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Program Chair:  Paul Aslan November 21, 2013
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November 26
UCLA vs. USC Rivalry Luncheon

JW Marriott Hotel 11:00a-1:30p

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December 5

Dr. Mary Keyes

"Operation Smile"


Christmas Shopping Spree

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December 12

Holiday Luncheon

Skirball Center


November 26 
UCLA v. USC Rivalry Luncheon
UCLA Physician Mary Keyes, MD specializes in Anesthesiology.

December 5

Dr. Mary Keyes

"Operation Smile"

PP’s Eric Loberg and Peter More were the official greeters today and warmly welcomed everyone!

Loberg must have been in trouble b/c he was double tasked with leading us in the pledge – well done.

Chris Bradford gave a lovely invocation and not to be outdone, Paul Aslan sang Home on the Range.


Visiting Rotarian and distinguished guests included:  Assistant District Governor, Linton Morgan.  PP Steve Scherer introduced his mini-me son, Ben.  Joan, our very own President for the UCLA Rotaract Club, introduced herself as a visiting Rotarian. Membership Chair Tom Barron introduced UCLA legend, John Peterson again and we saved the best for last; PP Don Nelson introduced his beautiful bride, Roz Nelson.


No official Merchant Minute so Phil Gabriel filled in to share the activities happening in the Village this weekend including a book store that carries many titles you wouldn’t normally find in traditional bookstores, plus many other local merchants to start your Holiday shopping! This is the last weekend to celebrate “Restore LA”, a program designed to bring the arts back to Westwood.


Our esteemed President called out many of our members names and then asked “What do they have in common?”  The answer – all the Board members that were No shows last night at our Board meeting!  Mark gave out pins to our Board members that did not receive them last night and then fined them each $10 for their non-attendance!


Our very active Membership Chairperson Tom Barron announced news for our Young Professionals Group, self-named, “Rotary Impact” and shared we will be inducting four new members to this group on Dec. 5th.  In addition, some may know Tom is a woodsmith and after hearing Don’s wife, Roz tell a story at our Nov. 7th meeting how he tried to kill a rat with a fly swatter,  Tom presented Don Nelson with his very own WVRC  rat swatter!  Tom personally made it in his woodshop at home so Don can properly protect his wife!  


On that note, fun news to announce – Our President asked our VP, Dr. Colby Smith, if he could identify what looked like potentially ink blots on the screen?  He guessed a bicuspid but then as we examined the picture more closely, the resemblance there was a little Colby in the sonogram – CONGRATULATIONS Stacie and Colby due with their first May 5th (and then our President fined him  $100 – boooooo! )  Mark also thanked Colby for responding so quickly to finding a creative way to bringing in new members!

When President Mark was teasing Ben Scherer about the women to men ratio in our Rotary Impact group it was announced Ben Scherer is getting married on New Y ear’s Eve in Michigan – CONGRATULATIONS, Ben. (And Debbi and Steve!)


Our Rotaract President, Joan, asked us to consider registering at Ralph's to support the Rotaractors.  She is happy to talk with anyone about how they can sign-up online and that is the extent of your effort and then passive income will flow to them from our normal shopping.


Our VP, Dr. Colby Smith, announced that on Dec 12th we will have our Holiday lunch at the Skirball Center  this year.  $30 for members, $60 for guests .  We only have room for 60 guests so it is whoever signs up first.


Mike Yousem announced on Dec 5th he is hosting the 29th Annual Shopping Spree with our Club and the Salvation Army Westwood Transition Center.  This activity has increased in costs and although someone has graciously stepped up to sponsor the bus, he would appreciate some contributions from our members to fill in the balance.  Checks can be made out to the Westwood Village Rotary Club FOUNDATION to support this event.


Guin Lyster is hosting a Dim Sum Breakfast/lunch on Dec 14th.  Those interested in joining for this meal in Monterey Park are also welcome to stop by the Chinese Bakery after – sounds like it will be a great time.


Our amazing President announced that last night your Board of Directors voted to donate $10,000 to the Rotary Foundation to support the disaster relief to the Philippines.  PP Dwight Heikkila presented AG Linton Morgan with a check from our Club.  Linton shared his and Governor Doug’s appreciation for our Club’s enduring support and promoted the upcoming District International Trip to Colombia. He shared his first Rotary moment in Panama helping with the wheelchair project and again expressed his thanks to our Club and it’s leadership efforts.


Please remember next week we are dark due to Thanksgiving so next Tuesday, November 26th, there is a joint meeting with LA 5 and Santa Monica and Beverly Hills at the Marriott at LA Live.  Feel free to carpool with our President if you are interested in going.


Finally, onto our anticipated program.


First, I’d like to just note we had really one of the best intros I have ever heard today provided by beloved honorary member Doris Ogilvie.  She shared that her husband was pastor of Hollywood Presbyterian for 33 yeas until he was called to the Senate as the official Chaplain. He served there until his first wife became sick and he resigned to care of her.  She said Lloyd is trying to learn to retire but it is still a learning process.  As she knew her husband was giving a Thanksgiving theme presentation, she thanked God for her husband.


Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie started by saying how wonderful it was to be in a room full of familiar faces.  Many of us did not know that Doris’ husband, Jim (who was a member of our Club) and Lloyd’s first wife Mary Jane died on the same day. So as he led us into the idea of Thanksgiving (which he also informed us is Don Nelson's birthday this year!) he continued that a certain essential ingredient of greatness should be the focus of our attention. That this quality should be our priority over status. What is this attribute?

An attitude of gratitude- Just say thanks per Jimmy Stewart.  On this Thanksgiving be profoundly thankful and have humility; “we have two hands”.  Gratitude - we require it; other people never tire of it. Gratitude breaks that bond of self-sufficiency. Love, accept, encourage and affirm this season.  He shared a story how he was laying to rest someone at a service and the woman yelled “Get him up! I never told him I loved him”. Now this may be an extreme example but it’s not so uncommon.  One of our speakers favorite authors, Thomas Carlyle, even wrote how never told his wife he loved her.


Lloyd encouraged us to consider that if we knew what was really going on inside people we might be more loving and affirming and caring. Everyone is a unique individual - do you say “thank you for being you?”  Inside people there is a longing to know they are cherished. And why not let others know we love profoundly? A renewed sense of God’s grace is the base of gratitude.  He went on to say he often feels like a turtle on a fence post - placed there by people who helped him. The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence does the rest, so whatever you dream, do it now!  “Boldness has power.” How we live and love and spend that time “in our dash” between dates on a tombstone.  Are we proud of how we lived our dash?


Two things he wanted us to remember: we require gratitude to break our self-sufficiency and others need it.  Lloyd closed by telling everyone "Thanks for being You".


Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie -

The consistent focus of the ministry of Lloyd Ogilvie through the years has been on the care, encouragement and support of business, political and community leaders. Beginning his ministry in Winnetka, Illinois, working with the business leaders of Chicago, he developed a deep appreciation for the impact of leaders on society and their need to receive sensitive pastoral care to live out their faith in the pressures, stresses and immense challenges of their work. During this time, Dr. Ogilvie developed a small group strategy to help men and women leaders and their families find mutual support and networking to face the problems and grasp the opportunities of their calling to serve in their personal relationships, at work, and in the community. This emphasis was continued in his ministry to leaders and their families in the steel industry when he served as Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Then he pursued this calling for twenty-three years as Pastor of the historic First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood where he sought to enable leaders in the entertainment community, as well as business and community leaders in the greater Los Angeles basin. In addition to his responsibilities as Pastor of the Hollywood Church, Dr. Ogilvie was a media communicator, author and frequent speaker throughout the Nation. Dr. Ogilvie believes that listening is the key to effective communication. His speeches are in direct response to the most urgent questions and deepest needs of people throughout the Nation. Through being attentive in conversations, extensive correspondence, and personal surveys, he seeks to feel the pulse of what people are thinking and feeling. His messages, books and leadership speeches arise out of this careful listening to people's hopes and hurts. In his role as Chaplain of the Senate, Dr. Ogilvie continued to listen to the needs of those in our Nation's Capitol. He understands that the role of a leader is often a lonely one. Dr. Ogilvie believes that his calling is to be available, approachable and attentive. Then, the insight, guidance and encouragement he offers will be received. Most importantly, he utilizes the privilege of praying with and for leaders and standing with them as they seek to be faithful to God in their decisions and leadership.


What a wonderful program, I personally am so thankful to my sponsor Peggy Bloomfield for giving me the gift of Rotary and this community.  Our President adjourned the meeting with delightful props to demonstrate Dec 19th is “bring a white elephant gift day” to exchange before our scheduled Club Assembly.

-YYE Aly Shoji

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