March 22, 2001


ED JACKSON started us off with the Pledge - as he stated, "To the greatest country in the world". The song was led by LENNY FRIEDMAN, accompanied by what Prexy STEVE described as "Dueling Pianists" in the persons of JJACK HARRIS and PP JIM DOWNIE. It doesn't seem fair to YOE for our musicians to be so described, since they compliment each other nicely. However, it might not be out of line to suggest a bit of a more upbeat tempo next time, OK? LEO TSENG gave the Thought for the Day, first requesting that we remain standing. LEO then pointed out that he has heard the Four Way Test used in this slot in various clubs all over the world, and that's what we did. LEO led, and we repeated after him -we can all use the reminders this Test provides. Thank You, LEO!


For a change, we had a visiting Rotarian, Alice March from Santa Monica. She was introduced by HANK HEUER- and on that subject, a request by YOE, please. If you are the Introducer, would you give me the slips from which you read, afterward? Just stop by my table, and that way I'll get both the names and spelling correct, please.

BILL MICHAEL brought Ann Marie Christian, his Special Guest, and she is with Best Buddies - they help the developmentally disabled. TODD GURVIS also had a Special Guest, Alan Brunell, who is Director of Finance at Multi-Link Technology. The actual Introducer was PDG ANDY ANDERSON, for which I assume he will get the usual stipend. Another nearby Club suggested we ask Dan Hammond to our meeting, and so PP MIKE NEWMAN introduced him, which I mention so you won't think he just came on all by himself.


I hate to give away trade secrets, but the truth is that whoever is President usually provides me with an outline of the first half of the program. I mention this because in this particular instance I had such a 'cheat sheet' which plainly spells out who is to do what. I quote, "Announcements: Dave Matson". However, apparently nothing really helps when you are dyslexic or otherwise impaired - Prexy STEVE persisted in calling for DAVID WATSON - this is the second week in a row! Shortly thereafter, the true DAVID, surname of MATSON, appeared, and was informed by several of us at our table that he was again supposed to be playing basketball in Philadelphia with our Bruins tonight…Anyway, DAVE had a guest, Missy Servinsky, a former student of his who is now a Chiropractor. Aside to Prexy STEVE - we aren't going to let you off the hook on this, MATSON/Watson, so be forewarned…Shirley More was with PETER, and both JULIE and SID THOMPSON were once again with us.


Several members briefly mentioned how they earn their living. First up was MARK BLOCK, who recently made partner at his law firm, Christenson, Miller, etc. They cover the spectrum of law, and, as mentioned previously, have perhaps the largest conference table known to the modern world in their office. PETER MORE is in the export trade, handling professional and consumer audio products - his customers are all over the Pacific Rim. This seemingly straightforward statement was slightly put into question when PETER admitted that Shirley wants him to expand his customer base into Tahiti. Now YOE, being inherently suspicious, wonders if a business deductible visit to Huahini might be an unspoken result. But let's not knock deductible travel…Last up was DENNIS CORNWELL, ABC Travel in the Village. He had a pretty good line, pointing out that his first career was one way only - he was an embalmer- and today he can provide full round-trips…


KEN KILPO accepted our $300.00 check in behalf of the Westside Food bank. Bruce Rankin, their Director, was called away unexpectedly, but Ken pointed out that under Bruce's leadership since 1998, their food collection and distribution has grown from one million pounds annually to over three million pounds today. They distribute food to over 30,000 families each year - an excellent program, KEN.

PP RON LYSTER reported on the results of a recent poll he conducted to those of us who are on the Internet. The reaction to our three sites was favorable, and he urged everyone to expand their usage, since that's a good way to continue to stay in touch.

PDG ANDY ANDERSON reminded us of the Police Dept. program called "Read to Me" which will start soon at Fairburn Elementary, nearby. They need Rotarians to help - check with ANDY or ANN ELKINS for details (but not this week, he'll be in Hawaii).


March 27th, District Breakfast at LAX Marriott - JIM GREATHEAD.
March 29th - after our regular lunch, meeting for all Yearlings to be further oriented into what WVRC does - it's a great story, so please plan to be there.
April 26th - District Conference in Newport - TED IHNEN


TODD GURVIS, who is a busy guy, introduced Neil R. Gumenick, whom he has known for some time. Neil has been admitted to the practice of Acupuncture since 1979, lives in the Palisades with his wife, and has three kids, one of whom has already graduated from college. He is the Founder of "The Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Program".

Neil began by asking for input - what did we want to hear about? There were several suggestions, mainly concerning sex… Acupuncture has been practiced in China for 5,000 years - which means it has stood the test of time. It grew from recognition that there are both exterior and interior causes of illness, and both causes must be treated for a successful result. Exterior factors include wind, cold, heat, humidity, dryness, dampness and fire. Interior factors are anger, fear, joy or lack of joy, anxiety, grief, and worry. Note that many things that exist today in our environment were not present even 100 years ago - chemical injury, radiation, pollution are examples. And with all the advances in Western medicine, we have more disease now than we did a hundred years ago!

What is the cause of your problem? Until that is determined, treatment cannot begin, and in Neil's program, the initial interview and examination lasts two hours. We are all different, and we are extensions of nature, which is why Acupuncture can be so helpful.

There are four sure signs that you have a problem - color of face, body odor, sound of voice, and your emotional state. Once these appear, treatment should follow.

The needles used are quite thin, and there are 350 different entry points where they can be inserted. Interestingly enough, your mental acceptance of the treatment is not necessary - it will work, with or without your going along. It doesn't matter if you have developed a problem, or if you were born with it - treatment can still be effective.

In the brief Q&A, one testimonial was given (I missed who gave it) but they pointed out that a severely sore elbow was cured in two treatments - which last about an hour each.

How is a cup used - it creates a vacuum, and thus can suck out the cause of the problem.

S ome of you may remember that former member DR Janine Krivokapich spoke quite approvingly of the UCLA program of Oriental Medicine - and Neil does the same things.

Thank you for an enlightening visit. Neil.

Second Thought for the Day (after LEO TSENG, above), "Love your enemies, for they will tell you your faults" by Benjamin Franklin.

YOE, Ernie Wolfe

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