July 13, 2000

Looking ahead at the Democratic National Convention!

What started out as a fairly routine meeting provided a sense of worry and concern after hearing what CLARENCE CHAPMAN had to report - but first,


The usual themes, and PP TOM LENEHEN started us off with the Pledge. Next up were LENNY FRIEDMAN and PP JIM DOWNIE, combining on The Battle Hymn - and note, JIM was on the piano, not his usual synthesizer. LENORE MULRYAN had done some real preparation for her Invocation - displaying a 10 x 20 picture of the mosaic she spoke about, and then telling the story of RUDY ALVAREZ and a homeless man he met, who between them created an 8-foot mural in the entrance way of RUDY'S home. It certainly was an example of Service Above Self - our congratulations to all concerned.

Prez STEVE introduced his two Special Guests, Todd Gurvis and Neal Zaslavsky, both former members of West Hollywood. You may recall that these men were circularized in our last Windmill, and we're glad to welcome them aboard. GEORGE'S guest was the son of a Rotarian GEORGE met at the Buenos Aires Convention, Bill Stubbeman, M.D. and GEORGE hopes he will become a Special Guest. Our other Visiting Rotarian was Fumio Nobui, PP of the Tokyo Waseda Club. He publishes newspapers, and was accompanied by his daughter, Hiroko Clemens, who is in L.A. as the Bureau Chief of the Global Visual Journal- and according to the ever-scheming GEORGE, she, too may be a Special Guest! PP TOM LENEHEN brought his lovely wife, Elinor.


RUDY ALVAREZ made some hosting announcements.
Coming up first, August 3rd, we will have eight Japanese exchange students with us that day. So we need 2 cars to bring them from UCLA to our meeting, and after the meeting, 5 drivers to take them down to the Beach Club. Then, about 5 p.m. - 5 drivers to return the students to their host's homes. NOTE - this is an excellent way to get some feeling for hosting these students, so if you have kids or grandchildren who may be thinking about going on the Japanese Exchange next summer, they should come along on these rides. And if you can house any of them during their visit, that would be also help. Please call TED IHNEN on this, OK?

Starting August 13th, we will have a team of five Russians on a Group Study Exchange, and they need housing for a week. This is a real opportunity to meet some special people, so think about stepping forward as a host. Again, TED IHNEN is contact.

Finally, later in the year, we will have another Group Study Exchange team from Czechoslovakia - you might be thinking about hosting them, please. And wouldn't you know - for all this, plus the plug about his new wall mosaic, RUDY was fined $200.

Prez STEVE updated us on the status of the armless 13-year old girl in India - with the help of PP YOSH SETOGUCHI and PDG ANDY ANDERSON, her care has been turned over to the local District Governor in Kerala, India.

Risking our maybe having to watch the public Hari Kiri of PP JIM DOWNIE, Prez. STEVE nevertheless listed a whole bunch of dates to remember -
July 20th - International Service Committee meeting, 11:30 at the hotel.
July 25th - District Breakfast at LAX Marriott - JIM GREATHEAD.
August 3rd - Community Service Committee, same 11:30, same place.
August 5th - Dinner Party at the TSENG'S - Petie Henkes for RSVPs.
August 28th - DG Youth Scholarship Golf at Rolling Hills CC.
and finally, Sept 24th - Picnic and Visiting Scholars BB at the Siskels.
Contact Shirley More, SUSAN ALLEN, or TED IHNEN.
YOE cannot help but ask if there isn't a better way than this litany of events - should we just put them in the Windmill, unless they are less than two weeks away?


PDG ANDY ANDERSON briefly introduced our 'member-in-hiatus' UCLA Police Chief CLARENCE CHAPMAN. CLARENCE got off on the right foot immediately, pointing out that he is a sometimes contributor to the local poker group - rumor is that they send a limo to pick him up! CLARENCE then proceeded to give us a very entertaining - and cautionary - report on the forthcoming Democratic Convention, which will be in L.A. from the l3th to the 17th of August.

He pointed out that what we have to prepare for is what happened in Seattle during the WTO meeting recently. The 4-day cost of the damage was $19 million, and that doesn't count the lawsuits which will be filed by the opposing demonstrators. Fallout included the resignation of the Police Chief and Mayor in Seattle, essentially brought about since they simply didn't believe the advice they were getting and were not at all prepared for the mob scene that ensued. Specifically, about 1000 police tried to control over 3000 demonstrators, and ended up on constant duty for 48 hours without rest or relief of any sort - they didn't even have portable toilets set up! Since they have openly registered in LA area hotels, it is apparent that the same group of protesters who were in Seattle will be in LA.

CLARENCE was able to divulge that UCLA expects to house 800 CHP officers from the whole southern half of California, and they will be assigned to duty right here. With their own force, that will provide 1000 police to cover the 419 acres at UCLA - plus such possible targets as Occidental Petroleum and the Hammer Museum, the B of A, the Gap - even Starbucks. UCLA Hospital has been designated as the treatment site for anyone sprayed with chemical agents - and these 'patients' will undoubtedly drag their friends along! They may try to chain the doors shut so delegates can't get to their meetings, plus blocking major intersections with their cars.


emember that these protesters are very diverse - and thus you can't easily devise a way to handle the many kinds of protest they may come up with. An obvious stand-by force should be the National Guard, and if they are to be used, they must be mobilized well in advance. The protesters won't have the advantage of surprise, as they did in Seattle, but we should all be warned to be on the alert during this 5-day period.

Q&A - What is being spent up front? - l.4 million by the state, and 4 million for the city is set aside so far. Lenny asked if he should put his high-priced jewelry in his vault - but Clarence assured him he would take care of it himself! He further admitted that he came as the speaker since he knew we gave speakers a prize - and he was expecting a car! YOE asked if they expected similar trouble in Philadelphia, and CLARENCE pointed out that only the Democrats change things - thus they will leave the Republicans alone. He does estimate there might be as many as 20K protesters - so be forewared. Chief, thanks for your entertaining - and warning - talk about what might happen.

Thought for the Day - When you flee temptation - don't leave a forwarding address!

YOE, Ernie Wolfe