Yes, it was another busy program, and it all went well. PP STEVE DAY led us in the Pledge. It should be noted that one person clapped four times afterward, but this didn’t seem to engender further response. The song was God Bless America, beautifully sung a cappella by Miss Courtney Washington. Pres. PETER noted that this was the first song she ever sang in public, when she was two years old – and her Mother was in our audience today, which made it all the more special. She is one of our Scholarship winners, from University High. The prolonged applause was certainly well deserved.

PDG BILL GOODWYN came forward to give the Invocation, allowing us to sit down first. He began by speaking about Leadership, noting that it was often the subject in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. Characteristics which are necessary to provide leadership include spiritual maturity, relationship, family life, integrity and demeanor – all of which form your character. And character can be defined as who you are, when no ones looking! We know that God doesn’t call the equipped, rather he equips the called.

In his prayer, PDG BILL thanked God for the leadership of Pres. PETER, by providing him with the necessary characteristics to be an effective leader. He thanked our Lord for the fellowship we have nurtured and enjoyed, and for the many good works which we will continue to pursue. BILL, a thoughtful and accurate summary of PETER’S year.

AL BELLANCA found a Visiting Rotarian, Dr Jim Sharp, a Past President of Beverly Hills, who was there with his wife, Rhoda. MIKE GINTZ introduced his table of visitors including Courtney Washington and her Mother, and Micah Layne, Lauren Perry and her Mother, Pilar, Hojoon Kim and his Mother, Mrs. Kim, plus Carol Turley, an Administrator from Hamilton High, and Arthur Shane, the Music Director at UniHi

I was seated at a table with our four Military guests, whom I introduced – Lt. Col. Buck and Cadet Wu, from the Army ROTC, plus Lt. Col. Tony Leppellere and Cadet Alexandra Skierso from the Air Force ROTC. The several ladies of the Auxiliary were also asked to stand and were applauded. They included Shirley MORE, Marge DOWNIE,

Sharon BRADFORD, Roz NELSON, Janice DEA, Marian TSENG, and the two new Co-Chairs of the Auxiliary, Pat ANDERSON and Eloise SISKEL.

Two Housekeeping Notes, please:

Some of you who have ordered Group Photos have not picked them up – this may include DENNIS CORNWELL, BRUCE ROLF, PP BOB WESSLING, CLARK McQUAY, HENRY HEUER, and PP CHRIS GAYNOR, all of whom signed up last week, plus this week’s list of PP HOMER NEWMAN, CLAWSON BLEAK, SANDY SANDERSON, ANN SAMSON and PP JIM DOWNIE. We do have to order these, so even though they are ‘free’ we don’t want to duplicate orders, as I’m sure you can understand.

THEREFORE, if you want one, and aren’t listed above, lemme know, OK?

The other bit is much simpler – we have a bunch of NEW ROSTERS – I passed them out today, but if you still want one, just ask at the meeting, please.

WHOOPS – make that THREE notices, OK?

Pres. PETER, in his last official act, is offering a real Bargain on our 75th Anniversary

Sweatshirts. TEN BUCKS EACH! In large, we have about twenty in both maroon and blue, extra large, the same quantities, and XXL, only seven. His email says to call me – and I’ve had three calls already by 8 p.m. tonight – so don’t delay. (310) 277-3910.

June 29th, 2004 is the actual 75th Anniversary of WVRC, and in honor of that, here are some members who have perfect attendance (less than 10 years not shown!). So,


21 – JACK HARRIS and SANDY SANDERSON, 23 – BRUCE ROLF, TERRY M. WHITE, TERRY R. WHITE, and YOE, 24 – FLOYD DEWHIRST (who turns 90 this week!) and DICK ROBINSON, 30 – PP JOHN SINGLETON, and the Champ, at

FIFTY YEARS OF PERFECT ATTENDANCE, PP JIM DOWNIE! At this point, a large Birthday Cake was brought in, and PP JIM was invited forward to, among other things, blow out the candles. This he did, of course (would you expect anything less than perfection from this guy?). Pres. PETER thanked JIM for his constant dedication since 1954, noted that JIM had guided him (PETER) before and during his presidency, and we again thanked him for sharing his wisdom and friendship. JIM replied briefly, pointing out that Rotary and good friends made it all possible.

MIKE YOUSEM came forward to announce the selection of Rotarian of the Year.

He reminded us that this member had also belonged to LA Five, and had served in a number of positions at WVRC – his reputation being that he never had learned how to say no! He joined LA Five in 1973, was elected Secretary – and retired before he could progress beyond that. When he retired, he came aboard at WVRC in August of ’92, and again was elected Secretary! But he got off the boat, temporarily, until PP JIM COLLINS and YOE hotboxed him at one of the TSENG’S Summer Parties, putting him back on track – and this year he is Vice President. As of July, he becomes President Elect. This of course is DON NELSON, and he is certainly most deserving of the honor.

Congratulations, DON.

I brought the four ROTC members up, and asked their accompanying officer to introduce the awardees. Colonel Leppellere spoke about Cadet Alexandra Skierso, first thanking WVRC for our continuing support of their program. Cadet Skierso entered their program on a four year scholarship, and has consistently been chosen as the outstanding cadet in her class. She will enter training as a flight cadet, starting as soon as she is commissioned this Saturday. Colonel Buck then spoke about Cadet John Wu, who will be commissioned Saturday and will go into Ordinance. (That’s where the weapons are kept). He is the present Battalion Commander, and Col. Buck noted that we are the longest supporter of the Army ROTC, at UCLA, going back to 1947. Both awardees thanked us warmly for their (twin) sabers.

Youth Service Chair MIKE GINTZ introduced the four winners of $750.00 music scholarships. MIKE pointed out that Hamilton High is a Music Magnet, with 900 students from all over LA in attendance. UniHi is not a Magnet, but we wanted to include them in the competition. The first three performers were all from Hamilton. First to perform was Lauren Perry, who sang a most difficult number – alternating between normal notes and operatic highlights. She was wonderful. Micah Layne played the flute, accompanied by Hojoon Kim. Hojoon then played a solo on the piano – and each performance demonstrated why they had been awarded these scholarships. The fourth awardee was Courtney Washington, from UniHi, who had earlier given us God Bless America. At the conclusion of their performance, MIKE noted that each of them had been chosen not only for their demonstrated musical ability, but because they were all exemplary citizens. Pres. PETER then gave each of the four winners one of our WVRC Flight Bags. Everyone enjoyed this addition to our program of the day.

Marian TSENG came forward to thank her Rotary Auxiliary members for their support during the year. She especially thanked Shirley and PETER MORE for all the help they had given her. She then presented the two of them with a wonderful montage of photos, showing highlights of this past year. It will be another souvenir of a job well done.

Pres. PETER proceeded to outline the many high points of his about-to-be-over year.

He began by reporting on his and Shirley’s attendance at the International Convention in Brisbane, Australia last June. Back home, he mentioned the lighting system for the WLA Little League, the hearing aids and cell phones collected by RALPH SMITH and GEORGE DEA, the start of our Angel Flight cooperation with LEE DUNAYER, the Holiday Shopping Spree, run as usual by MIKE YOUSEM, another successful Japan Youth Exchange, our Awards to Firefighter and Police Officer of the Year, the Sweetheart Brunch by KEVIN KOMATSU, the RYLA sponsorship by MIKE GINTZ, Corazon Project by KACY ROZELLE, LENORE MULRYAN’S continuing sponsorship of Ambassadorial Scholars, the Luau at the TSENGS, and of course the wonderful picnic at the Siskel's. Truly, the list goes on and on – and Pres. PETER was always there, as the driving force to make them all happen.

Of course, the crowning event of the year was our 75thAnniversary. This was long planned by PP RON LYSTER, and PP DAVE WHITEHEAD assembled the program. There were 180 in attendance, and everyone had a great time – a number of members told me they thought it was the best party we ever had! Major contributors to the whole included PP RALPH WOODWORTH on catering and PP JIM DOWNIE who is putting together a 75th Anniversary souvenir book but we must return to the program itself – PP DAVE WHITEHEAD not only planned it, but provided the video tie-in for each decade, and it was sensational. Truly, (and as advertised), One for the Book!

PETER then thanked HENRY TSENG for inviting him to join WVRC, and noted that without Shirley’s constant help and encouragement, the year wouldn’t have been possible. He wished incoming President RUDY the best for a successful and fun year, and ended “I wish all of you good health and happiness! God Bless!”

One word summary of the whole program – WOW! YOE, Ernie Wolfe