June 1, 2000

The Three P's

Yes, in our never-ending efforts to improve our beloved Windmill, we have now come up with three sub-titles: Prologue - Potpourri - Program. Hopefully this will shorten it...


The usual theme, followed by the Pledge, by HARLAN LEWIS. Music, accappella yet, led jointly by PP STEVE DAY and LENNY FRIEDMAN - and it must be stated that they had a growing number of enthusiastic napkin wavers as we went through America.

PDG ANDY ANDERSON relayed the story of the six men, each having one stick of wood to keep the fire going. RALPH BEASOM introduced two visiting Rotarians, both from West Hollywood - they were Bill Lustig and Tod Gervas. KEVIN KOMATSU brought Tom Skinner, son of Danny. PP STEVE SCHERER had with him Terry

Tegnazian, one of the founders of Reg Gipson's firm, and Laura Lake, who is running for the City Council District 5 seat now held by Mike Feuer.. RUDY ALVAREZ introduced Christy Curtis, Principal of Fairburn Elementary, and Chris Carlson, also from Fairburn. SALLY BRANT brought JoAnn Young - and it was good to see JOHN CROWELL back.


Health report - mostly good. PP JOHN SINGLETON visited with MYRON TAYLOR and he is far enough along that he is allowed to walk a couple of miles a day. DANNY SKINNER continues to improve. However, Pauline and JACK HARRIS were involved in a serious auto accident in Indiana. They were in a Chevy Blazer, stopping in a construction zone and were hit by a truck, which rolled them over a couple of times. JACK was sitting where the impact occurred, and his right hand was dragged through gravel and glass. The ambulance took them to Crawfordsville, where there was a good hospital, and then on to Indianapolis to the state Hand Center. JACK had three operations, and is now in a cast up to his armpit. Their treatment couldn't have been better, Pauline reports. They arrived back in LA on Wednesday, and will be seeing Dr. Meals at UCLA tomorrow.

RUDY ALVAREZ spoke about the many improvements taking place at Fairburn School, and re-introduced Christy Curtis and Chris Carlson. They have a memorial tile campaign going on, and WVCR will have a prominent display. You can design your own plaque, and Chris Carlson is the person to contact. RUDY presented them with a check for $300 from Community Service. Prez BOB read a letter from Sally Phillips, some of which was written by HOWARD PHILLIPS just before he died. It spoke of the applicants for corrective surgery in India - 1000 apply, and about 500 are selected, with all income amplified four times because so much of the cost is entirely donated. This came with a large check from the Phillips family, and will of course go into our Trust Fund for this purpose. Thank you, Sally and family.


JIM BECHTEL introduced our two speakers - Lou Moore from the Geffen Playhouse and David Rodes, for the Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts at the Hammer Museum.

Ms Moore pointed out that Geffen became part of UCLA in 1995, and it's purpose is to serve the public, not necessarily to make money. Thus they produce five shows each year, running for just five weeks each, and the current production stars Peter Falk and Jason Alexander in "Defiled". They now have 11,000 subscribers, so most of their 498 seats are sold out. They will be doing some major remodeling, and eventually once again have a restaurant.

David Rodes teaches Shakespeare, besides running the Grunwald operation, and he was quite entertaining. They, too, are remodeling, and will soon have 30% more display space than at present. Open every day but Monday, note that Thursdays are FREE. Looking down the road, in October 200l they will be presenting a cooperative show with all the local museums, entitled "The World From Here". They have a 299-seat auditorium and want to encourage Westwooders to come and see what they are doing.

As a final note, Press BOB wished STEVE ADLER Godspeed on his visit to Buenos Aires, and then STEVE announced that we will be helping a severely handicapped girl from India, plus two other children with prosthetic equipment.

YOE, Ernie Wolfe