TED'S NEXT TO LAST at WVRC - June 19th

True to form, we began with the Pledge.  LENORE MULRYAN led us, but preceded the Pledge by a question as to when we first raised this flag. January  2nd, 1776 was the answer, under George Washington.  PP JIM DOWNIE and LENNY FRIEDMAN combined for the song, You're a Grand Old Flag (or is it It's a Grand Old Flag? - I'm sure someone will help me with this question next meeting, OK?).  Before the Invocation by MARK BLOCK, Prexy TED recalled earlier asking MARK if he should give the Invocation in Latin, to which MARK replied, maybe he could give it in Yiddish.  TED did provide a brief Latin version, and then MARK was up.  He repeated a Rabbinical question, "What do we mean when we say God?"  The Disciple had no answer, but the Rabbi pointed out that he, also, didn't know, but he still had to say, "God is…". Thought provoking, MARK.

TONY MARRONE introduced our Visiting Rotarians.  They included Todd Johnson, from the Beverly Hills Club - he is the GM of Lawry's.  Joe Sherman, who is with Merrill Lynch, belongs to the Century City Club, and from Pacific Palisades, Frankie Melvin, representing the Boy Scouts.  RALPH SMITH again introduced his Special Guest, Tony Deryan, who is a Consultant on Retirement - and RALPH announced that Tony wishes to join WVRC!  He will be circularized with this issue of the Windmill.
PP MIKE NEWMAN brought along his two kids, Amy and Patrick.  Amy will be an eighth grader at St. Paul's, and is into volleyball - attending several VB camps this summer - and MIKE pointed out that Amy is also a protégé of ERIC LOBERG!  Patrick loves baseball, and their team is four games into the playoffs - with Patrick having scored the winning run in the 5th inning of their most recent win.  While interesting, this information also caused Prexy TED to levy a fifty clam fine on MICHAEL - which we suspect MIKE was happy to provide.

BRUCE ROLF was singled out for recognition, since he heads our Greeters, and has done so for a very long time. Thank you, BRUCE.  SANDY SANDERSON was saluted for his consistent provision of Invocators and Guest Announcers, again over a long period.  Our Music was applauded, headed by JACK HARRIS, and ably assisted by PP JIM DOWNIE, LENNY FRIEDMAN, and PP STEVE DAY. Our very active and supportive Rotary Auxiliary has just elected their new officers.  President is Marian TSENG, co-VP's are Pat ANDERSON and Shirley MORE, Recording Sect is Eloise SISKEL, Corresponding Sect is Dorothy FERGUS, and the Treasurer is Marge DOWNIE. Advisors are Sally NEWMAN and Marge DOWNIE, and Thought for the Day comes from Peggy BLOOMFIELD - and all were given a resounding round of applause, for their continuing support of WVRC.  Our Auxiliary, by the way, is the only such support organization in all of District 5280 - and their help certainly shows!

SLOSS VIAU reported on his and Marge's recent 'double trip', so named by YOE since they had two major destinations.  First stop was Lake of the Ozarks, in Missouri - which features one hundred miles of shoreline.  Then on to Scandinavia, all three countries, and they used just about all the kinds of transportation that exist.  A lovely trip, and Prexy TED allowed as how that rated a hundred buck fine.  Next, I spoke briefly about our excellent parking offer at LAX.  Last week, a Rotarian from Westchester presented us with one hundred envelopes, each containing passes for twelve days of parking.  One is a week-long pass, and the other five are one-day passes.  This should be an easy fund raiser for WVRC - a donation of $50 buys the package, so lemme know if I should send you one, please.  ((And I feel compelled to announce that the desultory applause which followed my announcement won't be taken personally - it really IS a good deal, OK?)).

Someone asked me for JOE FISCHER'S new address - 2235 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.  And a bit more information about Sharon PIERCE - please keep the cards coming to their house - BILL takes them over every day, and don't wait too long to be in touch, please.  Also, it was reported that Lynne SCHENCK has suffered a stroke.  Again, cards would be appreciated.  Prexy TED saluted ED JACKSON for reviving the Alan Campbell Award at the meeting last week.  Named for our former member, ALAN was the long-time Principal at Emerson, and the award recognizes the student who has achieved the highest GPA during their three years at Emerson.  We join Prexy TED in saying, Well Done, ED.

We welcomed back our members who attended the recent Rotary International Convention in Brisbane, Australia.  They were led by incoming President PETER MORE and Shirley, plus PP DAVE WHITEHEAD and Karen, PP RON LYSTER  and Guin, and ANN SAMSON.  Our PLUUS Display was well received, and we'll be getting a full report from these voyagers shortly.

Program Chair SEAN McMILLAN introduced our Speaker, Henry Holmes. Earlier, Prexy TED announced that he and Henry had both started their careers at the same law firm, although not at the same time, and SEAN pointed out that this was the only time he had ever seen Henry wearing a tie - entertainment lawyers just don't DO that, apparently.
Henry got both his Bachelor and Law degrees at Berkeley, but soon migrated to Southern California, where he is a confirmed surfer, now living in Malibu.

Henry started his law career as a Litigator, but soon found himself in the sports and entertainment area.  Among his more famous clients have been Buzz Aldrin, George Foreman, and Billy Jean King, to give some idea of the diversity.  Particularly in his field of specialization, relationships are important, and an almost automatic outgrowth of the personal contacts that are formed.  Legal advice often becomes personal advice, and he describes his activity as a business of creating opportunities for his clients. 

Some examples of how important some clients feel they are - he was aboard a taxiing airplane at LAX, when the pilot received a message that he, Holmes, had an emergency message that had to be received.  They returned to the terminal, he rushed to a phone, and his client - an actress - was complaining that she had been served TEPID Perrier in her dressing room!  Another client was upset about her young son, who was busy watching TV and thus not studying - what should she do?  His answer - unplug it.  He visited the home/office of a major producer, who was always surrounded by beautiful nymphets.  The lawyer accompanying him, dressed impeccably in double breasted suit and tie, suddenly noticed Bambi lounging by the pool.  Henry then heard a big splash - his lawyer friend had been so distracted that he fell into the pool.  Another time, he was ordered out of a conference in which he was participating.  As he walked to his car, the secretary came chasing after him - he wasn't playing the game, and all he had to do was wait in the anteroom, apologize, and let the conference begin again.  Some of his clients feel they can call at any time - 3 a.m. being a favorite.  So he decided to reverse the routine, and HE called his client at 3 a.m. When the client finally answered, Henry said he wanted him to know how it felt to be called in the middle of the night - and the client immediately picked up the contract they had been discussing and resumed their talk.

When George Foreman fought Michael Moore at the MGM Grand, Henry remembers Foreman telling Dundee (his second) before the fight that he didn't need him - he KNEW what he had to do  He proceeded to lose the first nine rounds, then knocked Moore out in the 10th.  This reminded him of what makes a lawyer cry - when they don't get paid.
Bob Arum is a fight promoter who called Henry on Good Friday, between the most sacred hours of 12 and 3  Henry explained to Arum about this time, saying he wasn't working, and Arum apologized profusely.  At 3:10 Arum called back, immediately breaking into the harangue he started earlier during the 'time out'. Henry briefly mentioned Don King, saying he was very bright.   George Foreman is apparently a Protestant Minister, so when Henry and his wife decided to get married, they asked George to do the honors.  As Henry summarized this, here he was, a Catholic, marrying a Jew, with the ceremony being performed by a Protestant - that's diversity!

Q&A - PP STEVE DAY, Will George fight again?  If you put a bowl of cabbage in front of a goat, he'll probably take a bite.  JACK HARRIS, Do you determine how much your clients should be paid? It depends what the perception is of how much of the stadium they can fill.  PP STEVE SCHERER, Are you a boxer, or do you play tennis?  No, surfing and scuba are his things today.  In high school and college he ran track. Tony Deryan, Have you worked with McCormick?  Yes, he's a marketing guy.  BILL EDWARDS, What was your take on the Bill Jean King / Bobby Riggs match?
It was a mismatch, all the way.  A final story - George Foreman and Muhammad Ali attended the Academy Awards ceremony together.  Afterward, they were invited to the Vanity Fair party.  George, who had lost to Ali, was asked how he liked the story, and he said he would have preferred to change the ending.

Remember, next week is TED'S SWAN SONG - Be There!

YOE, Ernie Wolfe