March 9, 2000


On March 9th, another good program. YOE, in an unlikely attempt to move into this new Millennium, tried out his tape recorder today - with mixed results. So go on from here at your own risk, OK?

We started off with the admittedly Good News that Press BOB is 2/3rds through - this is his 34th meeting, with 17 yet to go! (and no nit-picking here, please. Any debate as to how long he has already been through will lead us nowhere, so be kind, please). MARK BLOCK asked us to Pledge to the Greatest Country on the Planet, which came off well.

BILL MAXWELL, BRUCE HARRIS and his guest, Lt.Col. Philip Barnette led us in the Army Field Artillery song, " The Caissons Go Rolling Along." Next up was JIM BECHTEL, and just as we settled back for a long winter's nap, his Thought for the Day was over and done with.

This consisted of the reminder that on this day in 1562 (write that date down, please), kissing became punishable by death - and he reminded us of how lucky we are to be living in 2000…

PP DOUG DESCH then announced the Longevity Awards - those with perfect attendance (and if you don't attend, you can't get much out of being a Rotarian).

Forty-nine of us, including YOE, have up to 19 years of BEING THERE. 20 years - DICK ROBINSON and FLOYD DEWHIRST. 23 years - PP ROY BELOSIC. 24 years - PP DOUG DESCH. 27 years - PP JOHN SINGLETON. Capping all this, PP BOB LUSK with 37 years, and the Champ, PP JIM DOWNIE at 46 years! Congratulations to all, especially those who endured the famous Aesop Explanation.

MIKE YOUSEM introduced Visiting Rotarian Lou Bertram, in banking, from Palos Verdes Sunset; he will be an assistant to next year's Governor, Vicky Radel. PP DOUG DESCH'S guests were Eric and Kathleen Goldner. Money again came to mind, so Prez BOB nicked KEN LEVER 100 for attending other clubs -KEN"S rejoinder was, "That's why I came here today." BOB THOM paid the same for he and Diana being featured in Full Color in some widely distributed local scandal sheet. LEO TSENG was next, for the same reason, but he escaped with a mere 50, for some reason. Note to Prez Bob - it you are going to fine people (YOE excepted, of course) you might as well charge them the full Century - saves bookkeeping).

BRUCE HARRIS then introduced our guest, Lt. Col. Philip Barnette, Professor of Military Science, and Chair of the Department of Military Science at UCLA. As the Chair, he is the primary instructor of the Department for its graduating seniors, for their classes and preparing them for commissioning in the Army. Col. Barnette has spent most of his 25-year career in the Military Police and he outlined some of the problems in keeping Army junior officers in the service - they are being hired away by outside firms. He concluded by reminding us that it's great to be a soldier, and great to be finishing his career at UCLA.

Carressa Carlstedt, Co-Director of Meals on Wheels, was introduced by RUDY ALVAREZ, and presented with a check from Community Service. Carressa thanked us for our continuing support, noting that JIM GREATHEAD, JACK HARRIS, JIM SUMNER, and YOE handle some deliveries, while JULIE THOMPSON is a candidate - and they can use more helpers, always. RUDY then noted that BOB THOM brought about ONE HUNDRED cans of food for the West side Food Bank, and HARLAN LEWIS was commended for contributing $20 - $19.00 more than the required fee! For all this activity, plus shepherding the WVRC Awards Book, Prez BOB presented RUDY with an almost-lifetime supply of popcorn - which RUDY claims will go on to the Food Bank.

MYRON TAYLOR is having an angiogram today - keep him in your thoughts, please. Upcoming events include the Board Meeting on March 21st, District Breakfast on the 28th, and the Yearling Reception on the 29th - please call to reserve on all of these.

And note the deadline for applying for the Japan Student Exchange is March 25th - DON"T let this one escape, OK? Final event, for now - the District Conference in Palm Springs from 4 to 7 May.

SALLY BRANT introduced George Nicholaw, General Manager of KNX. This station has garnered more awards than any other, including a Peabody, 160 Golden Mike Awards, the International Pater Award as the outstanding radio station in the WORLD, and the Edward R. Murrow Award, just to name a few. Another measure of its success is that George has out lasted seven general managers at 'sister station' KFWB.

He started in radio, then switched to TV, but came back to radio when it was decided to make KNX an all-news station. He was a very early developer of the theme of Community Service, and has always been open to new ideas - including airing 60 Minutes, the Citizen of the Week, Drama Hour and Mystery Theatre. Their current trademark is Traffic and Weather every 6 minutes.

KNX has purchased almost 200 local stations, and will soon merge with Viacom - which was once part of KNX long ago. There are six members of the Editorial Board - equally divided between men and women, and they don't shy away from controversial issues. Mr. Nicholaw does a daily Editorial, and then invites contrary views, which they always air. He is proud of their daily editorial by Michael Josephson, of the Josephson Institute of Ethics - and note that our own DON NELSON is a Board Member of that Institute.

In the Q&A, he reported that more of their listeners are at home than in their cars. In that regard, 7 to 8 p.m. Sunday evening is one of the busiest traffic times, with many people returning from weekends away (the other two busy hours are between 7 and 9 a.m. week days). He feels that our serious problems at present are schools and traffic, particularly the freeway system. And he remains concerned about what he sees as a retreat from personal responsibility - let the other guy do it, seems a common attitude. He feels that the personal attacks in today's political campaigns would be better left unsaid - they demean both parties.

Sally, thanks for allowing Mr. Nicholaw to finish part of his lunch - he certainly was informative.

But before signing off, two Retro Facts, if I may: PP DOUG DESCH reminded us why the Siamese twins moved to England - it allowed the other one to drive…AND NEXT WEEK, there will be Full Disclosure of the details of the Singles Event set for the 28th of this Month, which should insure full attendance at the Bel Air Hotel on March 16th. See you then.

YOE, Ernie Wolfe