Ho Hum - after this week, back to meal service at WVRC - 23 October 2003

Yes, the kitchen at the Bel Air will be fully operational starting next week, so the waiters will bring us the food, once again.  As you probably know, the reason we had these two weeks of buffet was that the kitchen still isn't operating, so these were catered meals.
Buffet is OK, but you can serve me anytime, if you're asking.

SANDY SANDERSON led us in the Pledge.  LENNY FRIEDMAN and PP JIM DOWNIE did the honors with America the Beautiful, and they're a pretty good team - JIM sets the pace, and LENNY emphasizes the high points. GEORGE COX barely arrived in time to give the Invocation, but even had he been late, it was worth waiting for.

His Invocation was mainly taken from a prayer inscribed in Chester Cathedral, written by Thomas H.B.Webb. There were a series of requests, "Give Me…" referring to health of body and mind, "not given to whimper, whine or sighing".  A sense of humor was requested, plus the ability to pass it on.  The conclusion, "Thanks to the Creator for my own sharing with one another, made possible for us by the giver of that first Gift."  George, you did some homework, and it shows - good job.

PP MIKE NEWMAN almost missed our one Visiting Rotarian, who was also our Speaker.  However, SALLY BRANT rose to the occasion, pointing out that Michael Riffey, belongs to the Pasadena Rotary Club, where his category is Banking.  I had my Special Guest, Shane Waarbroek, who is with Merrill Lynch.  Shane is a recent UCLA graduate - and if he comes aboard, it would lower our average age by considerable…  Stay tuned. LILLIAN KLIEWER brought her daughter, Christy.

Pres. PETER had some more history for us, pointing out that on this same day in 1890, the opera "Prince Igor" premiered in St. Petersburg. And Since PP STEVE DAY, often known as Igor, was seated at my table; I noted that he shook his head in agreement (to whatever).  On a more serious note, on this same October 23rd, but in 1944, the Russians invaded Hungary.  This led to an intriguing forecast of what may lay ahead in, say, the year 2035. Paper has been outlawed as newsprint, with news delivered electronically. Some sample recaps - "Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the 7th largest country in the world, California."  "Baby conceived naturally…Scientist stumped."  Postal Service raises price of first class stamp to $17 and reduces mail delivery to Wednesday only".  "A just completed 35 year study concludes that Diet and exercise is the key to weight loss".  "IRS lowers tax rate to 75%", and finally, "Castro finally dies at age 112:  Cuban cigars can now be imported legally, but President Chelsea Clinton has banned all smoking".

Our Rotary Auxiliary has a special treat for their November 12th meeting.  Our own LENORE MULRYAN will conduct a private tour of the "Ceramic Trees of Life" at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. This will be followed by a catered lunch - cost is $10, and send your checks to Margie Downie, please.  Pres. PETER then showcased a first draft of the screenplay for The Godfather, which he has donated for the silent auction at the Paul Harris Celebration on November lst.  This is just one of the many items available at the silent auction - and there are still five spaces left at our reserved tables.  PP STEVE DAY delivered the actual Tickets to the event to those who attended today, and for the rest, your tickets will be mailed right away.  If you haven't received your tickets by the time you get this Windmill, call STEVE right away, OK? And while we are talking dates, this weekend we return to Standard Time!

PP MIKE NEWMAN came forward to provide his usual excellent Induction Service.  He first quoted former member Jim Edwards, who defined Rotary as a service organization of dedicated, conscientious men and women, united worldwide in an effort to help their fellow man.  MIKE then called up our newest Rotarians, and their sponsors, with these comments:

GORDON FELL, sponsored by KEVIN KOMATSU.  They have a daughter, Krisena, who is a senior at Washington University in St.Louis. He was born in LA (as so many of us were) attended UniHi, with a Bachelors at Cal and an MBA from UCLA, and his hobbies are golf and skiing.

BOB FLICK, sponsored by PP TEN IHNEN.  He and Ted met at Stanford Law, and BOB is an attorney specializing in Real Estate.  His wife is Sandra, and daughter Kyle is a senior at Pali High.  He claims his hobbies are 'bad golf', plus skiing, and right now the family is immersed in college applications.

CHRIS BRADFORD, sponsored by PP STEVE SCHERER.  He and STEVE are law partners.  Chris is a UCLA Law graduate, and has just concluded a term as President of the Beverly Hills Bar Association.  His wife is Sharon, and they have a large German Shepherd (who should meet our Bentley the Doberman, obviously).  CHRIS is intimately involved with UCLA Alumni activities.
TONY DERYAN, sponsored by RALPH SMITH. Tony is a Financial Planer, went to UCLA - and was even born here.  His hobbies are tennis and cycling, and since he is single, he has no kids!  TONY has an established record as a Community Volunteer, and his only problem at WVRC is selecting which of our projects he should take on.

ED GAULD, sponsored by STEW GILMAN.  Sometimes known as SUPER ED, so christened by STEW after ED spotted a bicycle thief in his garage, rushed down and held the guy until the police arrived. Ed is a retired Actuary, and lives just down the street on Malcolm from where YOE recently aboded. His wife is Cathy, and their grown kids live in Seattle.  ED'S main hobby is tennis, with singing a close second.  He is in the choir at All Saints, and they have recently relocated here from Long Island.  We missed BRIAN BUMPAS and STEVE LORE - they're up next.

SALLY BRANT introduced our Speaker, Michael Riffey.  He is the current Tournament of Roses President, in charge of both the parade and the football game.  Mike started as a volunteer with the Association in 1968, and was elected to the Executive Committee in 1996.  He is currently Senior Vice President of Citizens Business Bank in Pasadena.  He and his wife have lived in Temple City for more than 28 years, and their kids are grown.  He has a number of other community activities, but note he IS a Rotarian!

Mike and his wife have traveled over 75K miles on behalf of the Tournament of Roses this year, including visits to 23 states and several foreign visits.  This will be the 115th Parade, and the 90th football game. This year's theme is "Music, Music, Music" as selected by Mike, and he also has chosen the Grand Marshall, the wonderful composer and conductor, John Williams. In a lighter moment, Williams claims one of the reasons he took the job was so he could get good seats for the Parade…The first game was in 1902, Stanford vs. Michigan.  It was so one-sided that Stanford walked off the field after the 3rd quarter - and it wasn't until 1917 that football at the Rose Bowl was resumed. The contract between the Big Ten and the Pac Ten was signed in 1947, and no other bowl comes close to such a long-term arrangement.

Mike oversees some 935 volunteers, and some thirty four countries will be represented this year.  The Parade is the 3rd most watched event worldwide, trailing only the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards. One million attend the Parade, and over 200 million watch it on TV, from sixty countries. The lead float this year will be by Honda, depicting a Calliope with everything in motion. The float is powered by a 454 Chevy engine.  Everything moves - there are 20 electric motors, 26 smoke machines, and it will consume 25K watts of power when underway.  Kodak will have a most interesting float, which will be one fourth the size of a Mississippi Paddlewheel boat. Only children will be aboard, dressed as adults, to conform to the size reduction.  Disney is planning a one hundred foot float, depicting an elevator in free fall.

Q&A - RAY ZICKFELD, How is the Marshall selected.  That's one of the President's perks. PP HOWIE HENKES, What are the source of the flowers.  They come from all over the world, but South America is the main source.  The 51 floats this year will install 200K fresh blossoms between the 26th and 31st of December, with the flowers set to open on Parade Day.  SEAN McMILLAN, Why are you involved with the BCS.  The Sugar, Orange and Fiesta Bowls need us, but we would rather opt out.  We have had four #one teams, nine #2s and last year it was Oklahoma and Washington State.  They will renegotiate the agreement next year.  TONY DERYAN, How do you select participants.

There will be fifty one floats this year, and twenty three bands, plus equestrian units  Costs range from 50K to 450K, with the average being about $250K. BOB FLICK, Will the Air Force participate.  Yes, there will be a flyover of F22s, and probably some B2s.
PDG ANDY ANDERSON, What is your visitor expectation.  60K to 80K before the Parade, and 250K afterward.  JACK HARRIS, What does a 30 second commercial cost.

Not sure, but probably about $200K.  PP STEVE DAY Do you expect an elimination tournament.  No, the Presidents are against it. DONN CONNER, What revenue is generated.  There is a $42 million budget, and each Conference receives 13.9 million, which is divided up among the members of the Conference.  The other twenty seven Bowls generate $180 million total.  DAN PRICE noted that he had marched twice in the Parade, beating his bass drum.  The cars this year will be a 1936 Buick for the Marshall (one of only four such in the world), and lesser lights will be in a '35 Packard and a '27 Packard.  Lots of good information, and we thank you, Mike Riffey.

YOE, Ernie Wolfe