We started off with the Pledge, led by PP JIM SUMNER.  He's been there, as far as supporting the US of A, and he added these historical notes: Our Pledge of Allegiance was first recited by school children in 1892 - this was in commemoration of the discovery of America 400 years before.  The words, "Under God", were added by Congress in 1954. JIM, thanks for that background.  PP STEVE SCHERER gave the Invocation - first allowing us to sit down - and again, a job well done.

As dessert was being served, President Elect PETER MORE introduced several guests, including Pat Cashin, Executive Aide to DG Rick, who was accompanied by his wife, Betty.  John Lehne, Assistant Governor for Club Service was next, followed by SALLY PHILLIPS, who is the moving force behind our continuing support for Polio Corrective Surgery.  PETER, as Chair of this Club Assembly, then called on President TED IHNEN. Prexy TED focused on three upcoming, or continuing, events. First, he reminded us of the upcoming visit of R.I. President Bhichai Rattakul to WVRC on January 23rd - this will be an evening meeting, at Riviera CC.  Next, coming up soon is the joint meeting with LA 5, just before the SC-UCLA game - that's Friday, November 22nd, at Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral downtown.  The complex has only been opened a couple of weeks, and Joy and I toured it this past week - very impressive.  The Convention Center is across their very large Patio ! - and remember we will have a bus leaving from Westwood, so mark the date, please.  Prexy TED'S final thought was that he was distributing MYRON TAYLOR'S Four-Way Test book, as a speaker's gift.  A lovely idea, TED, and certainly well received.

LENORE MULRYAN, who is so closely associated with our Ambassadorial Program, briefly introduced Erin Rattazzi, an outbound scholar who will be studying in Capetown, South Africa, next year.  Erin was a state champion hurdler in high school, before she suffered a terrible accident.  She has more than overcome this setback, and is looking forward to her coming experience.  Next, LENORE brought forward Lee Broekman, who has just returned from her year aboard, studying at the University of Amsterdam. You will remember Lee as an outstanding candidate for our Ambassadorial Program, and she certainly proved that judgment to be correct during her time there.

Her intent in Holland was to study the European Community as it proceeded with the integration of the several members into a Union. During her brief year there, she not only learned a great deal, but also formed an interfaith dialogue group, which continues today. Composed of Muslims, Jews and Christians, other participants included several faculty members, plus the Chancellor of the University - which gives some idea of how effective she was in starting and growing this innovative program. Lee then highlighted four Dutch words, and explained each one in its relationship to English.  She found the Dutch to be politically liberal, but conservative socially and fiscally.  They have drug policies, which work for them, and as a result drug-related crime has been reduced.  Being there during the 9/11 tragedy provided additional insight into the Dutch character.  Lee is currently on full scholarship, plus full tuition, at USC, working toward her Masters, an! d teaching two undergraduate classes in communications.  She is another outstanding example of the quality of those we attract into our Ambassadorial Program - thanks for your report, Lee.

We next heard from the five Avenues of Service Chairs, each one highlighting their particular activity.

JIM BECHTEL - Youth Service, and he listed their programs, highlighted by PETER MORE'S wonderful visual.  You may recall that Jim's daughter, Ellen, has had serious medical problems since she was five, and JIM was pleased to credit Dr Jorge Lazareff for his wonderful care and skill in his several operations on Ellen. Dr. Lazareff is dedicated to spreading his Global Neuro Rescue program to 3rd world countries - he will be speaking to us at a regular meeting soon.

HANK HEUER - International Service.  Leading off with the Japanese Student Exchange, which started over THIRTY FIVE years ago, it includes our PLLUS Exhibit at the last several Conventions, Polio Corrective Surgery, the Group Study Exchange program, and we are working toward establishing a Sister Club with Rotary in China.  The Emergency Preparedness Program comes under their banner, and PDG ANDY ANDERSON called our attention to CERT - standing for Community Emergency Response Team, and their web address is

KEVIN KOMATSU - Community Service.  They help in so many ways - the Parkinson's Exercise Program, Salvation Army, Braille Institute, Meals on Wheels, the Westside Family YMCA, the American Heart Association Walk, the WLA Chamber of Commerce, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and their newest program is Angel Flight.  This is headed by CATHY REZOS and when their pilots deliver patients to local airports, we will be organizing pickup and delivery by car to complete their service.

RALPH SMITH - Vocational Service.  Their two most pressing needs are to revive the Junior Achievement program, which we used at University High School recently.  It was well received, but not continued, and we have had considerable interest in starting it again. We are participating in the District Softball Tournament - our particular 'rival' is an upstart bunch from Manhattan Beach, led by two former WVRC members (guess who?)

KEN LEVER - Club Service.  As you probably know, this committee runs the club internally, and the list of their activities is indeed long.  They are responsible for the Demotion Party, the Sweetheart Brunch, Picnic at the Siskel's, the upcoming joint meeting with LA 5, the Golf Tournament, (and while they might deny this), the Windmill, Call a Colleague, an Evening at the Geffen Playhouse, Dinner for Eight, our computer classes, and electronic communication (in the persons of PP RON LYSTER and PP DAVE WHITEHEAD, plus the ever-present Mr. MORE).

Once again, we thank PETER MORE for his wonderful visuals - they helped to focus on the affairs of each of our service committees. 

YOE cannot resist one final thought about our Avenues of Service, as briefly outlined above.  Have YOU thought about becoming more involved? - the list is long, and the opportunities for SERVICE are unlimited! That's what Rotary is about.

District Governor Richard Mendoza was introduced by PDG ANDY ANDERSON. This was particularly fitting since Rick was one of ANDY'S Zone Representatives when ANDY was DG in 1994-95.  Rick was pleased to say that this was what really started him on the path to being a District Governor, and certainly he could not have had a better mentor than our own ANDY. The Rotary theme for this year is "Sow the Seeds of Love", and Rick emphasized this during his talk.  He has some Kahunas - these being big fish who are leaders, I gather - and among those named were our own TED IHNEN and RUDY ALVAREZ, plus Pat Cashin and John Lehne.  He pointed out that his wife, Helen, "was the wind beneath his wings".

Rick feels that our greatest challenge is membership, and he urged us to concentrate on that activity.  He feels strongly about eradicating Polio by 2005, and noted that we expect to have seen the very last of this dreadful disease by the end of THIS YEAR.  However, to be certified Polio Free, we need three years without any polio cases, which is why the year 2005 is so honored.  Rick believes this can be our finest hour - and I would have to confess that I feel the same way.  What more important contribution can we make?

Our District Governor wants to emphasize Service Above Self, the very heart of our Rotary Creed.  He noted that Club Service is charged with keeping all our members involved.  Literacy should be encouraged, since up to 25% of all our residents are considered to be functionally illiterate.  If you think about this handicap, you will recognize that one cannot fill out a job application, for example.  This can only lead to a lifetime of poverty, or crime.

Rick complimented Westwood Village for its twelve years of leadership in contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  He then proceeded to specifically name those who have been real movers in WVRC.  He began with LENORE MULRYAN, then PDG'S BILL GOODWYN and ANDY ANDERSON, PP DOUG DESCH, PP STEVE DAY, PP YOSH SETOGUCHI, PP RON LYSTER, PP GEORGE DEA, PP MIKE NEWMAN, MYRON TAYLOR and RUDY ALVAREZ - and we salute each of you for your continuing efforts in helping others through Rotary.

District Governor Rick Mendoza concluded his remarks by reminding us to believe in Service Above Self.  You cannot do this alone - and that is the strength of Rotary!

YOE, Ernie Wolfe