June 8, 2000



Prez BOB spared me once again, letting me off the hook to remember the Three C's -Consistency, Creditability, and Continuity, and as a token of my gratitude I therefore list them as above. PP HOWIE HENKES led the Pledge, followed by SANDY SANDERSON and PP JIM DOWNIE leading us in a rendition of The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Sandy preceded this with a reminder that Irving Berlin was on stage at UCLA in 1935, and there and then changed the words of Strike Up The Band to include For UCLA. SANDY truly has some historical gems that surpass all expectations. But even though this was tough act to follow, DON NELSON stepped forward with a new and different Thought For The Day, beginning "Rub a dub dub, Thanks for the Grub" - you get the idea. And this, after all his grounding in good Methodist theology at that local establishment headed by SHARON RHODES-WICKETT!

Guests included Takuni Noma, who used to belong to the Roseville Club - he's looking for a Rotary home, and has been with us before, so if you find him with us again, be sure to step forward and introduce him, as BOB YOUNKER did today. And on that subject - if you tell everyone where he comes from, or something BEFORE giving his name, it will be lots easier to hear - and remember - the name, OK? PP RALPH WOODWORTH brought with him Guy Jueo, and PP STEVE SCHERER introduced Sat Mendoza, Counsul General of Chile. Finally, PP JIM COLLINS asked everyone to say hello to Carol, who joined him at the Head Table. It was good to see BILL BLOOMFIELD SR there, accompanied by Bill Jr.


RON KLEPETAR made an offer that should appeal - next Wednesday the 14th, a group of artisans will assemble at Riviera CC at 6 p.m. Their purpose is to move forward with the coming Demotion Skit, and they need not only spear-carriers, but also lead actors and others with an eye to an eventual stage career. This may be your last chance to further the impeachment of Prez BOB - the date of that event being June 24th, and also at Riviera. With both the rehearsal on the 14th and the actual execution on the 24th being at the same place, could this be called becoming familiar with the Scene of the Crime?

PP JIM DOWNIE reported on his visit with JACK HARRIS yesterday. They are having difficulty controlling his loss of blood, so he is still quite weak. However, the good news is that he is starting rehab today, and that is expected to be helpful. Prez BOB weighed in at this point, wanting to make it clear that JACK'S accident occurred near Crawfordsville, AFTER the graduation of his grandson from DePauw, and not in Greencastle, where the ceremony took place. Does this mean they teach Driver's Ed at DePauw, but not at Wabash (which is in Crawfordsville)?

One last announcement - KIRK HARNEY'S firm, Capitol Press, is moving to 5306 Beethoven Street, LA 90066, new phone (3l0) 577-6606, fax (3l0) 577-9440.


PP JIM COLLINS introduced our speaker, Bob Toledo. Bob is starting his fifth year as UCLA Head Football Coach, and played quarterback in college. As an assistant, he even coached across town, and he is credited with bringing a new offense to the Bruins. He gave us some recent graduation rates - UCLA 85%, Kansas State 32%, and Tennessee, 11%. We had some serious problems last year with the illegal use of handicapped parking passes, which resulted in the suspension of 11 players. This caused some juggling of lineups, so that during the year, 45 different players started at one time or another. The most that ever started before on a Toledo team was 3l - which is an indication of the difficulty of molding that many different players into a cohesive unit.

We have 14 recruits this year, and only 11 seniors, so a lot of people got good playing time last year. Among the newcomers, you might want to keep your eye on Tab Perry, a wide receiver, Paul Mosler, defensive line, John Reid at center, Brandon Chilles at linebacker, and Ben Emanuel, a safety who is a cousin of our former player, Bert Emanuel. He also touted a punter/place kicker, but I missed his name.

This year, we have 17 returning starters, the same as SC and Washington - who are co-favored for the Conference Title. Of these projected starters, only 6 or 7 are seniors, so it is still a young team. Here's a stat - the TEAM gained 600 lbs in the off season - they'll be bigger. They also improved their speed from 5.l to 4.8 for the skill positions in the 40-yard dash. The unknown is who will start at quarterback, and we may find out early in the season, since we start with Alabama, and two weeks later, Michigan - both at the Rose Bowl.

Q & A - new rules. The QB can now throw the ball away, as they do in the pros, providing he is outside the pocket. Crack back and chop blocks are outlawed, which should reduce injuries. His staff remains as it was last year. What is your weekly work schedule? Sunday after a game, in at 2 p.m., until l0. Mon-Thurs, 0630 to 9:30 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. and travel or meetings. Weekends are devoted to recruiting, and there are lots of staff meetings to compare notes on recruits, etc. July is vacation month - but it's not a cushy job, as the schedule indicates. Bob, thanks for being with us, and good luck this fall.

YOE, Ernie Wolfe