June 21, 2001


PP ERIC LOBERG opened the meeting by stating ADLER'S my name, Intellectual property's my game. And if you've got a good invention, then you've come to the right place. After a purposely some what fudged introduction he called on MIKE O'CONNELL to lead the Pledge. At this point Pres. STEVE took back the meeting and called on JACK HARRIS with PP JIM DOWNIE at the Piano for "The Battle Hymn."

DAN PRICE with credit to friends gave the Invocation. JOE FISCHER introduced DAN HIRSCH a Visiting Rotarian from LA 5, Pres. STEVE introduced Claude and DAN PRICE had Special Guest Eddie Siebert,SJ from Loyola Marymount

TED IHNEN was introduced and thanked for his part in Saturday's Demotion Party. TED in turn gave thanks and appreciation to PP ROY BELOSIC, MARK BLOCK, PP RON LYSTER, PETER MORE,PP TOM LENEHEN and PP DAVE WHITEHEAD for writing and staging skills. PP ERIC LOBERG,PP ERNIE WOLFE, ELLIOTT TURNER,ANN ELKIN and PP JIM DOWNIE for their superb performance. This talented group of our members put on one of the best skits in my memory and the club showed their appreciation.

PP MIKE NEWMAN did his usual masterful job Inducting new member CLARICE EVANS whose classification is Marketing / Advertising

June Birthdays were recognized for GENE PRINDLE born in Los Angeles on the 2nd, GEORGE DEA in Hong Kong on 4th, RAY ZICKFELD in Chicago IL on 8th, STEVE ADLER in Bronx NY on 9th, GREG ELLIOTT in Santa Monica on 11th,STEVE SCHERER in Rochelle IL on 21st, FLOYD DEWHIRST in Harvard IL on 25th and TODD GURVIS in Mineola NY on 28th

PRES. STEVE called PRES. ELECT GEORGE DEA to transfer the custody for a year of the "Presidents of Rotary Club 3171" Plaque on which he can add his name. After the presentation GEORGE introduced Wendy Barahona our Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar for 1999 - 2000 who studied in Nice France. She gave a fine description of the program, expressed thanks for the opportunity to be an Ambassadorial Scholar and related some of her experiences as an Ambassador and Scholar in France.

The Speaker was introduced by PP BOB WESSLING. Mr. Rothenberg is a friend and colleague of almost 40 years. They were at the University of Michigan Law School together and ended up in the same Law Firm. Mr. Rothenberg was Chairman, President and CEO of the most successful World Cup in history - the largest single sport event ever. It set records for total ticket sales, per game average ticket sales, and licensing revenues and worldwide TV viewership. In that capacity, Mr. Rothenberg built an organization from scratch that grew at its peak to 350 full time employees and almost 20,000 volunteers, operating out of 9 venues, plus a headquarters office and a marketing office. The financial results were also record-setting: $70,000,000 surplus, which was used to fund a new nonprofit foundation, the U.S. Soccer Foundation, which he established and continues as a member of its Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

Mr. Rothenberg also served as President of the United States Soccer Federation from 1990-1998, leading the growth of that organization from an annual budget of less than $ million and with less than 20 employees to an annual budget of over $30 million and over 75 employees.

Other past business experience of Mr. Rothenberg has included, work in an executive capacity, for sports teams (Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Kings, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Aztecs), cable TV (Jack Kent Cooke, Inc./Teleprompter), live theatre (the rock opera "Tommy") and feature film ("With Honors") and directorship on many not-for-profit (e.g. State Bar of California, Constitutional Rights Foundation, Music Center of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau) and for profit companies ( including First Los Angeles Bank, NBA, MLS).

Mr. Rothenberg thanked PP BOB for the introduction and stated that he had been told never to follow an Animal or Kids Act. Now he wanted to include don't follow a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. Last month when PP BOB had asked him to speak he didn't realize that last night he was in Boston with the U.S. National Team in preparation for qualifying for the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. The day before he was in the Berkshires where they plan to spend 6 million to set up a National Training Center for Professional Soccer. Even though we have along way to go the U.S.is now a country to be reckoned with in World Cup Soccer. For years Mexico dominated this region but in the last few years U.S. is holding its own. We have the potential to be the best in the world.

The United States has started a controversial program to recruit 16- 17 year old students into professional soccer. This program started right after the 1996 Olympics. Young men at this age have the best potential for excellence in professional soccer. Funds have been placed in trust to make it possible for those who have lost athletic scholarships to get a college education.

Professional Soccer is an International Sport where players can and do move from one country to another. Structure and ownership is on a much different basis than other professional sports. Mr. Rothenberg told of the legal problems faced by the United States Soccer Federation and his successful part in the litigation.

Thought for the day: "Athletics is America's favourite exercise - to sit and watch" Anon.