Westwood on May 9th - after the Conference

We started with the Pledge, and FLOYD DEWHIRST handled it well.  With LENNY FRIEDMAN conducting and GREGG ELLIOTT on the keyboard, we gave a rousing rendition of God Bless America - another good job!  Next up was RAY ZICKFELD, who provided us with Ten Ways to be Friendly.  Woven through the advice items was the constant theme of SMILING - it always helps.  Thanks for the reminder, RAY.

PP HOMER NEWMAN introduced the visiting Rotarians, and we had a bunch.  First was Tuomo Matilainen, from the Rotary Club of Lisalmi, Finland.  Turns out he was originally introduced as being from Japan - we couldn't read his registration slip, and thus the 'phantom from Japan' wasn't there at all!  Randy Magnin, President of Beverly Hills and a CPA, was next.  Dave Meshvlam (honest, that's what his form says) is President of LA 5, in Insurance.  Last was Ina Bliss, an attorney from Wilshire, and the driver for the group visiting from Finland.  MICHAEL GINTZ brought a guest, Larry Liebenbaum, who is an Immigration Attorney. RUDY ALVAREZ introduced one of our Ambassadorial Scholars, Fuminori Minamikawa, who comes to us from Japan - RUDY is his counselor.  SUSAN ALLEN is the Counselor for Yoshiko Umezawa, also from Japan.  Former member Erny Pinckert was visiting from Arroyo Grande in Central California. We have lost DORE CHARBONNEAU, who has resigned.  And I just learned from Eleanor that DAVE MORE was not moved today, after all.  He has had a bit of a setback, and is still in ICU.

The Group Study Exchange team from Finland were our guests for lunch. Their group leader was Tuomo (see above) who is in business consulting, and his team was composed of a lawyer, a self-described farmer, a chemist, and a man in information technology. Each of them spoke briefly about their visit, thanking us for having them with us. They spent the morning at UCLA, as arranged by NEVIN SENKAN and RUDY ALVAREZ, and I took them on a brief tour of the campus before lunch.  SLOSS VIAU reminded us of their color slide presentation at the Conference in San Diego - seems they were swimming in the ice!  Sounds cold to me, but what do I know? Anyway, these groups are always worth meeting, and next year we should resume our sometimes-habit of hosting them for a full week. I'm told relatively-new-member BERT KRIESBERG has indicated an interest in working with such a group - BERT, c'mon in - the water's fine.

Pres.GEORGE then spoke about last week's District Conference in San Diego.  Westwood had the largest representation of any Club in 5280, and of course the whole event was chaired by PP RON LYSTER.  RON did a really super job - he had promised that everyone who attended would enjoy it, and that was certainly true.  MYRON TAYLOR led off at breakfast on Friday with the Four Way Test, which was very well received.  He has a new book out, and if there is a real authority on this subject, MYRON is that person.  Prez. GEORGE pointed out that MYRON'S book makes an excellent gift - copies are $10.00.  At lunch the speaker was the son of the Shah of Iran, and I covered his remarks in a P.S. to last week's Windmill.  The Hospitality Hour was very well organized by RUDY ALVAREZ, assisted by PP DAVE WHITEHEAD, PP JIM DOWNIE, and PP STEVE DAY.  RUDY also was the bartender for the Cocktail hour before the Governor's Ball.  For those of you who have been around WVRC for awhile, former member and PP JIM EDWARDS came to the Friday Lunch and brought Karen with him to the Friday evening festivities.  Shirley and PETER MORE brought our Club Display with them, and TED IHNEN and ANDY ANDERSON were commended for their efforts in Emergency Preparedness in cooperation with the city of Manila. We were recognized for our strong International activities, plus receiving a total of 16 other awards and tributes.  TED INHEN stood up at this point to remind us that these excellent results are the result of the strong leadership of Pres. GEORGE, and we all applauded warmly.  But WVRC wasn't done - on Sunday morning, Guin LYSTER lead a Yoga Class, and DAVE MATSON conducted a moving ecumenical worship service.  DAVE'S wife, Mary, provided some lovely singing as part of the program.  Yes, we WERE involved, and again, PP RON LYSTER should be thanked and commended for a job well done!

LEE DUNAYER introduced our speaker, Dr. Larry Omo.  Dr. Omo is a licensed Chiropractor, with a second degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  He specializes in preventive health care, with emphasis on advance warnings of strokes, heart disease and cancer.  He will outline the new diagnostic tests which have recently become available, plus alerting us to ways to receive these tests on a revolving basis.

Dr. Omo noted that he has been speaking on these subjects for the last five years.  He gave as an example the case of Cardinal Mahoney, who had a recent problem which was diagnosed just in time, using these new techniques. Bob Dole was another example - his vascular disease was arrested by early detection.  An alarming statistic - 90% of present cancer patients have no family history of the disease - yet cancer may be genetically traceable.  

In the early part of the 20th century, infectious diseases were a serious cause of death.
Vaccines have greatly reduced this risk.  Heart disease is still the leading cause, and a rising problem is diabetes - now the 6th leading killer. Part of the problem is that perhaps half of those who have diabetes are unaware they have it.  Proper diet and exercise can make a major difference in its treatment, and will at least slow down its onset.  Here, as in most illnesses, early detection is the key to recovery.

A basic annual physical is a good beginning, but further tests may be required.  The problem is that in today's health system, such additional testing is often not covered by insurance.  An excellent example of a disease that IS easy to detect is skin cancer - there are almost one million new cases each year, yet only five thousand people die of it, all because it is picked up early and treated properly.  In other forms of cancer, 70% of the time when it is finally diagnosed it has already gone to state three or four - and then it's too late.  

The many new diagnostic tests that are now available weren't possible twenty-five years ago.  An example of a coming test, which is three to five year away, is a genetic test of human stool.  It will cost $500, and may not be covered by insurance, but it is predicted to be a sure predictor of intestinal cancer.  The most common new tests that are widely available include the MRI, CAT scan, and ultrasound  - and of these, ultrasound is the least invasive.  This is not particularly publicized, but it is quite effective - radiation from the other new tests do have some risks.

DR Omo distributed a form. which can be used to be on a list to be notified when diagnostic ultrasound screening is being done in your neighborhood.  You can send in the form directly to Ultra-life, Inc, 5167 Warner Avenue, Suite 170, in Huntington Beach, CA 92640.  The phone number is (800) 990-5721.  Probably you should check with your own physician to be sure you are both on the same page, before mailing the form.

YOE, Ernie Wolfe.

Gadzooks - the speaker next week is my son, Ernie III - be forewarned!  EWJr