PP IGOR – whoops, STEVE, DAY was standing in for Pres. PETER, who was downtown helping to make our Justice System work. The Pledge was led by BURLEIGH ARNOLD, who reminded us to remember the many who have given their lives, so that we can make this Pledge freely today. PP JIM DOWNIE and JACK HARRIS were the designated song leaders, but PP JIM had to remind JACK that we were ready to start…

The song was You’re a Grand Old Flag, and we done pretty good. MYRON TAYLOR gave the Invocation, reminding us of the many blessings we enjoy at this season of Thanksgiving. We should recall that the morning light that floods in on us and brings such joy is not always received the same way, by those in whom the light of life begins to flicker, or the blind who are shut off from the light of day. Remember the overworked, who have no joy of leisure, the unemployed, who have no joy of labor, all those who are hungry and cold. Help us to see our blessings, and to be truly grateful.

PP RON LYSTER introduced the Visiting Rotarians, First up was Toby Michael, from someplace in Minnesota, and then a couple from Homer, Alaska, Maynard and Mary Ann Gross. The Grosses were the guests of HENRIETTA LIAN, who noted that 70% of their high school graduates go on to college. In addition, the Homer area is the halibut and salmon Capital of the World. They belong to the Homer-Kachemak Bay Club, #22098. Their club will be sponsoring the 10th Annual Rotary in Russia Conference, which will be in St. Petersburg on the 3rd and 4th of April 2004. Their Rotary District has 35 clubs from Alaska and 35 clubs from Russia – how’d you like to try being District Governor there?

GEORGE COX had done some research in regards to the racial heritage of Alexander Hamilton’s mother, this being a minor point of contention at the recent meeting. As I get it, when she and her husband separated, she took the two Hamilton children and opened a small dry goods store to earn a living. At this point, she taught the boys French and Hebrew, and from this, apparently came the rumor that she was Jewish. It seems to YOE that such historical research has a place in our chronicle, and we thank GEORGE for giving us the full story.

PP STEVE now initiated a rollover quiz among four selected pigeons – no, that’s not quite accurate – the four were well-known graduates of the two local Universities, and they were put to the true test of what has transpired on the gridiron when the two teams met. CLARK McQUAY, How many games have they played – 63, well, that’s close but the total stands at 72. Who has the upside right now? Well, SC has won 38 times, and UCLA won 27 – with SEVEN ties! I was next queried as to what was unusual about the years 1942, 43 and 44. I correctly answered that we had played each other twice those three WWII years. The record, unfortunately, was SC 5, and one tie. An anonymous fan was heard to mutter at this point that SC kept winning because they wouldn’t go to war – but that is not a provable fact… However, a note which I should have mentioned during this interview: The tie came about in 1944 when the gun ending the game has been fired – but SC was punting, and Johnny Roesch ran through the entire SC team and SCORED!. This made the score SC 13, UCLA 12. UCLA had a player named Bob Waterfield, who kicked for the extra point – the ball hit the crossbar, teetered, and fell in for the point! Voila, a tie, 13-13. (And I’m an authority on this particular game, cause I WAS THERE!)

1982 was a major change – UCLA moved to the Rose Bowl. And I was asked the last question – what is the longest streak in the rivalry? That’s easy we won eight in a row! At this point, PP JIM COLLINS very innocently asked, “STEVE, are you saying that UCLA has won 8 out of the last 12 games played?” and PP STEVE had to admit, that was the math. As he began to talk about the fact that our rivalry is the ONLY true inter-city rivalry in the country, Coach-in-waiting PP BOB WESSLING rose to demand equal time, pointing out that the only real Rivalry was DePauw/Wabash – and who can really argue with that statement, knowing that these two teams have played their 111th game this season? Predictions – PP STEVE, SC, 35-13. YOE, UCLA 21 – SC 20! (This elicited several cash bet offers). CLARK, 25-16 SC, NELSON, UCLA 3-0. and finally LYSTER, 35-10 SC. I had to make a final comment here – DON NELSON played halfback for UCLA in 1944, and against San Diego State, he ran for 100 yards. This puts him into the UCLA Record Book – and this information was not only well deserved, but well received!

Acting President STEVE then outlined his year, that being 1997-98. His Board included PP HOMER NEWMAN, PP BOB WESSLING, DON NELSON, and PP DOUG DESCH. His two Sergeants at Arms were PP JIM DOWNIE and PP TOM LENEHEN.

RALPH WOODWORTH was immediate Past President, and the Auxiliary President was MARIE ROLF. The International Convention that year was in Glasgow, Scotland and the District Conference was in Long Beach. We had the best Rotary softball team…and a great Holiday Party at the home of SALLY BRANT. Lucy appeared on Hump Day to roast IGOR – er, STEVE, and a number of us went down to Guadalajara to join their 75th Anniversary Celebration. We visited the just-opened Getty Museum, and had a joint meeting with Wilshire Rotary, at which Police Chief Bernard Parks spoke. Demotion was at the yacht Club in Marina del Rey – and STEVE still has the original script and words to DAYO, DAYO, as composed by PP ROY BELOSIC. We started our Parkinson’s PLLUS program that year. GEORGE DEA almost single-handedly restarted the Rotaract Club at UCLA. And two members died – PDG SAM WANOUS, and HOWARD PHILLIPS, who has provided the ongoing funds for our Polio Eradication program. He had a special word of appreciation for PP JIM DOWNIE - there just isn’t anyone else in WVRC who does the many things that JIM is always providing. Obviously, PP STEVE enjoyed his year – and so did we!

TONY DERYAN introduced our Speaker, Patricia D Allen, PhD. Dr Allen has appeared on a number of national TV shows, including Oprah Winfrey, Maury Polish, and Geraldo, and is the author of several books. She is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor and received her PhD in Psychology from Golden State University. The reverse side of her business card says, “Don’t Should On Me”!

This word SHOULD is apparently a bad word, as I will try to explain as we go along.

Dr. Allen began by describing the breakup of her first marriage. After three sons, her then-husband broke away – his reason being, “You’re getting uppitity”. Translation – she was resuming her interrupted education, and he didn’t like it. She added that he then married the woman he deserved…She began by teaching piano, continuing her own studies, and since 1981 has been a praticising Pyschologist.

The Chinese have a Ying and Yang philosophy, in which men are OK and women are always second. In her own situation, at age 35, she had a blood pressure reading of 250 – this after being taught to do good, but not feel good necessarily. Between age 45 and 65, she recommends that men get in touch with their female side, and learn to laugh. Young women, on the other hand, feel good, and are now taught to DO good. She will never retire – a sure sentence of death, if you have no other major interests. For women, they should first learn to be themselves, and in later life – described as 40 or above – become part of a productive group. How’s the money, she asks? The handling of money is important, and many women have no real experience with it until their husband dies.

Q&A – DENNIS CORNWELL – You speak of life after 60 – are you blind? He was referring to the age of her audience, apparently…MAX LICHTENBERGER, Is it true that all a husband really needs is a wife with a good job? PP CHRIS GAYNOR, It’s good for men to switch careers. As a CPA, he finds that spouses have escaped him.

A mature woman should be productive – and drinking in the afternoon is not a good way to go. Dr. Allen’s blood pressure is now 114 over 70 – a lot different than when she was 35 and had a 250 pressure. She attributes this improvement to finding productive work.

As I reread this, I can’t find in my notes why SHOULD is such a bad word, but it must be so – her card says so.

From Pres. PETER’S notes, this quote by Vince Lombardi – “The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”

YOE, Ernie Wolfe