November 8, 2001

Another Good Craft talk, on November 8th at WVRC

Yes, LYNDON PARKER was the speaker; excellent as expected. But before that,

KEN KILPO led us in the Pledge, and we had TWO songs - America, with PP STEVE

DAY directing, and Bicycle Built for Two, with LENNY FRIEDMAN at the helm.

Both melodies were accompanied on the piano by today's speaker, LYNDON PARKER.

PP HOWIE HENKES gave an interesting leadup to the Invocation, based on

"everybody, somebody, anybody, and nobody", in various combinations, followed

by a short prayer.

Well Done, HOWIE. While still on his feet, HOWIE then reminded us of the

Braille Christmas Luncheon, set for Friday, Dec 14th - save the date, and you

can give them a hand as a server that day.

HARLAN LEWIS had but one Visiting Rotarian, with the unusual classification

of - get this - Pallete Recycling. His name was Jeff Otto, and he hails from

the White Bear Lake Club, which I'm sure you knew was in Minnesota. RUDY

ALVAREZ introduced his Special Guest, Cathy Marie Rezos, who is in Property

Management. PP MIKE NEWMAN brought along Iris Kwan, a graduate student from

Taiwan, pursuing a Doctorate in Theatre. My Special Guest was Dr. Harold

Goldman, and we met as dog-walkers in Westwood. He told me afterward that we

did appear to have our share of senior members, which made him quite

comfortable! TED IHNEN introduced Special Guest Kacy Rozelle, who has been

circulated already.

MIKE YOUSEM reminded us that he will again conduct the Christmas Shopping

Tour for the kids from Venice Boys and Girls Club. The date is Thursday

December 13th, and it's a nice way to get into the Christmas spirit, as Pres.

GEORGE then pointed out. The Board of Directors will meet at the J and R

Seafood Restaurant, 6:30 next Tuesday the 13th. And the Youth Committee,

under KEVIN KOMATSU is set for 11:30 here, before our regular meeting on the

29th of this month. PP JIM SUMNER had the misfortune of having his name

appear in the Brentwood News, which cost him 300 Dea Dollars - but JIM

protested that the fine should be paid by someone who really LIVES in

Brentwood, since he hadn't seen the article himself. JIM suggested either

DON NELSON or PP STEVE SCHERER, but neither one of them appeared to agree,

somehow. But while he was on his feet, JIM did relate the story of the man

who was not feeling satisfied with his sex life with his wife. His doctor

recommended he run ten miles a day, and to come back in thirty days with a

report. "Well?" asked the doctor - "I don't know, I was 300 miles away".

JACK HARRIS told the sad story of the guy who swam across a swimming pool

with four crocodiles present, apparently to win a bet. However, his concern,

after making the crossing, was to find the clown who pushed him in! RALPH

SMITH and Betty returned recently from a cruise, which cost RALPH a hundred

big ones. And then, Pres. GEORGE first planned to fine the five Bob's -


were present, they were excused, and the rest were fined in absentia (that

means they weren't there to protest, I think). Obviously, this was a ploy to

encourage attendance…As the final preliminary event, SLOS VIAU spoke of the

forthcoming clothing drive for the local Salvation Army Center. They need

men's clothing in particular, and items that could be worn on job interviews

are requested. SLOS will have his car available in the parking lot next

week, so bring your extra clothing along, OK?

RUDY ALVAREZ was pleased to introduce LYNDON PARKER, our newest member.

During this process, the subject of money came up, and RUDY claimed that

LYNDON ended up paying him a hundred bucks for his sponsorship! When LYNDON

came forward, his first words were, "It was only fifty" - followed by an

anonymous voice from the audience saying, "He charged ME Five Hundred".

While it may not be possible to fully investigate this matter in these pages,

it is something we should look into, apparently…

LYNDON was born in Philadelphia, where his Dad was completing his doctorate

at Penn. It seems that his Dad met his Mother at Emory - which is in Atlanta

- and YOE would have to say that LYNDON has a pretty good imitation of her

'southern' voice.  Parker Sr. taught Political Science at the

City College of New York (CCNY, that is)

This arduous subject forced him to work as much as three hours EACH WEEK - a

schedule so busy that he commuted from Philadelphia during the latter part of

his tenure.

Meanwhile, LYNDON played baseball with some success in Little League (they

won the Championship in 1959!). He moved on to graduate from American

University in Washington DC, then on to Law School at NYU, plus getting a

Masters in taxation.

This enabled him to sign on with the IRS - and as an aside, he had to admit

that many of today's names in WVRC were familiar to him, having seen them

before while investigating and prosecuting shady characters during his tenure

with the Service.

Later, he joined ARA Services in Philadelphia as assistant General Counsel,

but gave it up after awhile when he saw how many were ahead of him as far as

ever becoming General Counsel himself. Moving into private practice, he

formed a law partnership, and after one year, they had 16 lawyers, then 40

the next year. But LYNDON didn't like what he was doing, so sold the

practice, and moved to California. Here he met his second wife, Nancy, and

between them they have three children - Joseph, Rachel, and Adam. Joseph, who

is 25, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse, and is in advertising

design. Rachel is a senior at Brandeis University and plans to teach blind

children. Adam is a senior in high school. The family resides in La Canada.

Waldorf and Associates is a firm specializing in executive search for

attorneys - they handle both firms who are looking and attorneys who are

seeking. Confidentiality is very important here, and they particularly pride

themselves in this department. This is of course a niche market, and since

they have branches in several locations, they can cover it very well. They

only place two or three attorneys a month - which means each case is very

carefully researched, and this in turn has earned them an excellent


Their fees are paid by the law firms, in every case.

LYNDON then spoke about why attorneys want to change firms. Usually, it

isn't about money, but about the culture of the new firm they are seeking.

He mentioned annual salaries of 1.2 million, then accepting a mere $700K, and

in that league, a half million dollars simply isn't that important,

apparently. Since Waldorf has an excellent reputation, both firms and

attorneys will usually take their calls. He spoke of a 'Book of Business'

which refers to how much annual business an attorney is doing, and of course

how much of that is transferable should be change firms. Some attorneys are

looking to leave that competitive category, and are looking to become staff

counsels in corporations - at a lesser salary, apparently.

The Waldorf firm likes what they do and they pride themselves on getting the

right fit between attorney and a new position. Obviously, they do it well.

LYNDON, thanks for taking most of us to territory we haven't explored before.

You indicated you like it at WVRC, and the feeling is mutual.

YOE, Ernie Wolfe