Program Chairs:
  Shane Waarbroek and Elliot Turner
December 8, 2006   

December 12
Rotary Auxiliary Holiday Party

February 10, 2007
Sweetheart Brunch

Program for...
Thursday, December 14
Mina Soroosh
, returning Ambassadorial Scholar

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December 12, 11:30 a.m.
Rotary Auxiliary Holiday Party

The Rotary Auxiliary’s famous Holiday Party, a catered lunch followed by a surprise musical program, will be in the home of Clark & Audrey McQuay, 15010 Altata Dr., Pacific Palisades. Please bring cosmetic samples for the Salvation Army & donations for the money tree. Make reservations by sending your $25 check to Treasurer Marjorie Downie, 633 Burlingame Ave., Los Angeles 90049. Rotarians are always welcome at Auxiliary events.

February 10, 2007 - Sweetheart Brunch
Lawry’s The Prime Rib, Beverly Hills

Joint Meeting with Santa Monica - WVRC on December 8th
The good news is that this will be short, since we were only Visitors. There was a song, America, plus the Pledge. PP BOB WESSLING gave the Invocation. He thanked our Heavenly Father for this day and for this opportunity to visit another Club. We are aware of the many needed tasks which we can both accomplish, and we ask your guidance for our leaders to carry us forward in these tasks. We ask your help in making a positive difference toward the many who need our direct support. BOB, well spoken – Thanks. (Of course, some wag from the audience then had to pipe up with “What about Michigan, BOB?)

The Head Table was introduced, and we had two such honorees – SEAN McMILLAN, and Prexy MIKE, both of whom had participated in an Officers’ Gathering with SM, discussing some of each Clubs projects. The Visiting Rotarians and guests were then introduced. Joe Mulryan, who is related to LENORE, was noted as attending from LA 5. This was followed by their rendition of “Hello (Visitors)”.  Along about this time, all those who had attended UCLA were asked to stand, and several of us from WVRC joined the SM Bruins. It then turned out that they were all fined $40 each – so WVRC quickly sat down! (There was an unconfirmed report that Treasurer GORDON FELL was so upset by this loss of income that he burst into tears, but this was not known officially when we went to press…)

Prexy MIKE came forward, reminding all that WVRC was formed by the Santa Monica Club, and we are forever grateful to them for this support – I think they are soon to celebrate 85 years in Rotary, and we just had our 75th, as you may recall. MIKE reminded us that next week, the 14th of December, we will announce the new slate of Officers and Directors, so plan to be there. We will also be discussing where we may move next year – so that’s another reason to be present.  The 21st is the 2nd of our Spouses Days, our Christmas Program, so save that date, also.

Two Announcements
The CORRECT new address for RAY ZICKFELD is

And an update on PP YOSH SETOGUCHI - He had Pneumonia recently, and spent three days in the hospital. Still not quite OK, but mending, and very glad to be able to get back to work. Give him a call, by all means.

The Speaker
The Speaker, Guy Wheatley, was introduced. He has a BA in Art History from Washington, a Masters in Art History from UCLA, and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA.  In his several years with the Getty, he has served in many research positions, and was appointed to take charge of the transition and reopening of the Malibu Campus. His title is Manager of Villa Getty Administration.

Guy presented some excellent visuals about the Getty at Malibu. First, some history: Its beginning was a few rooms in the Ranch House in the 1950’s, and in 1974 it was opened to the public.  The Villa is similar in design to a first century building in Greece. In 1993 planning began to remake the Museum just to house the antiquities that had been collected, and it was closed in 1997 pending the major construction and renovation that was planned.  The lead architectural firm was Machado and Oliveti of Boston. Their charge was to renovate the existing structure, plus creating new facilities to house the planned expansion.

Their first concern was changing the entrance, so that after leaving the parking garage, you didn’t suddenly find yourself in the Atrium. This was to ‘get you away from Los Angeles’ so to speak, and the pathway was so designed. They have 300 to 350 children visit each day, and they use a different entry path. The Atrium now becomes the new Entrance Hall of the Museum. A major concern was to bring a lot more natural light into the Museum, and thus on the second floor there are many new windows.

They wanted to improve circulation within the Museum, so a Grand Staircase was added. The second floor has several areas that can display new material, or items that have become available through other museums. The staff is actively working with the government of Tunisia, for example, helping them to organize their archaeological material and in that process, train their people. There is a new Children’s Section, where young children can become familiar with ancient art forms and begin to express themselves in drawing them. They now have a 248-seat auditorium, which is certainly useful – and well used. The Ranch House is now devoted to the study of Conservation.

When did the Getty decide to mix something so contemporary with the existing structure and concept?  Mr. Wheatley suggested that he wasn’t there, having just joined the staff in 2000, when these decisions were made, so he really couldn’t answer, but it had apparently been under consideration for some time.

What is the situation as regards Aphrodite? She is at the Villa, and negotiations are ongoing with the Italian government.

Do you still need reservations well in advance?  We found that reservations made too far in advance tended to not be honored by the recipients, so the advance time now is one month. The number to call is (310) 440-7300, or their website,

One member rose to compliment the Getty for their handling of traffic at the new facility. What has been the budget for this entire project? The last figure Mr. Wheatley heard was $289 million dollars. 

Guy Wheatley, thank you for sharing your knowledge about what is going on at the newly renovated Villa.  And thanks to our hosts at Santa Monica Rotary.

—YOE, Ernie Wolfe

Christmas Shopping Spree: PP Peter More was among the thirty WVRC Rotarians who helped chaperone the annual Christmas shopping spree this past Thursday.


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