August 16, 2001


WVRC - MEETING of the 16th

Under the standard rules of procedure, PP CHRIS GAYNOR started us off by
leading the Pledge. JACK HARRIS had a good golf story, and then, along with
LENNY FRIEDMAN and PP JIM DOWNIE, took us through The Caissons Go Rolling Along.

ART HENRY provided us with a thoughtful Invocation, reminding us of all we
have to be thankful for.  PP STEVE DAY couldn't produce any Visiting
Rotarians, but did give us a reminder of the Paul Harris Celebration -
October 6th, and we have six tables reserved.  One of our members has bought
TEN books of raffle tickets, thereby making someone of his choice a Paul
Harris Fellow plus materially improving his chances of winning one or more of
the goodies offered in the raffle.  STEVE pointed out that none of us need be
restricted to just the one book mailed out - more books are available for
the asking. (Surprise).  LENNY FRIEDMAN gave a pitch for providing items for
the Celebration raffle - a minimum value of $50, and if you are so inclined,
several individuals can go together to provide a suitable prize.  Call LENNY,

PETER MORE introduced his guest, Neil Shanlin, who is from Scotland and here
briefly on an Internship - his father is a member of the Rotary Club of
Peebles, Scotland.  JIM COLLINS brought along Carol, and PP RON LYSTER had a
Special Guest, Alex Shahidy, who is with Merrill Lynch in Westwood - this is
his second visit.  PP ERIC LOBERG introduced Lyndon Parker, late of LA 5, and
now about to become a member of WVRC.

Pres. GEORGE announced the permanent establishment of the Dea Foundation,
which will provide Dea Dollars to reward those who do good deeds.  The first
recipient was
PP JOHN SINGLETON, who was credited with 300 Dea Dollars - this for
sheltering Luke Weston, an incoming Ambassadorial Scholar, for two weeks
while he was waiting for his UCLA accommodations to become available. 
However, it then turned out that JOHN and Joanne have just returned form a
TWO-MONTH cruise, in celebration of several big events. This included their
50th Anniversary - which clearly was due only to the patience and forbearance
of Joanne - JOHN'S 70th birthday (such longevity probably due to his Mormon
upbringing), and the cruise itself - making three items to be celebrated. So
JOHN was nicked for SIX HUNDRED big ones, that being two hundred for each
event, of course.  It then was noted that JOHN had three hundred Dea Dollars
in credit, so the net amount due from the SINGLETON'S was a mere three
hundred bucks, net. Editorial comment - GEORGE, a nice touch.  Keep it up,
please - YOE.

Next, Pres. GEORGE thanked Marian and LEO TSENG for the great party at their
lovely home this past Saturday, the 11th.  The setting was of course
sensational, the
Hors d'oeuvres (ere you get an exaggerated idea of my linguistic capability,
I should confess that I have a couple of these 'posh' terms written down for
easy reference) were excellent, and plentiful, and the Tahitian/Hawaiian
dancers most entertaining. It couldn't have been a nicer party - except that
I sort of hoped there might be a brass band there since it was my 75th
birthday.  However, the good news is that presents are still being accepted…

TED IHNEN came forward to remind all that our Club Assembly will be on
Thursday the 13th of September, a dinner meeting at the Bel Air Bay Club. 
Officers and Committee Chairs are expected at 4 p.m. to meet with District
Governor Len Wasserstein, and the cocktail hour begins at 6, with dinner at
7.  Please mark your calendars.  And speaking of advance dates, note the
Rotary Family Picnic on Sunday, Sept 23rd at the Siskels.  This is a
wonderful setting for the event, and it will start at 1 p.m.  BBQ'ed
hamburgers and hot dogs will be ready by 1:30, with swimming for the kids,
and volleyball for those so inclined.   Kiddy's games around 3 - followed by
the highlight of the afternoon, the pressure-filled golf pitching contest. 
At the risk of injuring some perhaps delicate egos, I will forbear (that
means I won't) naming any past winners, but one's initial may be YOE…But I
digress (again) - this is for Rotary FAMILIES, OK?  That means kids and
grandchildren, so if you haven't tried it before, this is your chance to
begin.  Once you give it a try, you'll come again.

August birthdays were celebrated, as follows: RALPH SMITH on the 4th, BRUCE
ROLF on the 8th, YOE on the 11th (and don't forget late presents, OK?), JACK
HARRIS on the 13th, DAN PRICE on the 16th (and thus a DOUBLE FINE, since the
announcement day and actual date coincide), PP DOUG DESCH on the 17th, PP ROY
BELOSIC on the 23rd, Resident Angel VIRGINIA GANDY on the 24th, and the duo
of LENORE MULRYAN and MARK BLOCK sharing the honors on the 25th.  Pres.GEORGE
then inserted a bit of a 'Mickey', if you will pardon the expression - that
is, he changed the rules of engagement from last month, asking that August
birthdayers should announce their least favorite birthday present EVER
received. This difficult feat of memory was rescued by RALPH SMITH, who,
after later consideration, shouted from the audience, "Yeah, I remember now -
it was a baby crocodile from my ex-wife!" The good news is that the
accompanying horoscopes were sometimes humorous - another good touch, GEORGE
- but check with PP STEVE DAY for his sources, also.

KEN LEVER introduced our Speaker, Dr. Bruce Goldberg.  Dr. Goldberg retired
from his dental practice in 1989 to concentrate on Hypnotherapy, and has a
Masters in Counseling Psychology.  He is the author of several books on
Hypnosis, and has appeared on the major TV talk shows, along with several of
his patients. 

The most widespread concern among adults in America is weight loss - with 60%
of us being overweight and almost half of those, obese.  He showed several
scenes from TV appearances, the first being of a woman who lost a total of
130 lbs under his care - she started at 250, and became able to have children
once her weight came down.  She began gaining weight at age 10, and after
treatment, now has two children - impressive results, certainly.  Another
patient shown on TV had a fear of leaving the house.  Her problem started in
1978, and after treatment by Dr. Goldberg in 1983 she again controls her
Dr. Goldberg credits himself with only 2% of the success of his treatments -
the rest is due to the dedication and application of his theories by the
patients themselves.

Tawny Little was one of his patients.  She was motivated, which is the single
most important characteristic for success - you don't need to agree that the
treatment will work, just give it a try.  Four important facts about hypnosis
- 1.You cannot be hypnotized against your will. 2.  Any hypnotic suggestion
that is against your morals or religion will not take - you come out of the
trance.  3.  Your 'private' secrets cannot come out while under hypnosis.
And 4.  The more strong willed, intelligent and imaginative you are, the better
subject you will probably be.

Q&A -Can anyone be hypnotized.  No, only those who are willing.  What is the
difference between hypnosis and meditation?  Hypnosis is like e-mail - gets
to you directly, while meditation may achieve the same result, but it's like
leaving a message in a bottle and having it float back to you - takes time. 
How do you define hypnosis -it is not sleep, but focused concentration. 
There is a spiritual aspect to it. Is it effective with phobias - training
can allow a person to raise their consciousness, which leads to a solution.
It also can help athletes to concentrate, which improves their performance.
Can you get the same results from reading your books as from personal
counseling - you become a better - educated neurotic, but in person is much
more effective.  So, now you know everything…

                                YOE, Ernie Wolfe