September 20, 2001



Yes, ELLIOTT TURNER took these notes, and YOE is transcribing them, since I finished Jury Duty midday Friday. I do appreciate ELLIOTT helping on this, and the real beauty of it is that any errors can be blamed on both of us!

Pres GEORGE led off with a statement acknowledging the terrible events of Tuesday the 11th, noted why we had canceled our meeting of last week, and suggested that we give the Pledge of Allegiance special meaning today. ELLIOTT remarked that the feeling was of old friends getting together to bond. BILL MICHAEL led the Pledge, followed by our singing America the Beautiful. PP RALPH WOODWORTH provided a thoughtful Invocation, tracing the history of our flag. (At this point, some minor errors of spelling began to appear in the original notes, and I didn't feel it would be appropriate to try to correct them. - after all, creativity should always be encouraged)

Apparently PP RON WAGLIN showed up, and was given some Dea Dollars, which will come in handy when he gives us his senior craft talk soon. Let the record show that there was no fine for RON'S reappearance…He was, however, well received by old friends, including DAVE LIGHTHEAD and MIKE YOKEM. Our own stand-up, "Kevin the parking guy" did perform admirably with his Centipede joke, and ELLIOTT confesses that he didn't know Centipedes liked beer (YOE is also without such knowledge). The aforementioned Mr. YOKEM then introduced some guests attending the finest Rotary Club in existence including Sue Harlan, KEN (Essensomeland) LEVER, Fumi something from UCLA, Luke Somebody from New Zealand, Eva Gabor from Deutschland, Yosiko Fumizana from Japan, a Rotary Scholar, DR Shirley More from Moreland, DR ANNA BELKIN from somewhere, and PP JOHN SINGLETON from down south.

Noticeable mention went to RUDY ALBONDIGAS for his impeccable attire. Ms Eosin Fumizara, the Rotary Scholar, expressed her deepest sympathies and sorrow for the attacks in New York and Washington along with our guest from Kiwiland, Luke Somebody. PP DOUG DESCH reminded us all that our guardian angel, VIRGINIA GANDY is not feeling well and loves email, snail mail, even airmail. Please send her stuff. ELLIOTT was informed not to do so, but those with reason are invited to cheer her up. While at the podium, PP DOUG told his Flying Parrot joke, the punch line being "The parrot is the worst flyer" He will explain it later. By the time you read this, the picnic at the SISKEL'S will be history, but ELLIOTT wanted to remind one and all that it is scheduled.

Literacy Breakfast at Lawry's, 7:30 a.m. next Friday the 28th at N. La Cienega (Did you know that means swamp in Swahili?) From Pres. GEORGE'S cheat sheet YOE has learned that PP STEVE DAY and LENNY FRIEDMAN made announcements about the forthcoming Paul Harris Celebration on October 6th. Pres. GEORGE next interviewed

DAN PRICE, focusing on his involvement with May West. It seems that DAN knew her best positions and her best scenes on film He and she played games together - we are waiting for the film on that! This inquiry apparently resulted in a fine for DAN, but the records do not show the amount - YOE is sure that someone will remember. Apparently, birthdays were next featured, with the following answers to the question, What did you do on your last birthday? ED "we went to dinner" JACKSON, PP HOWARD "we went to dinner" SISKEL, PP JIM "we went to dinner" DOWNIE, BERT "we went to dinner" KREISBERG, and SLOS "we got off the boat" VIAU confessing to these noted activities.

KEN KILPO (did you know he and his boss were stranded in Florida, so rented a car and drove across country in 48 hours?) introduced our speaker, Tim O'Brien, whose talk was entitled "Breaking Through to the Next Level. This was about personal growth, not stock market strategy. First, laugh more - the average kid laughs 300 times a day, and adults only 17. "Of course, kids don't look at themselves in the mirror". Signs of greatness include Courage, Leadership, Vision, Integrity, Selflessness, Calmness Under Fire, Honesty, Risk Taking, Accountability, Goal Setting and Attention to Detail.

There are no shortcuts to greatness - it happens over time, and you must take time to grow. To change, we need to go outside our comfort zone. Tim grew up in New Jersey, by the way, and after coming to LA, with all its beautiful women, he realized that N.J. also has beautiful women - he knew both of them… We were reminded that Abraham Lincoln won his first election at age 52. John D. Rockefeller was also mentioned in the notes, but YOE was unable to find our why. The summation of Mr. O'Brien's talk was, "We Matter". ELLIOTT'S final note gave his opinion that O'Brien sure talks fast.

YOE, Ernie Wolfe