July 6, 2000

  Windmill for 6 July -it's a New Year!

We began with the RI Theme - and once published herein, it will no doubt be
forever burned into your memory, and thus not necessary to repeat - "Create Awareness and Take Action".  DENNIS CORNWELL strode fearlessly to the platform and led us in the Pledge.   The song was next, with music by BILL MAXWELL, under the baton of PP STEVE DAY.  After a couple of pre-beginnings, we launched into God Bless America, to everyone's satisfaction. The now-defrocked RON KLEPETAR provided the Invocation, pointing out that we needed a strong message.  We were reminded that July 3rd was the last day of the climatic battle of Gettysburg, and that our nation's birthday is a time to remember that many people have contributed to this land of freedom that we all enjoy.  RON then read a letter from Abraham Lincoln to a mother who lost five sons during the War - a reminder that we all have debts to those who came before us.

YOE allowed as how there weren't any visiting Rotarians, but was corrected by Prez. STEVE who introduced Neil Graboski, President of W. Hollywood and his Special Guest.  During this next period, there were several reputed calls to either Prez STEVE or PP BOB WESSLING, which served to stretch out further introductions.  Prez STEVE did manage to introduce Jamie Spencer, from UCLA, plus his son, Evan, who will soon be going to Dublin to study Veterinarian Medicine at University College there.  Next was his daughter, Melanie, a personal chef for, among others, Ann Margaret (YOE wonders if she ever needs a sous chef…).   Melanie also produces breadsticks for restaurants.  Claude Cutwright was of course there in support of STEVE.

Much to the dismay of PP JIM DOWNIE, there were announcements - all made by Prez. STEVE - (and another word of advice - have other members make these remarks - share the blame, so to speak). Anyway, here they are:
July 11th - first Board Meeting, at DiStefano's in WW - 6:30.
July 20th - joint Board Meeting of WVRC and Brentwood /WLA Club to discuss fundraiser at the Peterson Museum.- ll:30 before our meeting, DON CONNER in charge.
July 25th, first District Breakfast, LAX Marriott, with dancing Indians - 0645!  Contact JIM GREATHEAD.
Our Rotary Auxiliary is hosting a Summer Dinner Party at the home of LEO and Marian TSENG on Saturday, August 5th at 6 p.m.  RSVP with check for $25 pp to Petie Henkes, 12313 Navy Street, LA 90066.
AND, at next week's meeting you will be seated at numbered tables - be

Those at the head table were each asked to speak briefly on their area of
activity.  First up was ANN ELKIN, who is our new Vocational Service Chair.  The programs we have had success with will be continued - and she always needs volunteers to help.  PP RON LYSTER now has the new title of email maven, this because he briefly mentioned the three email sites available: For Official Business, (wvrc@egroups.com ).For serious but non-rotary matters (wvrc-forum@egroups.com) and for postings in a lighter vein (wvrc-chat@egroups.com). Note that 80% of the Club is now on the Internet,
the newest joiners being PP DAVE MORE and PP MIKE NEWMAN.  ANN SAMSON is in charge of Community Service, and will focus on our excellent
PLLUS program.  PETER MORE is the new Secretary/Treasurer, who admitted that PP DOUG DESCH does most of the work.  However, this frees PETER to take minutes of the Board Meetings, which necessitates his keeping awake during these proceedings. PETER, a word of advice here from YOE - into each life some rain must fall…  BOB YOUNKER is our Webmaster, and our home page (www.wvrc.net) gives access to the Windmill, the Calendar, our history, the officers - just check the Navigator Bar on the left hand for the complete menu.  RUDY ALVAREZ, still breathing hard from finishing last year's Award Book, had enough left to take on International Service.  His intent is to establish better links with many clubs worldwide.

MARK BLOCK was up next, and he is Youth Chair.  They will initiate KICK,
Karate for Inner City Kids, and LEE DUNAYER will assist, while ELLIOTT TURNER will handle Rotaract - and ELLIOTT, be aware that GEORGE DEA'S shoes are large ones to fill. PP STEVE DAY is our Foundation Chair - and we have TWO, RI and WVRC.  He mentioned that PP BOB WESSLING was to be in charge of one of the Foundations, and an unidentified voice asked if that was subject to a vote…Moving right along, STEVE allowed as how we would concentrate on Polio Plus and the Ambassadorial Scholar programs.  President Elect GEORGE DEA stated that he was considering taking a course called Staging and Managing Communications, but also admitted that he will be selecting the site for the Demotion Party (and STEVE, a word here, if I may - just because we are planning during your FIRST meeting to cast you out later shouldn't be taken personally - we all are subject to term limits…) GEORGE added that Vice President TED IHNEN will be in charge of the skit for the Demotion.  His final announcement was that our request for a Matching Grant for the PLLUS Program has been approved, with Singapore West as our other matchee.  Public Relations will be handled by PP ROY BELOSIC, who started out by trying to put the best face he could on his being seated below the dais with the hoipoli, saying that was where he really preferred to be.  However, he did recover enough to suggest that Hump Day and the Sweetheart Brunch should perhaps not be mentioned in the same sentence.  SUSAN ALLEN will handle Membership, but was not able to attend today.  Our ever-vigilant PP JIM DOWNIE reminded Prez STEVE that he had l minute left-  Believe it or not, Prez STEVE had a couple of final thoughts.  He reminded us that RI International President Frank Devlin is the first such officer with an Internet focus.  STEVE pointed out what a difference one person can make, his example being PP RON LYSTER who founded the International Association of Rotary Motorcyclists in 1991 - and they now have over 1500 members worldwide!
 At this point, PP MIKE NEWMAN suggested that we needed dessert, rather than that lousy salad, to which YOE heartily agrees.  Before STEVE could finish with his Thought for the Day, it was passed by acclimation that all Board Members (they are listed above) be fined $100.

Final Thought, anyway - Measure Twice, Cut Once!

                            YOE, Ernie Wolfe