What I'm trying to get across is that this was our third meeting at Riviera CC, and I've always wanted to use the word Trifecta, even though I'm not sure just what it really means. Anyway, we began with the Pledge, led by FLOYD DEWHIRST. Next up was the song, led by the two D's , DOWNIE and DAY.  As he strode forward, PP DAY declared that he should be listed first, as in DAY and DOWNIE, but this sequence challenge was not settled, to the best of my knowledge. We joined them with "You're a Grand Old Flag".  In the interest of our constant effort to provide 'just the facts, mam', it must be reported that PP JIM gets more out of that out-of-tune Riviera piano than seems possible , and we appreciate it!  HARLAN LEWIS was t! hen surprised to be called on for the Invocation, but YOE was way ahead of the game, having already been given the text of the Invocation which was finally delivered by HENRIETTA LIAN. This was from Swami Chataxanda (a Buddhist?), "Produce quality in the moment and leave the future to God".  Probably pretty good advice, whatever your religious persuasion.

TONY DERYAN reported that we had two Visiting Rotarians. First was Dick Winchester, from Pacific Palisades , and when I asked him if that was like the gun, he replied, it was like the Cathedral. Just shows you what a mind set can provide Also with us was former member, and one of our more productive providers of large fines, BILL BLOOMFIELD Jr. He and Pres. PETER engaged in a bit of repartee, the sense of which was that both JOHN SINGLETON'S and BILL'S checks had indeed cleared.  JIM BECHTEL was thanked for his most generous contribution of $5,000 last week, which has been designated for our Global Neuro Rescue project.

It was on October 9th, 1876, that the first 2-way telephone conversation took place over outdoor lines, and sixty years later, on the same October 9th, Hoover Dam began generating electricity for the city of LA.  Next was the latest Idiot of the Year award, with a caution to President Elect RUDY to 'listen up'.  Seems this driver was timed by radar at some excessive speed (which is why RUDY was fingered, no doubt) and received a ticket for $140, along with a photo of his car.  He sent back a photo of $140, which in turn got him a photo of a pair of handcuffs.  He paid the fine , and the moral of this tale! is, "Pay your fines at WVRC!" This elicited some boos and sotto voce grumbling.

Next, Pres. PETER asked those who did not have a Rotary pin on to raise their hands.

This improperly dressed group included GREGG ELLIOTT, TONY DERYAN, BRIAN BUMPAS, SEAN McMILLAN, CLARK McQUAY and DENNIS CORNWELL.  They were summarily fined five bucks each , and let the record show that SEAN immediately came forward and gave me his five (but the rest have to be billed, right?)  Note that we return to the Bel Air Hotel next week , we will have a buffet, available starting at noon, and the program will begin at 12:30 , so don't be late!

PP STEVE DAY, apparently over his snit about being listed second for the song, came forward to remind us about the Paul Harris Celebration, which will be November lst, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in the City of Industry.  STEVE noted that our speaker of last week, Ryan Ingrassia, was an example of what the money we donate to the Rotary Foundation provides.  Ryan is an outstanding young man, and he now becomes our candidate for a World Peace Scholarship , we really can't spend money for a better purpose than encouraging these young scholars to reach out and learn in a foreign land.

On the Dinner, there is a raffle, for which we all received tickets, and STEVE urged those of us who had not yet sent in our ticket stubs to do so right away.  The names of those who have signed up were read, and we all stood up , but there is yet room for about a dozen more (that's six couples, note) to fill our allotted tables.  We generally donate about eight to ten thousand dollars on these raffle tickets, and so far this year our total is between five and six thousand , so we still need your help.  Do call STEVE, and save him having to call YOU, OK?  Finally, we are asked to provide prizes for the raffle, and those who have stood up include Pres. PETER, HARLAN LEWIS, KEVIN KOMATSU, LENNY FRIEDMAN and PP STEVE DAY hisself, but if you have something to add, there is yet time, of course. 

Pres. PETER reminded us of the custom of doubling birthday fines if your BD coincides with the meeting day when the birthdays are announced.  PP BOB WESSLING barely escaped, since his was October 8th, while RO SHAW slipped by the other way, hers being the 10th.  CLARK McQUAY came forward to speak about the Golf Tournament, which is set for next Monday, the 13th.  The site is Los Angeles Country Club, the time is 0730, with a shotgun start for all participants , and either CLARK or PP STEVE SCHERER needs to know if you will be there, OK?  One more date , the Yearling Breakfast is Tuesday the 21st, at the Holiday Inn at Sunset and the 405.  It's vital for all new members, of course, but it's also an inspirational time for some of us more seasoned types (not to be confused with old-timers) since we can all contribute to the wonderful store of Rotary knowledge that we possess.  HARLAN LEWIS would like to know if you will be there.

PP BOB WESSLING spoke about the Women's All American Tennis Championships, which are being held at Riviera during the rest of this week.  Some 48 schools are represented, with all the Top Ten players in attendance , it goes through Sunday, and should be well worth watching.

An important reminder, it's not too late for sign up for the Host-Hostess Dinners.  A few places are still available for Westwood Rotarians who would enjoy the popular Host-Hostess program. The Rotarian hosts a dinner for eight once a year, and is then invited to three other dinners during the year which are hosted by other Rotarians.  It's a great way to get to know other members in a small group setting, and the dinners can range from macaroni-&-cheese at a card table to a formal dinner at a restaurant.  And the conversation is always great.  Contact Eloise and Howard Siskel (310) 472-2509.

MARK BLOCK introduced our speaker, Councilwoman Janice Hahn who represents the 15th District.  She is the sister of Mayor Jim Hahn, was elected in 2001, and graduated from Pepperdine , which elicited applause from other alumni, among them PDG ANDY ANDERSON.   Janice was a member of Lawndale Rotary for the ten years before being elected, so she knows Rotary well. She reminded us that each Council District has about 250,000 residents, and hers is particularly diverse.  She had a great line , if she has a problem with Mayor Jim, she calls her mother, who of course sides with her!

The Port of Los Angeles, combined with Long Beach, handles ONE THIRD of all the trade coming into and out of the U.S.  So it is not only a massive operation, but vital to all of us.  She is concentrating on redevelopment of the waterfront area, which has over one million visitors leaving on cruise ships each year.  A beginning will be the opening of part of the planned Grand Walkway along the waterfront, which will take place this February of 2004.  Port revenues are presently 300 million dollars a year, and can only be used at pre! sent for fisheries, navigation aids and commerce.  She is sponsoring a Charter Amendment, which will be on the ballot next March, and will expand the approved uses to include cultural, educational and tourism facilities.  As an example, a 4% increase in traffic will provide $12 million dollars in additional revenue.  The present volume of six million tons of freight is expected to TRIPLE by 2025.  The truck traffic that this generates is a major source of pollution, plus making the freeways adjacent to the harbor almost impossible to use during daylight hours.  A recent shutdown of the harbor for ten days is estimated to have cost from one to two billion dollars PER DAY.  The seemingly obvious solution to this is to extend ! the hours when the port is open to traffic , up to 24 hours daily, to match other major ports.  This is not a change that the shipping lines favor, since it will increase their handling costs.

Q&A.  YOE Is the Alameda Corridor rail only, and what is its usage.  It is only rail, and usage is slightly below projections.  GEORGE COX, Who opposes your three targets.  All agree on the waterfront improvements, but the shipping industry is concerned about costs for extended port hours.  This will be on the ballot in March of 2004.  HENRIETTA LIAN, What about urban blight.  In Wilmington, the truckers are not careful drivers, and thus the roads and curbs are in bad shape. There are no present laws about stacking containers - some are TEN con! tainers high, this across from people's homes.  She is working on a law to curb this problem. SEAN McMILLAN, Why a NY firm, and not an LA operator.  The community was involved, and all agreed they made the best offer.

LEO TSENG, Is port security a serious problem.  Yes, our ports are our most vulnerable points of entry.  We now inspect only 3% of incoming containers, since port security does not get a fair share of the budget for security.  We do board every incoming ship, however, checking the crew manifest, etc.  TERRY WHITE, Should you be talking to your mother more often.  Actually, he does support me most of the time.  LEE DUNAYER, What is the status of high speed rail to Palmdale as an alternative to LAX.  It seems obvious, but we simply haven't gotten it done yet.&nb! sp; ED GAULD, Do cruise ships provide much pollution.  We have reduced their emissions by reducing their speed upon entry to the harbor.  However, they burn about seven tons of bunker fuel while docked, and this can only be helped when we can refit them so they can be plugged into power ashore.  RAY ZICKFELD, The Hahn family are all good people.  45 years ago they kept some deposits at our bank , and Janice replied that was where she had her first bank deposit.  She added that Term Limits will force her off the Council in six more years, and that isn't good, since she loves what she is doing.  PP JIM COLLINS, Downtown Wilmington looks bad , could we build housing there.  Yes, lofts are currently in the planning stages.  SEAN McMILLAN, What about Ft. McArthur.  Note that it is still military, and thus nothing much changes there. PP STEVE SCHERER, What is your view of the Recall process.  I was against recall but it did provide a major lesson.  The voters were angry, and we must all remember to listen to our constituents.

Janice Hahn, thank you for a most enlightening presentation.

YOE, Ernie Wolfe