RETURN HOME? WVRC Discussion, July 22nd


LILLIAN KLIEWER came forward to lead the Pledge, preceded by various opinions as to how to pronounce her surname.  We had another gaggle of song leaders, including LENNY FRIEDMAN, JACK HARRIS and SLOSS VIAU, with PP JIM DOWNIE on the piano.  We then took off on AMERICA, going through several verses, aided as before by song sheets on the table.  While this overview is probably useful, YOE suspects that the only way we will learn any verses beyond the first one is to take them one at a time.  And I realize that this opinion is worth just what you paid for it – that being the price of allowing me to pontificate (but only from time to time, of course!).  PP DAVE WHITEHEAD was invited to fill the unoccupied seat reserved for Rotaract, and Senor RUDY gave the Invocation – one he learned when he was eight, and which still makes a lot of sense. “I live for those who trust me, for those I know are true…for the cause that needs assisting, for the wrong that needs resisting…and the good that I can do”.


New Member SOL DRESNER introduced our Visiting Rotarian, Richard Marracino, from the San Juan, Puerto Rico Club – he is in Private Education, and was accompanied by his wife, Lillian. Mr Marracino rose to explain that he and Lillian spent the first night of their honeymoon at the Bel Air, and their first daughter was born in Los Angeles.

Flags were exchanged, once a camera with film was produced, operated by BILL MICHAEL. Senor RUDY then made a perhaps unnecessary comment regarding the photo instructions from Mrs. Marracino. CHRIS BRADFORD spoke about the much –announced first District Breakfast – it will be at the LAX Marriott, 0715, on August 11th – and since Board Members are also urged to attend, we can get a discount if we have ten members attending.  The Speaker will be Alvin Rudisil, Emeritus Professor of Religion from USC – so please reserve your place with CHRIS, OK?  SHANE WAARBROEK reminded us of the District Membership Seminar, which is set for Saturday, August 7th at the Carson Community Center.

Rudy’s World was introduced, and the first targeted pigeon was MARK BLOCK. Turns out that MARK had not only checked the web, but he was able to identify the sign from the Culver City Rotary Club. At this point, we learn that Senor RUDY misidentified the site of the sign – but it’s hard to get the President to fine himself, sad to say. CLAWSON BLEAK was next fingered, but when he stated that not only did he not have a computer but didn’t want one, we moved on.  ART HENRY pleaded no lo contendre (sp?) and was to be listed as a Voluntary Contributor – the first of several, apparently. SEAN McMILLAN rose to point out that you cannot impose laws after the event, which lawyerly advice was applauded by all. Senor RUDY then asked LILLIAN KLIEWER, KATHY REZOS, HENRIETTA LIAN, LENORE MULRYAN and GEORGE COX to stand – apparently the glue that bound them together was that none of them had yet been fined this Rotary year.  KATHY asked if they could contribute their Virginity…LENNY FRIEDMAN was next added to the list of those making a voluntary contribution (read, fine).  The overriding question here is, who decides how much to pony up?  Methinks this subject has had enough space, at least for now.


RALPH BEASOM reported on BRUCE ROLF, who was having a serious problem of not being able to get sufficient food down.  Last Friday he had surgery at Cedars, and he is finally beginning to feel better.  Cards should go to their new address, 1255 S.Beverly Glen, LA 90024-5208, but hold the phone calls, please.  PP JIM DOWNIE was in touch with PP HOWIE HENKES, who was suffering from the same mysterious malady that RALPH BEASOM just got over.  HOWIE was in the hospital for a week, had several transfusions, and on Monday will be hooked up to a mobile testing machine – all intended to locate the source of occasional internal bleeding.  He CAN to phoned, so please check with him directly, if you will.


Two general announcements/reminders, please:

The Summer Fun Party, set for August 21st at the Hancock Park home of Anica & Yoshi Nishio, Senor RUDY’S daughter and son-in-law, has signed up THREE Decorators – DORIS SUMNER, SHARON BRADFORD, and BETTYE WOODWORTH – so save the date – it will be, as they say, One For The Book.  This second note is a plea for assistance – DANNY SKINNER has closed his flower shop and thus we need a new source for our monthly birthday carnations, etc.  Please tell me who you have used – but I need to know by NEXT meeting, OK?


Senor RUDY then shifted to the Club Assembly topic of the day  - Where will WVRC continue to meet?  We were asked to talk it over by tables, appoint a reporter who will convey our feelings, and the discussion was open!  We had eight tables, and the first reporter was STEVE LORE.  His comments were that the Bel Air might be world class, but the food is not as good as it should be.  Lighter meals should be provided, and whatever happened to the idea that they were going to provide an advance menu for us to OK? There was concern that this hotel will just keep raising prices.  SEAN McMILLAN reported that his table favored the Bel Air, mostly because of the venue.  He liked the access into and out of the Luxe, but several dissenting voices questioned this. 


My latest mea culpa is that I failed to take notes as PP ROY LYSTER, BILL MICHAEL, and PP STEVE SCHERER spoke for their tables.  I do apologize, and next time I’ll pay more attention to the running time of my tape recorder.  However, the good news is that the remaining speakers seemed to echo each other at times, and herewith my notes – PP JIM COLLINS, in answer to a suggestion from the audience, reminded us that KFC could provide lunch for $2.95!  Moving right along, he noted that the parking at the Luxe was not good, and this whole process has given us the opportunity to really tell the Bel Air what we want to eat. STEW GILMAN, we liked the Bel Air, but should change the menu, maybe try family style meals.  We need lighter fare and buffets sometimes.  (Note that a buffet is more expensive than a set meal, so we should recognize that this is only an occasional option, OK?).  Someone suggested we should have two choices – a salad, plus a regular meal, thus helping those who want a lighter menu.


DAN PRICE felt constrained by being warned not to tell any Mae West jokes, but he did report factually that his table was unanimous for the Bel Air.  This allowed him to point out that they allow dogs here, and when he has stayed, his dogs take care of business outdoors in the gardens.  This led to another story, in which the Bel Air chef at first refused to give up his closely held cooking techniques. He finally confessed that his secret was that he grew his own herbs in the herb garden on the property. In-as-much as DAN’S dog, Rocky, used the herb garden for his business, DAN wondered how much that affected the herb flavors! CHRIS BRADFORD noted that the Bel Air was a special place, and that if we change the menu, we can change it back – whereas, if we change locations, it’s a hell of a lot tougher to change that back. 


DON NELSON had two suggestions – first, we should get some richer members, and second, that we get MADAME WU to reopen her restaurant! On a more serious note, he reported we had an offer from the Olympic Collection, but it wasn’t better than the two we are considering. He then briefly gave instructions about how to vote – note that you are to SIGN THE ENVELOPE on the outside, and do not sign the ballot itself, please.  He and I will publicly count the ballots before the meeting on August 5th.