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FEBRUARY 10, 2005
Program Chairs: Shane Waarbroek, Ralph Woodworth

February 24, 2005
Producer Arnold Shapiro

May 3, 2005
Mayor of Culver City
Steven Rose

February 10th at WVRC
With Councilman Jack Weiss

We got underway a bit late, since our Speaker was late, himself.  But the usual prelims applied, beginning with the Pledge, led by DON PARK.  JACK HARRIS and PP JIM DOWNIE provided the Song leadership – and PP JIM, on his harmonica, certainly added to the festivities. At the end of regulation, so to speak, JIM came with what I think could be called a Doo Dah – and it was well received.  Except, that is, for LEE DUNAYER, who had the poor taste to request “we not do that again”. This comment was not widely held, I’m sure.

Our Invocator was ED GAULD, and as I have commented before, ED usually provides a good and thoughtful bit of insight – something not often is great supply these busy days.

First suggesting that we sit, he then gave us some insight into the upcoming Valentine’s Day.  It is celebrated as a Festival of Romance, Affection, and Love. featuring Juno, the Roman Goddess of Women in Marriage.  Upon this revelation, a voice from the audience, (could it have been DONN CONNOR?) “I knew there was a Plot here.” But ED was undeterred and proceeded with a short prayer emphasizing the diverse opportunities this celebration provides. Well Done, ED.

We had a repeat Visiting Rotarian, Bill McLaruin, who is in Banking in Coronado. He was identified by MAX LICHTENBERGER.  A long-ago WWVillage merchant, Walter Kaufman, was introduced and it was noted that he had been a helpful participant in the Westside YMCA.  PDG ANDY ANDERSON brought along PAT – who also doubles as co-chair of our wonderful WVRC Auxiliary. PP MIKE NEWMAN escorted Melanie, whose father is a Rotarian in France – she is working for the French Consul at Veteran and Wilshire, and is looking for housing nearby – MIKE can give you the details, OK?

Our wonderful Rotaract kids who were present included Pres. TORI  HETTINGER, WILLIAM SIMON, their new Webmaster, MICHELE LEE and CANDICE who comes often – and they are always most welcome.


March 4th/5th – CORAZON PROJECT, building a home in Tijuana. 

KACY ROZELLE is the contact (and you better move soon on this one, OK?)

April 10th – Sunday brunch and show at MAGIC CASTLE, starting at 11:30. Brunch begins at 12:30..  Cost is $40 , PDG ANDY or ED GAULD  will sign you up.

April 28th – May lst, District Conference at the Doral Desert Princess Resort in PS.

Deadline for best price on rooms is March 28th – Apps at our check-in desk at Bel Air

June 18th-22nd, R.I. International Convention in Chicago.  There are rumors – some of which must be true, that either RUDY in his Corvette will be airlifted in by PP PETER MORE, or PETER’S Piper Arrow will be towed in by Rudy.  Stay Tuned!


BOB TROXLER’S Memorial Service will be directly after Rotary next week, the 17th. Westwood United Methodist church is the site, and all are welcome.

LENNY FRIEDMAN had been at home for two weeks, is doing well, and will be back with us shortly. Our singing, while not famous anytime, can only improve!

BRUCE ROLF continues at Berkeley West.  Please stop by to say hello

And I’m embarrassed to report the false alarm on my knee replacement.  Got a cold, so had to postpone, and it may be months away.  Since I’m expecting flowers daily, you can be very sure you’ll have all the details, which I know will make your day.

NEXT WEEK – and I’m off the hook here, for sure.  NELSON and LORE will give their Craft Talks, and if ever there were TWO guys who need monitoring – well, this is almost a command performance.  Bring your buckets, since I’m sure they will rend your hearts. Or, if you have other need for liquid, it’s simple prudence to bring some along

PDG ANDY reported on his, finally, successful matching grant application in India.  We are putting up $5,000, India will do the same, and RI will match the total, with the full amount being used for more corrective surgery for polio sufferers.  Our money comes from our Howard Phillips Foundation, and it will enable more to walk next summer.  Remember, the total cost for this life-changing operation is $147, since most everything is donated.  Can you spend $147.00 any better?  ANDY can take your donation.

SALLY BRANT introduced our Speaker, Councilman Jack Weiss.  Since his bio appeared last week, the only thing that needs to be added is that he represents a huge swatch of the Westside, some 250K residents! Jack began by pointing out that today’s Los Angeles Times had THREE articles about LA on the front page!  The lead article explained the Council vote yesterday regarding a proposal to increase the County Sales Tax by ? cent – this to pay for more police on the streets.  Jack and five other members voted against the tax increase – the reason being that this same proposition will be on the County Ballot this spring, in which everyone can vote  It takes a 2/3rds favorable vote to pass any tax increase- and Jack, plus the other council members, felt that the measure had a better chance with the general public just in LA  than with the county-wide vote that would otherwise be necessary. Let’s hope he is right.

The shooting of the 13-year old came up next.  The driver, and his companion, had apparently stolen the car, and at 3 a.m. were finally stopped.  Then their car began to back up, and the police officer who had gotten out of the police car felt quite threatened.  At that time of night, he couldn’t see inside – and he proceeded to empty his ten-shot pistol into the driver’s side, killing the 13 year old.  There is no possible upside to any of this – it is a tragedy for all concerned,  It brings back terrible memories of previous over-reacting, and none of those who were present will ever be the same again.

The last article on the front page of the Times dealt with one of the several candidates running for mayor. Jack supports one of them – he declined to say who, which I thought was a good decision, but it apparently isn’t James Hahn.  Note that Jack, plus Hahn if re-elected – is bound by terms limits, and eight years in office isn’t really that long.  Before opening up to Q&A, he noted that he seldom gets questions about where the city is going –and we should remember that LA is a city of neighborhoods, with WLA, for instantce, not greatly concerned about what government is doing in other neighborhoods of the city.

SHANE WAARBROEK asked if Jack was involved in Education.  He was able to help Warner Avenue School with one of their recent problems.  And the biggest problem which confronts us is that no one wants to raise taxes, and yet, without funds, new projects simply don’t get done.  Jack Weiss, thanks for being with us – it’s a tough job.

Jack Weiss can be reached at:

 — YOE, Ernie Wolfe

Rodolfo Alvarez

President Elect
Don Nelson

Vice President
Michael Gintz

Christopher Bradford

Executive Secretary
Ernie Wolfe

Executive Treasurer
Don Nelson

Past President
Peter K. More

Community Service
Lillian Kliewer
Edwin Gauld, Vice Chair

International Service
Sean Mc Millan
Kacy Rozelle, Vice Chair

Membership Service
Shane Waarbroek
James Collins, Vice Chair

Youth Service
Cathy Rezos
Michael Gintz, Vice Chair

Vocational Service
Lee Dunayer
Burleigh Arnold, Vice Chair


     Pat Cashin


Glen E. Estess, Sr

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