OCTOBER 21, 2004

Program Chairs: Shane Waarbroek, Ralph Woodworth


October 28th, 2004
Dr. Juan Alejos
Pediatric Cardiology, UCLA
"Keeping Hearts & Hope Alive
in the Third World"

November 4th, 2004
Elmer Dills
KABC Restaurant Critic
"Visiting Restaurants in LA
Note: At the Bel Air Country Club

November 6th, 2004

District Centennial
Paul Harris Celebration

Long Beach Convention Center

November 9th,2004, 11:30 am

WVRC Auxilliary Meeting
at Audrey & Clark McQuay's home
UCLA award-winning
gymnastic coach, Valorie Fields
"Women's Sports and the Skill of Creating a Winning Team"


Today's Quotable

If you treat men the way they are,
you never improve them.
If you treat them the way
you want them to be, you do.



October 14th at WVRC — District Governor Pat Cashen

PP DAVE WHITEHEAD stepped forward to lead us in the Pledge.

Next up, Senor RUDY gave the Invocation that he learned when he was eight years old and making the transition from Spanish to English.  It begins, “I live for those who trust me…for the future in the distance…for the good that I can do.” Always appropriate, RUDY – thank you. 

PP JIM DOWNIE played, and LENNY FRIEDMAN directed us in “You’re a Grand Old Flag” which we do well, also. 

Roland Venturini, Resident Manager of the Bel Air, then spoke briefly about the unfortunate food incident which we had on September 23rd.  He reiterated that the Hotel Bel Air is certainly concerned about any impurities in their food, and apologized to those of us who were ill.  Speaking personally, since I was one of the victims, I do feel that they have recognized that we were indeed severely affected by the cobb salad, and that’s about as far as this matter will go. 

After a few minutes of table talk, Senor RUDY called on STEW GILMAN to identify the person sitting next to him.  Turned out to be PP TOM LENEHEN, who was warmly greeted with many comments and applause.  He was sporting a new, neatly trimmed beard, which gave him a professorial look.  Anyway, TOM, we have missed you – please don’t be a stranger anymore.

PDG ANDY ANDERSON introduced Pat, and LENORE MULRYAN brought along Rebecca Garcia-Prieto, the District Secretary who has her office near LAX.

With the District Governor on hand, it was time for some award presentations.  GEORGE DEA, LENORE MULRYAN and RALPH BEASOM were invited up to the Stage.  Once there, DG PAT CASHEN gave an award for Service Above Self to GEORGE DEA – and he certainly exemplifies that excellent concept.  RALPH BEASOM was honored as our Club Historian, and LENORE MULRYAN was recognized for her long and continuing involvement in the Ambassadorial Scholarship Program.  The next trio to be called forward was PP HOWIE HENKES, PP JIM COLLINS, and PP JIM DOWNIE

HOWIE was presented with a Certificate noting his 52 years of WVRC membership, followed by JIM COLLINS for his 51 years, and JIM DOWNIE for 50 years – and for Mr. DOWNIE, that’s fifty years of PERFECT ATTENDANCE! You probably didn’t know that any of them were that old, right?  Seriously, those 50 plus years are a major milestone, which most of us can only admire, but probably not duplicate.  However, having started this countdown, PP JOHN SINGLETON has 30 years, while FLOYD DEWHIRST was then recognized for 24 years, the same as DICK ROBINSON.  TERRY M. WHITE was credited with 23 years, as was YOE, followed by SANDY SANDERSON and JACK HARRIS, both of whom had 21 years.  Last one so honored was Senor RUDY, with 20 years.  I guess it’s fair to say that if you multiply those years by about 48 meetings per year, it comes out to a big number, right?

RUDY’S WORLD was next explored, starting with ANN SAMSON.  She suggested it might be the beach, but this didn’t appear to be correct.  DENNIS CORNWELL allowed as how he was going to say the same thing ANN had said, but that didn’t help. PP ERIC LOBERG correctly identified the scene as what appears on DG CASHEN’S special pin, showing the World surrounded by Children, and the slogan, “Helping Children of the World”.  Birthdays were next, starting with PP BOB WESSLING, who chose Chicago on the 8th.  RO SHAW came in from Fujien, China on the 10th, followed by MIKE GINTZ on the 11th, in Northridge.  STEW GILMAN upheld our LA Tradition, arriving on the 18th.  Senor RUDY picked San Antonio (that’s in Texas) on the 23rd, while MADAME WU lists China (somewhere) with the 24th as her date.  PP STEVE DAY came along in Sacramento on the 25th, followed by SHANE WAARBROEK IN West Covina on the 27th.  BOB THOM arrived in Detroit on the 30th, and two of us, PP PETER MORE and BOB TROXLER, both agreed on the 3lst – PETER in Shanghai and BOB in Evansville, Indiana.

Assistant Governor Scot Clifford came to the podium briefly, to compliment us on our many ongoing Rotary projects.  He will be our District Governor in 2006-07 and he conducted the ‘update’ by our officers and directors earlier today.  In a nice touch, Betty Cashen, Pat’s wife, came forward to greet us and say they are enjoying this busy Rotary year.  Senor RUDY then introduced District Governor Pat Cashen.  Pat was born in Dublin, Ireland, and came to the U.S. in 1948.  After wording for Northwest Airlines for a number of years, he moved to Culver City where he joined his brother in the retail pharmacy business in 1981.  Pat belongs to the Culver City Club, and has served on a number of District Committees – he is certainly a dedicated Rotarian.

Pat began by calling our attention to a minor malfunction in our Rotary Clock, which shows Senor RUDY how time is being used during meetings.  Seems our chronometer was about an hour and five minutes fast – so our meeting really should already be over!

Anyway, LENNY FRIEDMAN quickly came to his feet to suggest that Senor RUDY stop by his store for a new battery.  Pat noted that he was serving during our Centennial Year, and that we should all look forward to the coming, second century of Rotary.  During these first one hundred years, we have grown to 1,211,000 members in 31,600 Clubs from 166 countries around the world.

Our goal is Service Above Self.  We are working together to advance world peace, and let’s remember that the future of Rotary is in OUR hands.  These are perilous times, and we need to be aware that peace and safety come only at a price – that being, our best efforts and attention.  Pat reminded us that RI President Glenn Estess Sr, emphasis is, first, move forward on Polio Plus, second, significantly increase membership, and third, continue to develop the Family of Rotary.  We need to meet the goal of each member giving at least $100.00 to Rotary International – and this can be accomplished in one move, by buying the package of Raffle Tickets for the Paul Harris Dinner.  There are a number of fine prizes offered at this event. 

The Paul Harris Celebration will be at the Long Beach Convention Center, Saturday, November 6th, and it will be a gala event. The price is $75.00 per person. (Speaking editorially, for a moment) Note that WVRC has reserved four tables of ten each, and we are pushing to fill that quota.  Please do plan to attend – it will be fun, and you will see a lot of Rotary friends there. The money raised is what supports our Ambassadorial Scholar Program, Polio Plus, the Group Study Exchange – indeed, this is the major fund-raising event for R.I., and it certainly deserves our support.

Pat listed some examples of projects we are supporting.  For $1,000, a single well can be dug which will supply a small village with clean water.  The women of the village usually fetch the water – and when the well is too far away (remember, they are walking back and forth) it can take a whole day for the trip, thus preventing them from attending school.  In India, they immunize 130 MILLION children in a single day – and we are close to finally eradicating polio, but we cannot falter now.  In 1988 polio cases totaled 350,000 victims – and this year, that number is down to 682, total.  The free surgery to correct polio which we have provided has enabled many children to walk.  Another statistic – there are one billion people who are liberate worldwide, and as noted, helping those people is a major emphasis of President Estess term.  So, let’s share our dreams, and build on the foundation of our first one hundred years.

Q&A – DON NELSON, It has been advertised that you will perform a dance at the Paul Harris Dinner – is that confirmed?  Well, you’ll have to come and see! 

PDG ANDY ANDERSON, When will the R.I. Convention come to Los Angeles? 2008. 

PP RON LYSTER, Would you be interested in joining the Motorcycling Rotarians?  It’s an offer.

PP MIKE NEWMAN, How are we cooperating with Culver City in our project in India? They have created four scholarships in honor of Nandlal Parehk, their member who died last year, and note that Dr. Borrati is still very active in India itself.

District Governor Pat Cashen, thank you for all your continuing support and help with District 5280.

I cannot sign off without reminding everyone that former member PAUL WINEMAN will be our speaker on the 21st.  For those who have heard him before, you know how interesting he is — and I urge you to BRING A PROSPECTIVE MEMBER on the 21st — that will really help to sell them on joining WVRC.

— YOE, Ernie Wolfe    

Rodolfo Alvarez

President Elect
Don Nelson

Vice President
Michael Gintz

Christopher Bradford

Executive Secretary
Ernie Wolfe

Executive Treasurer
Don Nelson

Past President
Peter K. More

Community Service
Lillian Kliewer
Edwin Gauld, Vice Chair

International Service
Sean Mc Millan
Kacy Rozelle, Vice Chair

Youth Service
Cathy Rezos
Michael Gintz, Vice Chair

Vocational Service
Lee Dunayer
Burleigh Arnold, Vice Chair


     Pat Cashin


Glen E. Estess, Sr

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