It is with immense reluctance that I report Y.O.E. ERNIE WOLFE, A.K.A. “Two Dip Gelati”, is A.W.O.L this week. As Y.Y.E (Ye Younger Editor) it is my dubious distinction to fill in for the ol’ editor. I apologize in advance for any misspellings, misquotes, misstatements, bad advice and/or the occasional four-letter word that may slip into this periodical. If you are insulted, outraged, or offended, please inform Y.O.E. ERNIE at your earliest possible convenience so that he will forbid me from ever editing the windmill again.  It is your duty as a member of W.V.R.C. to uphold the Honor, Duty, Integrity, and standards established long ago and we as a club should not allow some scoundrel to sully the reputation of this institution. So, I repeat, if somehow necessary, please tell “Two-Dip” Wolfe.

Now-for the business at hand. Our illustrious President TED IHNEN made his presence known at precisely 12:30. Good Job TED! Shortly thereafter, Professor of Pledges George Cox gave his dissertation on the Pledge of Allegiance, the conjugation of vowels, the correct use of punctuation, dangling participles and various other uses of the verbs, nouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions…… you get the idea. Good Job GEORGE.  Next week, he will instruct on “War and Peace” by Tolstoy

The song “Battle Hymn of the Republic” led by JACK HARRIS with GREG ELLIOTT conjured up vision of a wrathful deity pressing grapes. Don’t mess with Him!

We are grateful to AL BALANCA for his mercifully short and poignant invocation. Thanks AL.

As for visitors, “Holy Cow Batman”, there were so many, Y.Y.E. (Ye Younger Editor) was busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. As stated earlier, I apologize for the misspells………

Visiting Rotarians. There was none. Well, maybe one. LEE WALKER. But Gee, he’s an ex-member so the question arises “Visiting Rotarian or deserter?” I leave it up to your. (Do we have a category “Ex-Member”?)

Guest of Rotarians: WARREN DODSON dragged to the club by JIM SUMNER. WALTER WEISS delegated into appearing by BOB WESSLING. CARL KLIEWER tricked into coming by his wife LILIAN KLIEWER. I don’t know who convinced HERB GLAZER to come, but someone did!  JENNIFER  KUMRIASHI also was there. Boy, how does ERNIE keep track of all this stuff? Did you ever try to shove a salad down your gullet while writing? It is a fine art! Anyway-lest I digress. BOB WESSLING was silent about his De Paul Green Meanings. I guess they lost to Lackawanna or some other railroad. BOB, please keep us informed! New member HEATHER sponsed BILL GOODWYN and presented by HOWIE HENKE.

Prior to our speaker, we were honored to have GEOFF WILSON, BOB FLICK and HEATHER GORDON of Junior Achievement present a slide show of J.A.’s programs. There will a short quiz next week.

Mission Statement: To educate and inspire free enterprise, business, and economics to improve the quality of life.

In a nutshell, J. A. covers all grade school years with volunteers. They need  volunteers (consultants). The program is designed to show students the relevance of education to the workplace as well as prepare them for school and lifelong learning. They would like some volunteers.

The program themes are ourselves, our family, our community, our city, our region , our nation and our world. That pretty much covers it.

One more thing, they would like some consultants (volunteers) tell I. P. (Illustrious President) TED if you would like to volunteer. Their phone number is (323) 957.1818 if you want to call them to volunteer.

And now…….. The main event. Our guest speaker was JACK WEISS was Council Member (Council person) 5th District. That’s us, MIKE YOSEM too! He spoke about city politics. DUH!!!

Topics covered were, briefly:

1.     Chief of Police (C.O.P). “We need a good one.”

2.     Valley Secession. “ Bad Idea”

3.     LAX has its own police force. “I didn’t know that!”

4.     Terrorism: “We need prevention and protection.”

5.     Ex-Chief of Police Parks: “Nice Guy- Goodbye !!”

6.     It is now, after 10, 000, illegal to put up a billboard.

7.     Westwood Village- The disagreements continues.

8.     Adelphia cable charges more in affluent areas than poor areas. They should put the CEO and his family in Jail!

As a matter of record, JACK’s dad WALTER was in attendance. He knows JACK!

Regarding the club assembly at Bel-Air Bay. Club Comments heard around the club:

      “Best ever”. DOUG DESCH

      “Best Anniversary I ever had”. STEVE DAY

      “Almost as good as mine”. JIM SUMNER

      “I’ll never do that again”. PETER MORE

      “Who left a pair of black boxer shorts in the bathroom?”. MIKE NEWMAN

      “Did anyone find a pair of black boxers in the men’s room?”. GEORGE DEA

      “The best man for the job is a woman”. ART HENRY

Golf Tourney  L.A. CC. October 21st – 8:00 a.m. JIM SUMNER or STEVE SCHERER. This is great good fun. Let’s have a big turn-out. Thanks JIM& STEVE.

PAUL HARRIS celebration: November 2nd sold out. “You Snooze- You Lose” STEVE DAY.

Sad but true-

Woman’s husband dies. He had $20,000 to his name. After everything is done at the funeral home and cemetery, she tells her closest friend that there is no money left. The friend says, “How can that be?” You told me had $20,000 a few days before he died. How could you be broke?”

The widow say, “Well, the funeral cost me $6,000. And of course, I had to make the obligatory donation to the church, so that was another $2,000. The rest went for the memorial stone”

The friend says, “$12,000 for the memorial stone? My God, how big was it?

The widow says, “Three Carats.”

p.s. Anybody notice CLARK MCQUAY’S new M. B.?

Y.O.E. ERNIE- Please come home. I miss you.    

                                                  Y.Y.E Elliott Turner