (but unnamed) Midwest University proclaims that test results have established the fact that excessive beer drinking can turn men into women!  These test results were produced by providing each testee (my word…) with a six-pack of beer, which he was required to drink within an hour.  The results were that 100% of the men gained weight, had to urinate frequently, talked incessantly without making any sense, couldn’t drive properly, behaved irrationally, and refused to apologize when they were wrong.  No further testing was required…It was then stated by the Chair that legitimate rebuttals by the ladies would be considered. Table Talk then ensued, and I admit to asking the most pertinent question, “Does that mean that the Table talks?”

But, back to the Program; With respect to our “Do Good” programs, the following guidelines are suggested:  First and foremost, Let’s DO GOOD.  Sean would like to get away from just contributing cash, except when one of our members is actively involved.  An example would be the Westwood Library.  New programs built around Membership and Avenues of Service will be encouraged, and again, interaction with other Rotary Clubs is encouraged. Example – the Earth Angel Program. SEAN prefers “Evergreen” projects – those we feel comfortable with, year after year.  Example, the Christmas Shopping Program. President SEAN then introduced some of the people who will be responsible for setting the direction of the Club in the coming year.

President-Elect ED GAULD was first up.  He began with a question, “Eric, since you have a keg of beer in your TV viewing room, why aren’t you wearing your skirt today?” (Fortunately, these rhetorical questions do not require the courtesy of a reply)  Anyway, among his duties is chairing the PLLUS Foundation.  ED suggests we consider giving 5K dollars to other Clubs so they can start their own PLLUS program.  Other responsibilities include liaison with the Summer Fun Party, overseeing the District Governor’s visit, the District Conference in May, and the Demotion Dinner. After some small prompting, ED admitted that he probably could arrange a 45% discount from the Beach Club, since he is a member there!  PEGGY asked him a final question about serving coffee, but it developed that this wasn’t within his field of expertise.

MARK BLOCK took over, as incoming VP.   He is the overall chair of programs, and he emphasizes that we do have good programs, and we have fun.  The Family Picnic at ELOISE’S is under his perview (that means he checks it out).  The date is September 21st, and we are all encouraged to bring the kids along.  The District Paul Harris Celebration will be on SUNDAY, the 12th of October, and again, especially for kids.  The venue is Medieval Times, and MARK is hoping that SEAN will find a challenger for a Jousting Match with another Club…(YOE cannot resist suggesting ELLIOTT in whatever role may develop).  December will be our special Holiday Program, and this year it will be at the Luxe, over on Sunset.  He looks forward to a fun year with SEAN.

SHANE WAARBROEK is our new Secretary.  He was certain that listening to his responsibilities during lunch was probably the best offer any of us has ever had!  He keeps track of attendance, does the Board Minutes, and oversees the Valentines Sweetheart Brunch.  It’s likely to be at Lawry’s again – and that’s a good venue, as we all know.  Looking ahead, the District Conference in Newport Beach will be 1-3 May 2009.  The Greeting Committee is also his responsibility.  The Yearlings will be assigned, and we always need another member to help out, so please be available if called upon, OK? This really is the best way to get to know who is who, so consider stepping in anytime. While not a part of the Secretary’s domain, he and PP CHRIS will be handling the Ambassadorial Scholar Program once again.

PP DON NELSON returns as Treasurer.  He is in charge of billing, recording fines, etc, plus the dues.  The fine is $50 quarterly, and the dues are $90, plus meals of course. We were reminded that any statement over 90 days old will start earning a 10% surcharge.

By substituting cookies for individual desserts, we were able to keep our luncheon prices at the same $25 figure, which is good news.  The rules on our own WVRC Foundation have been relaxed, and will now pay half of anyone becoming a PH Fellow.  Those eligible include all direct relatives, plus anyone who wishes to become a member of the Paul Harris Society at $1000 annually is also covered. On makeup’s, we were reminded to be sure to put in not only the date but the name of the Club, please. Of course, this litany of charges caused loud cries of anguish, but apparently the upset is not enough for us to have to hire a private security company to ensure DON’S safety! And, since DON and I are in the same general category, I probably should explain that my job is to take care of the loose ends – whatever else needs to be done, that is. 

MARK ROGO stepped forward at this time, thanking DON for leaving him such an unruly audience.  His Committee is International, which (YOE thinks) is the heart of all the good that Rotary does. MARK plans to continue the WAPI Program, and to revitalize the Build a Home Project in Tijuana. To do this well, he wants more Rotaract participation, plus that of a nearby Sister Club.  He likes the Japanese Student Exchange Program, and reminds us all that we have a long record of involvement here.  MARK wants to add two programs, at least:  Referring to our now-defunct Sister Club in Guadalajara, he wants another Sister Club, preferably in an area we do not commonly visit. He wants to build that kind of relationship again.  This is obviously a challenge, since his conditions could rule out many N. American Continental clubs.  Secondly, he really admires some of the R.I. International projects, keeping in mind that we try to emphasize hands-on projects.  He wants us to develop perhaps an annual program, and when we leave that area each year, we leave it a slightly better place (And YOE, again,) MARK, you are challenging us as a Club, and that’s what Rotary is all about!

CURT SMITH was unable to attend as Vocational Chair, and JR DZUBAK will handle Vocational, both reports to be provided at later meetings. PP STEVE SCHERER outlined another set of achievable goals for membership – again, we CAN do this, if we try!

PEGGY BLOOMFIELD continues as Overall Program Chair – she has certainly done well for us this past year. SEAN, you are working with an excellent team.  Thanks for inspiring us all.

—YOE, Ernie Wolfe


Sean McMillan

President Elect
Ed Gauld

Vice President
Mark Block

Don Nelson

Shane Waarbroek

Executive Secretary
Ernie Wolfe, Jr.

Past President
Chris Bradford

Community Service Chair
Leah Vriesman

International Service Chair
Mark Rogo

Membership Chair
Steve Scherer

Vocational Service Chair
Curt Smith

Youth Service Chair
J.R. Dzubak



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